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10 September 3rd, 2010 Who should be cast to play OLTL’s Ford Bros abusive father?


In a new interview at On-Air On-Soaps with One Live to Live’s, David Gregory (Ford), Nic Robuck (James), and Lenny Platt (Nate) , we asked each of the Ford Brothers to tell us what celebrity from film, primetime or daytime could they see cast as their evil father, Eddie Ford… who caused so much havoc and damage to the family.  From Matt Damon to Mickey Rourke, to our favorite suggestion, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the possiblities are endless.

So, we throw out to our soapers!  Who do you think would make a good fit for the Ford’s father figure?   Read below what each of the guys had to say to start your mind racing!

Nicolas Robuck: “I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan would make a believable dad for the Ford brothers.  He looks like and portrays well a rough and tough guy who could land some good punches! He also looks like he’s paid his dues in a chop shop or two.  Not to mention he resembles us all in some way, shape or form.  I would really like to have Matt Damon play our dad. I think the three of us would be a good mix between Matt Damon and Jessica Leccia. He’s a phenomenal actor, one of my favorites, and I believe he could pull off the brutal and abusive father seamlessly.

Lenny Platt:  “Mickey Rourke.  I know he’s in everything these days and this might be cliché, but I think he’d be ideal.  I always imagined Eddie Ford as a mix between the “Duke” character in the film Pusher II and the Marlboro Man.  I think Rourke would embody this character both physically and emotionally with surgical precision.  Eddie is a violent and imposing man, but he’d have to also have remnants of the “sweet boy” Inez once fell in love with. Rourke would portray this perfectly.  Now whether or not he’d lend his talents to our show is another thing.  But one of the cast members of The Expendables, just made an appearance on Daytime, so why not two…

David Gregory: “In keeping with the tradition of OLTL alums returning, I could see Joe Lando (Sully on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) as Eddie.  Or Mel Gibson – I know it sounds strange but I think it could work.  Both men look like what I’ve always pictured Eddie Ford.  And I think it would be interesting to see.”

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  1. imasoapfan says:

    I think Michael Watson (ex-Decker, GH) would be perfect as their father. He’s got the right rugged look, and he’s the right age.


  2. dinah says:

    Justin Deas because I miss him!!


  3. Sharon says:

    Who cares?


  4. tvaddict70 says:

    Vincent Irizarry!!!


    amy replied

    yep Vincent Irizarry would be perfect!!!


  5. Arlene says:

    I think Hank Izarriry from All My Children would be perfect for theFord Father. He is leaving the show as of today anyway.


  6. Lucy says:

    Erik Estrada!


  7. deedeelady says:

    Yes Vincent could easily play this part. This man could handle a role like this hands down.

    But, being a fan of the complex Dr. David, the villain that many of us at amc love to hate, we’re not ready to give him up not now and hopefully not ever. We’re working very hard to keep him in p/v.


  8. deb says:

    No one! We don’t need another Ford!


  9. Moviegal says:

    Danny DeVito


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