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42 March 5th, 2014 Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters Take ABC To Task For Not Including THE VIEW On Oscar Red Carpet Show!


Now this is interesting for a few reasons, and we think fans of ABC’s versions of All My Children and One Life to Live, and General Hospital, will in particular like to read this!

On yesterday’s episode of the ABC morning talk show The View, Whoopi Goldberg took to task the ABC Television Network for not including her (a former Oscar winner), Barbara Walters, (who hosted years of Oscar specials), and co-hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd on the Oscar Red Carpet Show this past Sunday night.  ABC’s red carpet team included personalities from their other daytime shows such as Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Michael, but none of the ladies of The View were asked to be commentators.

Whoopi said, “ABC, it was a shame to walk down that red carpet and see every other ABC daytime show represented — except for Rachael Ray– and we weren’t there.  We are the only show — and I hate to ring my own bell, but what the hell — The View is the only show that has an Oscar winner on the panel, and I thought it was a crying shame that we weren’t there.”   Then Goldberg added, “Barbara, every year you did a wonderful Oscar coverage and Oscar special, and I’m just saying, ABC, I thought it was a bit of a shame because I saw everybody else there and I didn’t see these women.”

Then, Barbara Walters chimed in her disappointment and the lack of attention ABC has paid to the daytime show citing “We don’t get promos!  We’re sort of the stepchildren (of ABC)!”

Watch Whoopi and Barbara taking ABC to task below!  Then let us know after hearing Barbara say The View doesn’t get any promos and that they are the stepchildren of the network, doesn’t it remind you of how the network was with their ABC Daytime soap opera line-up when they had three soaps and often little outside promotion?   What do you think of Whoopi’s comments about being uninvited to be a correspondent on the ABC Oscar Red Carpet special?

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  1. paula thomas says:

    I totally agree with them..shame on ABC


    Kevin replied

    Wow! Has their sense of self-entitlement reached an all-time high or what?

    Perhaps they weren’t included because their relevance factor has fallen completely off the radar. Don’t think this show has been buzz worthy since the spring of 2007 when Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck went after each other on air.


  2. su0000 says:

    haaa that was short ..
    didn’t hear/see ! cut to huLu Plus ..


  3. SZima says:

    They probably weren’t invited because they’re a bunch of obnoxious women. I can’t stand their show myself.


    Charday replied

    Amen. Besides, Whoopi presented the Wizard of Oz tribute on the Oscars telecast. What a bunch of whiners.


    jonathan replied

    Sweetie you sound miserable, Barbara walters is very well respected and the ladies of the view. SZima go to bed, and quit whining. lol.


    SZima replied

    Not miserable in the least…just stating MY opinion. Since when is that not allowed? No need for nasty comebacks.

    rebecca1 replied

    I agree with you SZima and yeah jonathan…you’re comment was snarky.

  4. JoAnn Lloyd says:

    Maybe the view would be taken seriously if the cross talk would stop. I thought that with one co-host leaving and a new one coming on the cross talk would stop. But in the past few weeks it’s getting bad again. None of the other day time talk shows have this issue.


    SZima replied

    Have you never watched The Talk? Even GMA hosts talk over each other. They all do it!


  5. Stacie says:

    The View isn’t the step-children of ABC, they are the grandparents. Good Morning America, especially Robin Robertsm is very popular right now. With her successful health outcome the show has surged and overtaken the Today show as top morning TV show. Live has been around forever, but it’s only the second full year with Michael Strahan, so they reinvented itself and is new again. Despite and with the addition of Jenny McCarthy the View is not new anymore. It’s not fresh. It’s the same old same old. I DVR it every day, and delete it every day before watching. It’s not exciting and water-cooler worthy like it used to be in it’s day when people cared that there were fights or drama. The View just isn’t as relevant as it once was. It’s been on the air for over 15 years ago, that’s a great feat, but it’s not gonna be as popular or hyped like the other shows are.


  6. aria says:

    scandalous, its what i say,looks like abc is trying to let them know their days are numbered, say maybe after barbara retires this year in may! just saying!!!


    Janet replied

    You could be right. I’ve noticed recently that whenever ABCD releases a report about their daytime ratings it only mentions The Chew and GH, never The View.


  7. Rosanna says:

    Guess now they know how us soap fans have felt for years! We were actually worse then a step child, we were referred to as the bastard child, the worthless one, well im happy they were snubbed, I think ABC did the right thing in NOT including them!!!


  8. Fran says:

    Welcome , to Stepchild status now u know how AMC & most of all OLTL feels That’s ABC for ya


  9. Michael says:

    These ladies are right on the money, when they called ABC out on its short comings. This network has made a string of flawed decisions ex: Katie, The Revolution, relocating production of one of its longest running show’s across the country and blocks away only to pull the plug on both. And to say the reasoning behind the cancelation was to cut costs, and revitalize its daytime lineup.


  10. Llanviewer717 says:

    I don’t watch the View nor did I watch the Oscars or anything else on the alphabet network. But, I am glad both Whoppi and Barbara noted the lack of support from the alphabet network. It certainly reminds one of the horribly shabby treatment AMC and OLTL received. The powers that be at the alphabet network are more than happy to take whatever revenue you can generate for them and then toss you aside. I know Barbara plans to retire. The rest of the panel should start looking for other jobs.


    4everDAYS replied

    The soaps will die if people continue supporting the talk shows.


  11. Gino says:

    I don’t trust abc, general hospital should have been renewed, for at least 2 years, it only got picked up for 1 year. watch out abc, will stab us in the back again. good for whoopi and barbara, for speaking up. abc don’t care, they are selfish and liars.


    4everDAYS replied

    Why are you congratulating them? That group of women would kill GH in a heartbeat! It looks like the view is the weakest, but if it had more viewers GH would expire!!! If you like soaps more than talk shows, stop supporting the talk shows.


    Suzanne Stephan replied

    GH has more viewers that the Chew! I bet more than The View too!!! LOL go GH 50 more years!

    eric replied

    Gino I agree with your comment, Barbara and Whoopie are legends. I’m so happy, they finally told abc off.

  12. Libby says:

    It is a shame to snub Whoopi. However, the serialized dramas have been marginalized and snubbed for decades. Maybe, ABC is not very proud of the View at this time. I kn
    ow I am not.

    I am very puzzled why Whoopi was snubbed – except that she was a presenter and part of the show. I cannot think of many presenters that covered the Red Carpet at the same time.

    I dont think Jenni McCarthy or Sherri are of the calibre to be a part of the Red Carpet, Both are loose cannons, imo.

    In a way, it would have not been appropriate to give Barbara Walters such a gig. She has held much more important positions for decades. She is on verge of retirement. No need for her to take steps back.

    Perhaps, ABC knows that the panel (exclud Goldberg, Walters) is sub par.


  13. Libby says:

    Interesting tease from Hulu – as soon as Whoopi begins her to make her point. The clip in interupted to subscribe to Hulu Plus for full video excerpt. Do we not have enough ads now?


  14. brian says:

    hmmm the clip ends just as Whoopie starts to speak about it… so very hard to make any comment other than the clip ends to soon, Michael.


  15. Johnny says:

    Potentially…they dont want people who come across as loud mouth know-it-alls all the time. Just a guess. But obviously its not something too serious. If the network would actually allow its own talk show to slam and diss its own network on air, then someone and probably encouragred it as a ratings ploy.


  16. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I dont watch this but i agree with Whoopi and Barbara…A(A)B(BUNCH)C(ofCRAP)!!!


  17. Sharonb says:

    Now they know the disappointmet of all of the viewers and all the people employeed by AMC & OLTL when they were heartlessly cancelled!! If ABC/Disney wants to cut the budgets cancel The View! BW just wants to be adored by everyone and get an award of some kind before she is done on the View. They all seem to argue and fight over many things and talk all over each other, It is a rude format for a TV program.


  18. j.t. says:

    This is an indication that abc wants to cancel the view.The price is right is killing the show in ratings.However,the show can be saved if they move it to 3pm in place of katie.This whole situation is reminiscent of the lead up to the soaps being cancelled.The fact is abc only wants one daytime show good morning america.Also,whoopi should know abc does not own rachel ray,her show is syndicated.Barbara is quitting by june,I think abc will announce the cancellation over the summer after her swan song.


    Jp replied

    I agree. The view has been on for almost 20 years and they have run it’s course. I think they are waiting to announce it’s cancellation and make it a big sendoff for Barbara Walters. I’m sure abc has other projects in the works b/c they need to prove to everyone that the revolution n Katie were flukes and never admit the mistakes of ending the iconic soaps of oltl and amc.


  19. Sharonda says:

    I think for the simple fact that Barbara has hosted numerous Oscar specials-which I didn’t watch, a breath of fresh air. Why not have soap stars on the red carpet? Wait James Franco did host one year. I didn’t miss seeing them, they are annoying. I loved Robin’s (GMA) dress. Heck, why couldn’t the fans be on the Red Carpet interviewing?! No one cares Whoopi- boo hoo NEXT!


  20. Patrick says:


    stepchild? Really!

    this show is so tired – they’ve been around 16 years

    Babs is retiring after this season…. stock up on tissues

    i’m surprised Whoopie cares ???? click your heels

    I wonder how Joy Behar is faring?

    maybe it’s babs fault : she chose not to do her oscar specials.. so in hindsight.

    No more View


    Suzanne Stephan replied

    Patrick lots of shows have been on for years! The View ROCKS!


  21. mgb357 says:

    Those cads at abc didn’t invite me either…..


  22. Gil VALENCIA says:

    Totally agree with both Ladies remarks. Shame on ABC !


  23. Liz Arnold says:

    Sounds to me like ABC has written off The View. Maybe they have secret plans of getting rid of them now, just like they had with OLTL & AMC. Losing The View, however, will NOT be like losing 2 whole branches of my family tree. I am still heartbroken over ABC’s decision to throw AMC & OLTL under the bus.


  24. Mary SF says:

    Exactly what are they complaining about? Being on the red carpet (walking it or covering it) is exhausting and tedious, they should be thanking ABC for leaving them out of the mayhem. Two hours of prime television time given to watch people arrive– is so lame and the interviews are silly— it is so phony– personally I think they should be sending ABC an thank you note for leaving them out of it.


  25. Joscookn says:

    The VIEW? It is the “If you don’t see MY POINT of VIEW I will just talk all over you” show. I can’t stand Babs & Whoopi and their “groupies”.
    If only they did get cancelled! If only!


  26. Elite Advisors says:

    Sorry Barbara and Whoopi…. you were not invited because your show has almost reached the point of being irrelevant. The choices are Kathie Lee or the View… to become relevant again, you need to REINVENT YOURSELF… we all have to do it at some point in our lives.

    The show struggling… the rotation of less than stellar co hosts is very disappointing. Not only do they have to replace the missing co host, this summer they will have to replace Barbara, the voice of reason. The show literally gives me a headache as these women are constantly talking over each other, I literally have to turn the volume way down. I am a woman and I enjoy listening to different point of view, however, it’s out of control.

    I would NOT enjoy any one of the ladies on the View commenting to the Red Carpet. The slight may have come as Kelly and Michael were invited… again, less than stellar as well but at least more popular.

    I was hopeful when Joy B and Elizabeth Headache left, thinking there would be some meaningful conversation with great topics, but not so much. They need a facelift. Maybe now that Katie was cancelled she will jump over once in a while… doubt it as it would be drastic step down….

    Maybe Ann Curry could replace her if her contract with NBC is over… she is clearly in Hell right now and she is lovely, she is extremely smart, personable and has an edge since the public humiliation a few years back. I would love to watch her!

    Lastly, please…no more Mario C…. please….!!!!!!! It’s a train wreck with him on there with the others.


  27. Suzanne Stephan says:

    ABC’S coverage of the Oscar program was horrible! The back ground noise was so loud one could not hear the interviews on the red carpet! The View should have been there…..Go Whoopi !


  28. Ron Allred says:

    The most unwatchable of all the daytime chat shows…….whoever said they weren’t ask because their no longer relevant hit the narcissistic nail on the head . Dying a slow and painful to watch death ….


  29. Harry says:

    Oh cry me a river! Babs and Whoopi! At least you two are still working which is more than we can say about the cast and crew of both OLTL and AMC. Whoopi, you weren’t asked because you were presenting. Babs, you weren’t asked because you seem a little, well, forgetful lately. Dumber and Dumber weren’t asked because they don’t know how to interview stars without interrupting and making it all about them. And as Fairman Tweeted the other day–the real step child of ABC has always been OLTL, the best ABC soap ever.


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