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5 August 7th, 2013 Who Will Be The Love Interest For Lady Mary in Season Four Of Downton Abbey? Michelle Dockery Weighs-In!

Courtesy/Masterpiece PBS

At yesterday’s TCA panel with the cast of the British soap opera and Emmy winning drama, Downton Abbey, the stars of the series spoke to members of the press to answer what they could of what is to come in season four, which we have now learned will debut on January 5th in the United Stated on Masterpiece Classic on PBS!

Series leading lady, Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) commented on several interesting things on people’s minds, chief among them what she thought when she found out about the departure of her co-star Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) who was killed-off in the season three finale cliffhanger!  Dockery exclaimed, “My first reaction was ‘oh crap, what is going to happen?’ I thought ‘where can the story go now,’ we spent all this time having this on-off, will-they/won’t-they relationship?”   She added that after ‘Downton’ creator, Julian Fellowes explained what is to come for Lady Mary post-Matthew she was a bit better about it, “As much as I think it was sad to see Dan go, it opens up an opportunity for Julian to take the character in all new directions.”

Now the big question is … who will be Lady Mary’s new love?  Well, while many are betting it was the handsome and popular Allan Leech who plays Branson, that seems to be not where things will be heading in season four!  Dockery on Lady Mary’s upcoming love-life, noted,  “She has more than one love interest…she’s kind of slowly throughout the series coming back to real life.”  Dockery qualified the obvious budding relationship with her brother-in-law Tom Branson, who is also a widower with child.  Michelle related that the characters are just friends, and she doesn’t think that relationship will go any further than that.   At least she, “hope’s not.”

Plans are underway for a fifth season of Downton Abbey too, but will it be the last with so many of the actors becoming household names around the world and doing outside projects?  For more on ‘Downton’ check out USAToday!

So, who do you want Lady Mary to end up with? The new man that is coming on the canvas? Would you like to see Branson still be the man for her in the end?  Can anyone replace Matthew in Mary’s life? Comment below!

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  1. bc says:

    edith is a lot more interesting than mary though. Creator of downton abbey already mentioned that it’s very realistic for the show to have Indian chars. And yet there are no Asian chars on downton abbey. No chinese chars and no Indian chars even if it would be very realistic to have these chars. Majority of the newer chars are white. Only 1 African char who’s a jazz artist. Doubtful they’d be tolerant on African char like they were w/ gay char thomas. That would be very reflective of hollywood norms. Only dame maggie smith is worth watching on downton abbey. They better not mess up their 1 African char. It’ll be interesting w/c existing downton chars are going to be portrayed as racist bec it would be very unrealistic if none of them are once the African jazz artist arrives.


  2. Shay says:

    How taxing it must be to view every show through such an affirmative action prism, particularly one as fine and near-to-perfect as “Downton Abbey!!!!” But in terms of your armchair scorecard, you seem to have forgotten perhaps the most magnificent minority on the program thus far: the long-lamented Turkish gentleman, “Mr. Kamal Pamuk!” Even though his appearance was all too brief, he certainly made his mark on the Crawley family, and was an essential aspect of the storyline, to be sure!!! Just wanted to remind you in case it slipped your mind, or your ongoing count….and speaking of gay characters, don’t forget in addition to Thomas, there was his dallying duke and war hospital crush, so that actually makes for THREE!!!! Kind of a shame that the jazzy dude isn’t going to be his next conquest…would have been a “two-for” so to speak, according to your parameters. Oh well, some of us will just continue to enjoy “DA” on its own terms…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!! As for “Dame Maggie,” we do agree on her being the best thing about the program, although I also find Lady Mary to be most essential, too. As long as the two of them remain, we stay good to go!!!! Edith has always been a mean and awful frump who brought her own misery upon herself…really loved the way Mary got her goat at the end of Series 1 for her hand in revealing the Pamuk scandal, and it was even better to see that same theme replayed during her ill-fated trip to the altar in Series 3. I only hope she keeps getting her just desserts in the fourth installment.


  3. Shay says:

    Really pulling for Julian Ovenden’s character to be Mary’s next love. He was excellent in “Foyle’s War,” and he has the perfect real-life pedigree to play an aristo. Not at all excited about the other eligible prospects, particularly the bro-in-law ex-chauffer…he was insufferable enough with Sybil, and Mary has far too much sense and propriety to go down that same road as her sister. Besides, already have read that “Branson” is going to have a thing with little Syb’s governess in a very big way….


    rebecca1 replied

    Shay…while I agree with you regarding bc’s comments…i totally disagree with the rest.

    When we’re introduced to Mary, Isabel and Edith, it’s apparent that Edith was supposed to be the “ugly duckling,” or the “plain Jane”…even so much that Cora and hubby remarked how little they speak of her and that she’d probably be the one to take care ot them in their old age.

    She’s the epitome of the middle child, surrounded by two beautiful sisters. There’s bound to be some “acting out.” And Mary, whom I happen to love by the way…seemed particularly cold and biting to Edith.

    I’ve grown to love Edith as welll. She’s smart, compassionate (as we’ve seen during the war)…has shown great vulnerability…and is just trying to find a place for herself in the world as well as in her family. I cringe with each disappointment she’s had…

    One of the sweeter qualities of Matthew was that he always had Edith’s back; he encouraged her to write for the newspaper…he was upset for her when she was left at the alter…he spoke for her to the older suitor he didn’t think would be a good choice for her down the road. I loved his protectiveness over her.

    You hope she keeps “getting her just desserts?” I think she’s had more than her share…

    As for Branson, don’t know why you dislike the character so much. He’s got fire in his blood…he’s articulate and engulfed in a passion he believes in. But his love for Isabel was just as passionate…his love for his baby also quite apparent. He’s a good brother-in-law…he’s made concessions and stayed with the Crawley’s tried to fit into their lives…has had to suffer condescending, judgmental attitudes…but has always maintained a sweetness, a sense of humility. He’s gone from downstairs to “upstairs”…via a very poignant route.

    As for “Mary”….it was a huge disappointment that Dan Stevens didn’t want to continue on with the show. Only hope they pair her up with someone as gorgeous in mind, body and spirit as the dearly-departed Matthew…


  4. Shay says:

    P.S. That would be “chauffeur…” typo!!!


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