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20 April 29th, 2014 Will ABC’s NASHVILLE Be Leaving Nashville?

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While we await the news in May if ABC’s Nashville will be renewed for a third season or not (the show has been on the bubble according to television news sites), if the Music City drama continues on, it looks like it may not be shooting in the city of Nashville! And that is kind of disturbing when you think that actors Charles Esten (Deacon), Hayden Panettiere (Juliette), Connie Britton (Rayna), and Jonathan Jackson (Avery) all have relocated there!

According to an article in the Tennessean, the show’s executives are considering moving the series production to another state possibly Georgia or Texas!  Austin, for instance, is currently home to the production for the NBC series, Revolution and has also served as the home for Friday Night Lights. The reason for the possible location change is based largely on the trimmed Tennessee state budget which would most likely not be able to offer as many economic incentives.

According to the article, the state legislators offered $12.5 million for this season, while Metro gave $500,000 and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. added $125,000, allowing for more than $13 million to subsidize production costs.  But with only $3 million remaining in the budget for the film incentives fund, there would need to be a much larger contribution from both Metro and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. to come close to the previous seasons’ price tag. T he show’s producers are still exploring all options to keep Nashville in its namesake, with other avenues being considered before a final decision is made.

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development says they also will look at other revenues if the show stays on the air.  “The department looks forward to receiving a grant request from the producers of ‘Nashville’ once the show is renewed for a third season,” ECD spokeswoman Laura Elkins said. “Talks about the incentives are ongoing, and the department is working to make a third season happen in Tennessee with the funding we have available.”

Nashville, although beloved by many soap fans, and nighttime audiences, has not been a runaway ratings winner as of yet.  However, the show does benefit from income of its music sales and soundtracks.  Several of the locations used in the series that are bars or venues have benefited from the ABC series in terms of their exposure.

So, do you think Nashville should leave Nashville if necessary to continue its production? Or, hope that funding could be available to the producers of the series to have it stay put where it should be?

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  1. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    ohman.this is get bad for this good show.. Good Luck, my “Nashville” friends.


    Mama replied

    Honey, they shoulda cancelled that show a long time ago!!!


  2. su0000 says:

    I think Nashville will be canceled..
    It had music, not all that good, but no stories of worth..

    There was not much going on with Nashville ..


  3. Iakovos says:

    I never like it much when a series purports to be set in a locale and corporate dictates it be filmed elsewhere. I know it has been done for years but the location really makes a difference. Though very funny and a treat each week for 10 seasons, FRIENDS never felt like New York to me, like THE COSBY SHOW did. DALLAS even is filmed in Dallas. And for something so location-specific like NASHVILLE, the flavor of the city is so important. The low-rated BETRAYAL was interesting to me because of the Chicago location shooting.


  4. rebecca1 says:

    Although it’s great for and I love the authenticity of the show being filmed in Nashville…with many of the scenes filmed in actual Nashville bars, etc…ultimately I just want the series to continue on! Whichever way they can make that happen works for me…


  5. Eileen Hargis says:

    It neefs to stay in Nashville. Tennessee needs to fund it.


  6. irene says:

    I like the show so we will see. Hope it stays around.


  7. Jen says:

    The show is so great that I’d like it to remain as is, but as long as it’s renewed for another season I don’t care where they film it!


  8. Karen says:

    I really hope the show gets renewed. I love it and hope that it can be worked out to stay in Nashville. This is such great show and the music is awesome.


  9. Alan says:

    This show has had two seasons to get its act together and is still a mess. ABC should pull the plug.


    Angelo replied

    I agree Alan, the show needs to get cancelled, hopefully Jonathan Jackson can come back to gh as Lucky Spencer.


  10. Joan Faist says:

    Keep Nashville on the air. I love Jonathan Jackson and love the show? The music is good and so are the singers.


  11. Joan Faist says:

    Keep Nashville on the air.


  12. Susan says:

    Nashville is a show that I really want to love, but I don’t. Too large of a cast, and too many plots and sub-plots with gaping holes. Sounds like many of our daytime dramas! The music is great though!


  13. k/kay says:

    Well maybe they can borrow money from China since that is what Washington does!!!


  14. Mark says:

    I tried so hard to like this show but it just isn’t that good


  15. damien says:

    I love the show, really hope it continues as the musical aspect sets it apart from other prime time soaps. not sure why people who don’t watch it or don’t like it care enough to comment on it or hope it gets cancelled. just don’t watch it! and certainly don’t waste your time commenting on it!


  16. rebecca1 says:

    I’m so surprised at the negative comments. NASHVILLE has everything…great music, complex relationships, romance, family discord, drama, rivalry, angst, passion, joy…it gets better and better. As I stated earlier the ideal would be for it to stay in Nasville…it obviously rings so much more true. But from everything I’ve read it’s a mixed bag for the town; it brings in revenue since tourism has boomed according to a survey that found many viewers decided to visit…it generates attention to the city…and brings more focus to country music. Unfortunately they may not have the budget funding for the show by the time the show (HOPEFULLY) gets picked up again.

    I am one fan who finds this show one of the best on air today…


  17. Don H says:

    I enjoy the show very much. and I hope it get picked up for a 3rd season. I’d like to see it stay in Nashville.


  18. Scott says:

    Renew it…Good show and great cast. Getting tired of Scarlett though, she whines to much..


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