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4 May 4th, 2012 Wildly Entertaining Susan Lucci Guest Spot on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen! Brian Frons named, “Jackhole of the Day”!


On an amazingly entertaining episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with host and executive, Andy Cohen, Susan Lucci and Mark Ruffalo were the guests, and what went down was a complete laugh riot and love fest between Cohen, who has a huge celebrity crush on La Lucci, and Susan who as loveable and charming as ever.  And so was Avenger’s star, Ruffalo, we might add.

What sent us completely reeling was the hilarious game show segment where Andy and Susan matched wits on who knew Erica Kane trivia better, called, wait for it, “Anything you Kane do, I Kane do better.”  And the funniest part, Susan was stumped most of the time, while Cohen chimed in and knew the answers,  and won the game.


And what soap fan did not love this!  Andy named Brian Frons the “Jackhole of the Day” (a series staple) for canceling All My Children!  And with that, thousands of soap fans probably stood up and cheered around the country!  When giving Frons this dubious honor, Cohen said, “My Jackhole of the Day goes to Brian Frons.  Now this is the man responsible for canceling All My Children.  Now I am going to quote the great Susan Lucci, she said it best, there’s a new section in her book, which I really love.   She said ‘I watch Brian Frons’s decisions destroy the production of our show, and the lives of people on both sides of the country.”  Mazel to you, Susan, and Jackhole to him.”

In another staple of Watch What Happens Live,  “Plead the Fifth”,  (You all remember that, don’t you? Where DAYS  Lisa Rinna stuck her foot in her mouth calling out Joe Mascolo as the worst actor on DAYS)  Susan had these comments to say when Cohen bombarded her with his pressure-cooking questioning.  Susan revealed, she does not blame the popularity of reality television for the cancellation of AMC, and we learned that her least favorite storyline on AMC was when Phil Brent wanted to keep Erica barefoot and pregnant, and she was a stay at home gal, ripping shopping coupons out of the P.V newspaper!

After the jump, check out this other great segment  from Watch What Happens Live, After the Show, where Susan talks about the final scenes of All My Children, takes calls from viewers,  and much more!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Can we name Brian Frons “Jackhole of the Decade”? Thanks Andy and your lovely guests for such an entertaining show.


  2. Elhu says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us, I enjoyed Susan, Andy and Mark, and am sorry I missed the live version. I have liked Andy since his show began, but after giving Frons this dubious honor, I like him even more!!!! Way to go Andy!!!!


  3. Heather says:

    Once again, the media mainstream continues to mourn All My Children aka “The Susan Lucci show” while completely disregarding that One Life to Live also was cancelled or that it ever existed.


    barbara t replied

    Heather, You are so right.And I hope this wednesday our favorites are not once again ignored when they announce who is up for the awards, if they are I don,t care I wont watch.Because we all know which soap should win best soap and that is One life to live, not all my children or any of the others.Just yesterday I went to u tube to hear vicki’s voice over about families and it tore me up who ever wrote that should get a award, I do miss One life to live its the last chance for any award, they have been cheated so many times, this year its their turn to shine even though its over.


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