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17 May 17th, 2011 Who is the real Todd Manning? TSJ or RH? – Watch the Video!


Now that Roger Howarth has made his return featuring what may or may not be Todd’s signature scar, the question still remains, “Will the real Todd Manning please stand up?”

One Life to Live went directly to some key residents of Llanview’s to get their comments on the town’s most controversial and complex man, Todd Manning! Check out Joey, Cutter, Clint, Rex Bo, Kelly, Blair, Nate, Dani, Jack, and Starr in this video ditty to get their thoughts on when they think of the name, “Todd Manning” and then watch for the very special ending!  And yes, Roger Howarth and Trevor St. John make an appearance, too!

So, who do you think is the real Todd now? Let us know! And watch the video after the jump!

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  1. guilty pleasure says:

    Why was Cutter (Josh Kelly) featured in this vidoe? Could it be possible that he could be related to one of the two Todds since he said that people remind him of Todd, or is the show just pulling our chain and just asked him a question about Todd randomly?


  2. guilty pleasure says:

    Oops, spelt video wrong! My bad!!!


  3. Donna says:

    Soap God willing, it will be Roger Howarth’s – Todd.


  4. CM says:

    I’d prefer it’ to be Trevor’s, because I don’t like invalidating eight years of a character’s history over this. Plus, I just prefer Trevor’s portrayal.

    I also think it will be Trevor’s. They’re setting it up too much that it looks like it’s Roger, for it to be really be Roger.


    Syl replied

    The really Todd said something on the show today, that was so much what the Todd (2) was missing. He said, “You mean this guy sit-up a love shakle with Martie and no body question it, come on that should had been you first hint” Trevor playing Todd got me to stop watching OLTL and I have been watching it when Vickie and Joe was together, but he was taking away the way I viewed Todd, for me he did not fill or improve the character of Todd Manning . I did get Treavor a year before I stop watching. I started back watching when I saw the really Todd on something as I was change the channels


  5. heidi says:

    I sooooooo want it to be Trevor!!! He’s so talented and I love him with Florencia and his kids. I want RH to be a baddy who will go away. Sorry RH fans TSJ is just too great!


    vicki H. replied

    Todd Manning is the baddy. That’s why Trevor’s character is the impostor. Learn Todd’s history. Why do you TSJ fans NEED TSJ to have the name Todd when you don’t want him to play the character the way he was meant to be played?


    Jay replied

    A very, VERY good question. One I’ve been asking myself (and TSJ fans) since 2003. Never got a legit response, though. Just the same ole, lame ole; “TSJ iz teh hawtz lulz”.

  6. lisa says:

    Why it’s Roger Howarth who’s the REAL TODD MANNING !!
    Oh yes ,yes,yes !!!


  7. michelle says:

    we didn’t get to hear a comment from erika slezak – as Todd’s sister she knows him better than anyone AND what he’s capable of! I would have liked to hear from her which actor she prefers working with as her brother Todd and what she thinks of both actors.


  8. Dee says:

    Roger Howarth is bad to the bone Todd Manning.


    latoya replied

    Yea I love Roger Hearth no one plays Tod like him and plus I think he’s sexy and a real thug Mmmmm!!!! Other dude just don’t look convincing LOL


  9. kimberly says:

    I sure hope the todd manning that has been playin Todd the past few years is the real Todd hes hot,sexy and makes me wet…. omg i want to always turn on my tv and see his sexy face. I love you Todd!!!!!!!!!


  10. Lisa says:

    I second the this. Roger Howarth all the way!!!!! He is the best


  11. alexa says:

    i hope its TSJ I HATE other todd tnt for ever


  12. latoya says:

    TAJ sucks as being Tod I miss TH no one could take his life as TM I got a feeling the TAJ will be the real one only cause I want my thug back smfho


  13. Onelifefan says:

    TSJ Todd all day love him as Todd hate RH


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