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6 April 19th, 2014 What To Expect For Susan Lucci’s Genevieve Delatour In Season Two Of DEVIOUS MAIDS!


Devious Maids is set to begin airing all-new episodes when the premiere of its second season happens tomorrow night on Lifetime beginning at 10PMEST/9PMCST!

While the interwoven stories continues for the maids, soap opera enthusiasts are also dying to know just what is in store for former All My Children icon Susan Lucci in her role of wealthy divorcee and effervescent socialite, Genevieve Delatour!

According to a preview in TV Guide with Devious Maids executive producer Sabrina Wind, it looks to be an intriguing season for Ms. Delatour! To recap at the end of season one:  Hours before Genevieve was set to tie the knot for the fourth time, her son Remi ran off to Africa and her fiancé Philippe “committed suicide.”

Now EP Wind previews for Lucci’s Delatour in season two: “Zoila (Judy Reyes) may have been the one to encourage Genevieve’s son to run off to Africa, but the two actually come to a much happier, even closer, even more fun place than they were last year.”

As to if there will be a new man in Genevieve’s life? Wind stated: “We do not have an immediate romantic relationship for Genevieve.  She is instead getting herself in trouble in all sorts of other ways.”

So are you looking forward to seeing Susan on Devious Maids? Do you kick out of her performance as Genevieve Delatour? What would you like to see happen to Ms. Delatour in season two? Let us know … but first watch a very clever edited promo for the new season below titled “OMG”!

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  1. Omar says:

    This is a great show..So excited to see season two..Great campy fun to be had here folks..LaLucci is really good here and she is not even one of the leading actresses..Lead and supporting cast, writing and direction all deliver solid entertainment.


  2. Lew S. says:

    She is a hoot on this show! Looking forward to a fun season!


  3. SZima says:

    I’m excited this show is back. All the actors are so good and the stories are fun and have many twists and turns. And Susan is, as always, a delight to watch!


  4. Skater Boy says:

    Genevieve is a delight but I wish they would have given her a bigger storyline or at least juicier! Susan Lucci shines here but I fear as this is a cable show she will be left out of a few episodes. You can tell an actor is good if they can stand out in a good way even if they they have a minor role or supporting role and they aren’t the bad person (Powell’s). Lucci somehow steals the show – so much fun. Okay, on the bad side, those who liked Erica Kane, a American icon, might be shocked to see Susan Lucci as a goody goody naive,neurotic, need but still nubile character and might not her not plaing the bad girl. But Lucci does amazing work with what she is given. Now she deserves an Emmy for this – but sadly it is a cable show so it might be hard and if history repeats itself Lucci has along wait for an Emmy.


    k/kay replied

    So agree with you she is a lot of fun to watch on this show! Cute fun show ! This is why I was scratching my head when Globe put that story out of her being approached by JFP at Y&R they for one thing could not afford her. Still trying to figure out why MTS was making such a big deal out of the story??


  5. Jack says:

    How much do you think Susan Lucci makes on Devious Maids? I do think the ladies and Eric Braedon would feel threatened if Lucci went to Y and R. But if the ratings don’t pick up I wonder if Lucci will be looking for work?


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