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14 April 18th, 2011 Who should get a Best Daytime Drama Nom at the Daytime Emmys?


TV Guide has a great round-up today on what each of the seven soaps eligible for a Daytime Emmy Nomination in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series submitted to the blue ribbon panel to make it to the final round!  After the rundown it looks like; The Bold and the Beautiful, All My Children, General Hospital , Days of our Lives, and As the World Turns (on the outside) look to Michael Logan of TVG as the frontrunners!

Here is an excerpt about what TVG said about GH’s submission of the James Franco inspired- Francophrenia episode: “Franco-phrenia didn’t score all that well with viewers, but GH is counting on it to impress the Emmy panel. And it might just work. The episode submitted, which has James Franco’s serial killer character doing an epic performance piece at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art, seemed limp and cheesy and hurriedly staged when it aired last summer but, weirdly, it comes off much better when you re-watch it with lowered expectations. The judges may well be impressed by Franco’s psycho-sexual hambone performance and the unique, flashy style of the hour, which also includes a shocking revenge shoot-out at the hospital. This is not the pretentious mess I thought it was.”

So after reviewing the rest of the list, who do you think will score a nomination come May 11th? Let us know!

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  1. powermouse says:

    Definitely not Days!! Dena Highly has ruined the show for all of us at Forbidden Love because Ejami doens’t exist anymore!! RIP Days! Without ejami, your show will die just like AMC and OLTL. I don’t even watch anymore, even if James Scott is on!!


    Avelina replied

    James Scott is my favourite daytime actor and NO EJAMI means DAYS is GONE. I thought Higley herself said that “Safe will happen but EJAMI is endgame” and its not happening. If they do get a nom, its only because James Scott is really popular. He has great chemistry with Michelle Stafford- I would love to see him on Y & R. Imagine the ratings.
    Anyways, please give us EJAMI.


  2. sondra says:

    soapopera fans


  3. Barbara Cramer says:

    I thought noms were announced May 10th? Jonathan Jackson should certainly get nominated AND WIN for his portrayal of a betrayed fiancee and brother in January 2010. He did outstanding work during that whole reveal and espcially with this past month’s death of Jake…I’ll be hoping for 2011 I know he’ll be in the supporting actor category but he should really get moved up with his depth and emotions as a lead actor.


  4. Allie says:

    Will “All My Children” & “One Life to Live” still able to get Daytime Emmy nominations this year?


  5. Heidi says:

    GH or OLTL!


  6. true says:

    Surely not GH, they screwed that show up by bring back Brenda, what a waste.


  7. Derrick says:

    Eventhough Y&R didn’t submit a very good tape they may still have a shot at getting nominated. It’s a good thing they didn’t submit the Lauren Doppleganger. Glad they were careful on that!!!!

    B&B got it AGAIN with their 3rd straight win. Homeless shelter storyline was inspirational and amazing.

    DAYS should have submitted Alice Horton’s memorial then they would have been a shoe-in for Best Drama!!!!!!

    Bob & Kim’s anniversary was pretty good but not strong enough for ATWT!!!!!!!

    Not a fan of ABC but have a feeling AMC and GH might get nominated!!!!!!

    It would probably be between AMC, B&B, GH and Y&R!!!!!!!!


  8. Soapbaby says:

    Have there been modifications to the process as there are fewer soaps on the air? I say have all of the eligible shows submit their work. Also, only one episode is named from each soap, shouldn’t it be two episodes from each show with B&B submitting four because it’s a 30-minute show?
    Either way B&B has it in the bag for the win.
    With the cancellation of AMC/OLTL, next year should be the last year of the Daytime Emmys anyway. I only hope Laura Wright, Lindsay Hartley, John Aniston and Katherine Kelly Lang get their long overdue Emmys while they have a chance.


  9. david says:

    One Live to Live is the best and has never been better. OLTL and everyone working on it deserve to take home every award.


  10. david says:

    It should be OLTL, but it won’t be because TV Guide reports some idiotic “OLTL execs made a grievous mistake by submitting that musical episode set at the Llanview High prom” and thus OLTL has NO chance of scoring a nomination. OLTL has been incredible and they submit that? Who did this? The irony and insanity of this is too much on top of the cancellation.


  11. Torrey says:

    OLTL should not only get the Nom, but they should take home the trophy. There is no other soap that has been more captivating than OLTL, this year. I’m still in total disbelief over the cancellation….and will do anything and everything I possibly can, to keep it from happening. The writing, the acting, the direction….has just been stellar. OLTL definitely deserves to take home the trophy.


  12. David G says:

    The outstanding Drama Emmy should go to Y and R. Acting nods should go to Johnathan Jackson.


  13. Iakovos says:

    The best of 2010? I would like to see ATWT take a nom, but from learning about the process, I am not sure that will happen based on a particular episode and not the overall year. Luke’s lost romance aside (Reid’s death had dramatic heft but left us disappointed), the closing hour was perfect in design and tone. Some of the final months’ plotlines were unnecessary or too long in completion but at the core, the ATWT team did not flag in its storytelling. There were some dynamite performances, too, that transcended weaker material.


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