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6 March 6th, 2012 When Sonny met Todd (y)! Watch this Week’s Promo for General Hospital!


This week two of daytime’s favorite bad boys collide when Todd Manning arrives in Port Charles to come to the aid of his daughter Starr, (who just lost her daughter and her boyfriend in a car crash) and ends up gunning for Sonny Corinthos!

In one of the those heavenly soap crossovers we never thought we would see Daytime Emmy winners, Roger Howarth (Todd) and Maurice Benard (Sonny)  have some intense, heart-stopping moments and we are sure there is more to come!

Clearly, Sonny is probably innocent of shooting out Anthony Zacchara’s tires which caused the Manning family accident. However newly revealed split personality, Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard, looks mighty suspicious right now of the deed.  But which one is the true alter, Connie or Kate?  And, what do you think of Todd and Sonny going toe to toe as their showdown begins?

Watch this week’s promo for General Hospital after the jump!

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  1. Michael S says:

    Should make things interesting in Port Chuck!!!


  2. Dawn N. says:

    I am so happy to see my Llanview friends again! I missed them so much!!!!!!!!!!


    susan M. replied

    I agree with Dawn’s comments!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy to see a few of the OLTL cast on GH….It still isn’t the same !!!!!!!!!! But I guess something is better than nothing…….Todd & Sonny are both stubborn and hard-headed!!! Should make Port Charles VERY INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!! Exciting to say the least….. Sonny & Todd’s personality’s will clash……….Just what GH needs!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for Star!!! Also enjoy seeing Blair…Nt. Wk. on tues. John Mcbain (m. Easton) will be on… Sonny & John will meet……….. Things should explode with those two !!!!!!!!! Sonny has to do with killing John’s 1st. love…Lookout!!!!!!! Can’t wait…


  3. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    Todd is mince-meat where Sonny is concerned. Go get Victor and then we see a real challenge to Sonny opposite Victor & Maurice opposite Trevor in the depths of acting ability…..! lol


    Christy replied

    Todd’s been way more clever in the past… having people kidnapped, accidently blowing someone up, causing them problems and they can’t figure out who’s doing it, or digging a grave and konking someone over the head and propping them up in the grave… guess this was spur of the moment – this pulling a gun is not the way we’ve seen him in the past trying to get back at someone.


  4. barbara t says:

    this is good ,I love you happy you are staying ,you breathe life into general hospital,Ill be watching.


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