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45 July 24th, 2013 What is General Hospital’s Resident Prick, Brad Cooper Going To Do Next?

Talk about sleazy! General Hospital’s gay lab tech Brad Cooper, played to the hilt by Parry Shen, has some  key screen time on the next three episodes of the ABC soap today, Thursday and Friday.

On his website, Shen has this hilarious promo poster ( featured right) which says it all!  Now thus far, Brad has been trying to get in the pants of Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), anyway he can!  And yes, that includes blackmail!  And then there is the major fact that Brad is the sidekick to Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) and is in cahoots with her in her scheme to pass of her baby as Dr. Patrick Drake’s (Jason Thompson)!

So what do you think will happen on the next few episodes involving Parry Shen as Brad?  What is this guys problem? Why is he such a prick? What happened to him that made him this way? Will we ever find out?

Let us know what you think of the character of Brad Cooper and if you are enjoying Parry’s performances!  Watch below some of his work from his first six appearances on GH, in case you need a refresher course!

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  1. Mark says:



  2. maddiehayes says:

    no, I’m not even watching GH anymore. I want the characters I grew up with & have grown to love, Robert, Frisco, Felicia, Anna, Mac, Robin, etc. etc.! couldn’t care LESS about these newbies who are taking up all the screen time


    Erick replied

    And yet you cared enough to read this article!


    maddiehayes replied

    lol, true, I’m still interested in what’s happening on GH, hoping things will change and the vets will be featured more. I’ll watch again if they are. That’s why I read the articles.

    Nancy replied

    Sorry everything changes in life. They are still on and you are missing a truly great show. Recasts happen, characters move on. Robin is directing and just because you are unhappy with the situation things change.


    I Love GH replied

    So do I, but the actors who play Robert, Frisco, & Robin chose to leave GH. I say, let’s embrace those who want to be there! Nicholas is back, and with fun story.


    Sarah replied

    I must of missed something. I thought Robin was still on the show, when found and took off; waiting for her to come back to Patrick maybe after a possible marriage? So she’s gone for good?

    Shay replied

    Well, “Robin” chose to leave….the verdict is still out on the read deal with “Robert,” and I think Jack Wagner has now made it abundantly clear he wanted “Frisco” to stay…..

    CTwildheart replied

    There are always actors who are retiring or leaving to try something new and there will always be ‘newbies’ to fill the void. All of your ‘old’ favorites were once newbies….


    Tali replied

    Well MaddieHayes, I truly understand and watch once a month to see if it’s watchable. Yesterday was one of those days and it sucks. Could only watch about 5 mins before I turned the tv off – I’d rather boil water!


  3. moshane58 says:

    His type of characters keep the shows going.If didn’t have them it would be boring.Love the meanies to keep everyone confused..


    Lisa M. replied

    I agree. Without this action the soap would be boring. He is a scumbag but keeps the storyline interesting unfortunately.


    Allison replied


  4. GHLover says:

    I have a feeling a who killed Brad story is coming up


    Allison replied

    Good one! Bet on Britt. Then she can hand the baby over to Dante and lulu before she goes to prison.


    Laura replied

    Makes me wonder if the baby Britt is carrying is really Lulu and Dontea’s

  5. Andy G. says:

    Daytime’s first gaysian stoner–what’s not to love? (Well, maybe the sexual harassment of patients …)


  6. Ryan says:

    This guy is a goldmine on GH. I hope even after the paternity storyline wraps, they find a way to keep him around.


    Allison replied

    No he’s too gross to be likable. Even the villains are likable, Franco, Carly, etc.


  7. Robert says:

    First, as a gay man myself, I am applauded at Brad’s behavior! It is disgusting, however, no different from straight men who have engaged in the same type of activity! Parry is doing a great job at making us HATE Brad! This dude deserves an Emmy and hopefully they will kill his character or find a way to redeem him very soon!! :-)


    CTwildheart replied

    So true!


  8. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Our lad Brad is bad…im glaad!!!


  9. su0000 says:

    I love both Brad and Brit, they are out of the box exciting..

    I feel for Parry Shen who plays Brad..
    Some stupids will hate him for acting a very bad boy roll./character .
    And- Kelly Thiebau is excellent as the Port Charles schemer bitch..
    Felix is awesome!

    I am looking forward to the explosions coming from Brad and Britt and there evil deeds!!!!!! :)


  10. Charday says:

    Can’t wait to see what he does next. I hope he manages to get into Michael and Felix’ pants.


  11. Nancy says:

    The guy is just plain evil, gay or not. Bad guy all around. He cracks me up and so does Heather Webber, love her too.


  12. Brandy says:

    He is disgusting and needs to disappear


  13. DifficultDiva says:

    I want more Brad, even when it outrages the fans of Luke, Sonny and Jason.

    Brad has only used blackmail to get what he wants.

    He hasn’t raped, killed and/or used anyone, that he supposedly loves to get what he wants.


  14. Dawn D says:

    Parry is doing a great job. I can tell because when Brad is around I get mad even before he does something else that makes me mad all over ;) I think I saw him in a local cable company commercial also.


  15. Patrick says:

    Parry Shen. I like his name.

    being able to step outside the box with character exploits… and being the baddie… is what most actors clammor for… and emphatically state in this genre is the most fun to play…. and he does comedy as well.

    he’s a good actor… and I think he’s cute as a button to boot. What’s not to like… he’s refreshing and totally unexpected and that he’s gay…. even better…. it’s just reaching for more of the same… had he been “straight”.

    I certainly don’t entertain the “reviews” of other posters’ that he’s a Gay Predator… I will not sit by and let this go unnoticed. He has a sexual appetite that’s prowess. geez! for all the posturing Felix has been…. Brad is a breather, along with Britt… and Nicholas… for the lack thereof… where’s GH?

    Brad should go after Mylo. Now he’s a catch… and was one of, if the best part of the NB.

    should they decide to “redeem” and/or expand his role… maybe they should bring in Bobbi Spencers’ son.

    Gay storylines… so what? I appreciate their relevance.

    Brad’s a catch. I like his assertiveness.


  16. bc says:

    gh named their gay psycho char the same name as bradley cooper from racist hangover franchise? Such an eyebrow raising name choice.


  17. Shay says:

    UGH! What a disgusting promo! The entire storyline with this guy makes me want to vomit…how anyone can find “Brad’s” predatory nature entertaining is beyond me. He is one sick mister! And his not-so-clever moniker???? Me thinks it is simply a matter of “wish fulfillment” for the ptbs….we’ve all heard the gay rumors about the famous namesake!!!! Seriously, this perverse character has really pushed the boundaries of good taste and it is time for him to go, whether it be by killer mystery or a prison sentence, it makes no difference to me. ( And to think that a substantial GH personage like “Frisco Jones” was cast aside in favor of this unsavory stuff….ick!!!! Yes…I am going to stay on the “Wagner Bandwagon” for a long time, especially since this is now a subject out in the open!!!!) P.S. Always felt that in reference to the “Britt” plot, it would have been far more interesting to have “Brad” be straight and (privately) seriously obsessed with Dr. Westborne…would have be quite intriguing to see how she would have dealt with having a secret admirer, particularly when she finally figured out it was her loyal lackey!!!!! Such excellent possibilities!!!!!


  18. Daisy says:

    Love the actor and the character makes me smile just like Heather does. So over the top in a good soap way.


  19. Dan says:

    Don’t care. The character does nothing for me.


  20. CTwildheart says:

    He is doing a great job playing such an a$$! Looking forward to what happens next with Brad!


  21. Patrick says:

    “…unsavory” – men with tittilations.

    “arousing possibilities.”

    Men being Men.

    LOL. salute to Brad letting it all hang loose.


    Al0792 replied



  22. su0000 says:

    Some people take the fictional character and their stories that are just entertainment way too seriously and they need to step back lol

    Brad is an awesome soap character, the kind you want to slap!
    When his scenes are on my attention is full on him..
    He even at time makes me laugh!! (Parry Shen is a great actor, too)

    Without the Brad’s and Britt’ s, soaps would not survive, I am loving them both!!


  23. Al0792 says:

    as I gay man I love Brad!! he is over the top.. believe me there are allot of gay man like him and if any gay man on this site say it is not so than you are living in a dream world. Why do most PC folks think gay man are all loving and thoughful. There are alot of gay Pigs out there and brad fits the bill perfectly.


  24. wendy says:

    I love the actor! I keep waiting for the “Who killed Brad” Sept. sweeps :)


    Shay replied

    The sooner the better! Yesterday’s sudden “bud moment” between Brad and Felix made me want to puke!!!! This entire plotline has been just too vile and sordid….first we have “Cooper the Gross Sexual Predator,” now he’s “Mr. Misunderstood,” just like that????? Maybe these two should just run off together….offscreen, of course!!!! And pleeeze take Sabrina with you….she gets more irritating as time goes on! She will never be a fan favorite, so I wish the ptb’s would just cut their losses and get rid of her asap!!!!!


  25. Patrick says:

    the writers faltered big time… with the Brad fights back his fears… no one gets him… why would he tell Felix, it’s always been him that he’s attracted to.

    oye! puhlease….

    now I really believe the bait and hook premise that the writers are gaping big holes for lack of fresh material.

    these characters, and not just brad… are languishing, with lack of … quality writing to further along any of the actors.

    having Brad tell Felix to ask Britt’s mother? just dropped the bomb on this story… not that any one’s waiting with baited breath the outcome….

    altho… I hope that Britt … and Brad’s characters are reprieved. they deserve air time.

    the writers are flailing and floundering…. whomever is helming production…. please take heed.


  26. cinnamongurl_smy says:

    Although I think the character of Brad is sleazy and totally disgusting, I love the guy that portrays him…great acting dude!


  27. Lorraine says:

    I can’t help laughing at some of the things this guy says and does, like “once you go Brad, you never go back.” And him spraying breath spray in his mouth when he goes to visit Michael. The actor is doing a great job, he’s probably having fun playing this character, too.


  28. Alice says:

    I’m really enjoying the actor (Parry Shen) and the character of Brad! I hope he sticks around. I’m not finding much interesting with GH right now but I’m finding that I am drawn to his character and hope for more Brad! The actor does a great job of playing evil and sleazy as well as showing the characters vulnerabilities when it comes to Felix. This is one character that will keep me coming back to GH!!! A great villain character who will hopefully get some redemption in the future if given a chance to continue on the show!


  29. GH Fan says:

    I love the Brad Cooper character. He’s hilarious. He’s like a George Castansa.


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