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7 August 30th, 2010 “What If…OLTL’s John met GH’s Sam?”- Watch the video!


The final installment of the ABC Daytime What If series concludes this week, with the finale which pairs former Port Charles stars, Michael Easton (John, One Life to Live) and Kelly Monaco (Sam, General Hospital) in a webisode titled: Love in an Elevator.

Notice throughout, the shout-out to PC fans of Easton and Monaco’s former roles as Caleb and Livvie, in the background.   Then, the episode leaves us with a cliffhanger!  So, do Easton and Monaco still have that special magic together?  Let us know! And make sure to watch all the What If webisodes at and

Watch the final What If with Michael and Kelly after the jump!

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  1. Doe says:

    Well, that was no fun! What do you mean be continued? You can’t leave us like this. It’s a good thing I have a really good imagination……….


  2. nanette warrener says:

    the producers left the best for last. great vibs!


  3. geri k says:

    Im so in love w John McB. jealous of Kelly!


  4. Reine3353 says:

    Mr. Fairman,

    What do we have to do or say for you to have an interwiew with Kelly Monaco?
    I believe to have seen an intervew with everyone on the daytime canvas except
    Ms Monaco?

    Is it deliberate?

    Does this have to do with personal or professional reasons?

    Please enlighten me?

    Thank You for you time. I apologize in advance if this was not a complete
    disregard for a frontburner actor on her show. Pardon my french…. Après tout
    je suis Française, je n’ai probablement pas saisie un de vos commentaires sur
    cette actrice.

    Au plaisir Mr, Fairman


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hello Reine:
    Thanks for reaching ou…
    We have attempted in the past to interview Kelly Monaco and due to cirumstances at the time with her schedule, it was not able to move forward.
    She is someone always on my radar and when the opportunity presents itself, we will of course do an indepth feature on Kelly.
    Best always,


    Reine3353 replied

    Mr. Fairman,

    Hopefully, in the near future, when the opportunity presents itself; I will have the pleasure of seeing you interviewing her. Till then, I’ll look forward to your
    many other interviews.

    I thank you for response, to be honest it was unexpected but greatly appreciated.

    Au plaisir,


  5. Mary says:

    One of the best What If….I am quit sure the Caleb and Livvie fans are thrilled to have them eorking back together again if it’s only briefly…..Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have a certain kind of chemistry that all there other pairngs didn’t…Hats of to Mr.Valenti for his involvement……


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