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7 April 9th, 2010 Will ATWT be replaced by new “Pyramid” remake? has an item tonight that CBS is looking at a game show option to replace As the World Turns when it goes off the air in September, and it looks like a remake of  $1o,000 Pyramid is the front runner!

The CBS network confirmed that it plans to shoot a new pilot for Pyramid, which was originally considered as a replacement for Guiding Light until the network decided to go with a  revamped Let’s Make a Deal. Rumor has it they may also shoot a pilot for Password, which first aired in 1961 and was hosted by Allen Ludden.

Apparently, CBS feels the decision to replace Guiding Light with Let’s Make a Deal hosted by Wayne Brady was a great move.  Since now the game show is averaging 2.43 million viewers, up 12 percent from what Guiding Light was attracting when it went off the air.

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  1. semaj says:

    bad idea cbs not another game show what the soap fans want is atwt to stay on air for years and atwt fans want our soap opera atwt to be save please keep atwt on air best soap on cbs


  2. Carlos says:

    I will not tune in.


  3. Bonnielass1972 says:

    Please do not take As the world turns off the air. I have been watching for well over 30 yrs as so has my family for 50. Its a timeless show that is allowed to stay would probably outlast tv itself. Please please do not put another reality or game show. There are thousands of them. Just one ATWT though. Its has become apart of my every day life and with so many other people as well. I will not tune into yet another plane old game or reality. Why I as I can turn the channel and there is about 1000 shows just like that…Please let the fans keep there show. It would be well worth the placement. You have people who have tuned into that show for over 50 yrs…yet people drop off the radar on all other shows. That in itself should tell you something right there. How could you cancel a show that people have watched and will continue to watched if allowed and still on. For some cracker jack five and dime show you will replace it with?

    A very sad Robin


  4. lina says:

    take your game show and shove it you know where


  5. Lynn Gelski says:

    I detest game shows particularly one that is replacing soap operas . Soap Operas are practically an institution. Allow “As the World Turns” to remain on the air. You will be disappointing many fans of soap operas and game shows will be a much faded fad that will lose in the ratings.


  6. Kevin says:

    If they absolutely MUST cancel “As the World Turns”, why not expand “The Bold and the Beautiful” to a full hour? “10,000 Pyramid” would not feel right as a one-hour show. It’d also be cool to see them resurrect that 1960′s cult classic, “Dark Shadows”, as a daytime soap.


  7. ELMA says:

    very disapointed with cbs. i did not even watch price is right since bob barker left, i had also watched atwt 50 years


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