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0 October 22nd, 2009 What is co77x? GH fans want to know!

What is co77X? Yesterday’s General Hospital featured a montage/flashback by Dante where he seemingly recalled graffiti on the wall that read co77X and then a sort of painted red bloody canvas with the same code on it.   So what is the meaning behind co77x?  It might be a reference to James Franco’s highly anticipated new guest starring character.  But in a new feature from they had this to say about the tag that became quite the rage on Google searches yesterday after the GH episode aired.

“Spinelli mentioned it’s a tag. So maybe it’s a cadaver tag identifying somebody’s body. Apparently James Franco’s character is going to cause trouble for Jason, so those bodies are probably people Jason killed. And one them is probably related to Franco’s character.”

Of note, the haunting version by American Idol runner up,Adam Lambert of Mad World made the new mystery even more exciting and mysterious. Stay tuned and watch the last few minutes of the video below to see exactly what we are talking about!

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