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6 October 15th, 2014 Will Downton Abbey Come To Its Conclusion After Season Six?

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Rumors are that the ITV British soap and American favorite, Downton Abbey will end after its sixth season!

As we had previously reported, “Downton” creator Julian Fellows has become very in demand! In fact, he is working on the new series for NBC Universal, The Gilded Age, which would most then preclude him from continuing on with steering the citizens that inhabit the story of Downton Abbey? But, will someone else take over the reins so the series could continue past a season six?

According to, “There is talk at producers NBC Universal that it could all be coming to an end after the next series, according to sources at the company.”  And earlier this year, Fellows hinted at such saying, he cannot commit to both shows – although he went to great lengths to say that he does not foresee the show would not end after season five.

So could you see “Downton” being as good as it has been Fellowes-less? Do you think “Downton” can sustain your interest past six seasons? Weigh-in below!

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  1. Lin says:

    I’d rather have a Fellowes-less Downton than no Downton at all. Perhaps he could start training someone and be a consultant when needed. Please don’t end downton!!! NOoooooooooooooo


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    That’s very upsetting news. Downton Abbey is a masterpiece that could go on and on for many seasons to come. Since important historical events serve as a backdrop to the drama, there could be no end as long as there are compelling characters. I hope Mr. Fellowes can act as a consult and guide for NBC Universal and continue to direct his primary efforts toward Downton Abbey.


    Shay replied

    Excellent suggestion, but since Mr. Fellowes is very “hands-on” with his projects, I don’t know if it is within his ability to do that. He writes all the dialogue for “Downton Abbey,” and has an intimate relationship with each and every character….and it shows!!!! It’s that sort of loving care and quality that makes this program such a pleasure to behold…I would not want to see him surrender that same responsibility, even in America, to anyone else. Rather much more preferable he continue to postpone the “Yank version” of the Abbey while he can, and keep the original open as long as demand warrants…..and no, I do not foresee that waning anytime soon.


  3. carol says:

    Since this is one of the most popular shows, it seems a shame not to find a new writer. I look forward to it all year. I don’t want to see it end.


    Sal Piscioneri replied

    Me too Carol, a wonderful asset to my sluggish out of touch Sunday viewing. A sad day in my household when this series truly ends. Please keep it going Mr. Fellows.


  4. janet says:

    What a shame if he lets it go. Fellows is the reason the show is so good. He needs to keep his hand in, and if he decides he then wants to let go , make sure that the new guys know why the show is such a hit. Don’t ever turn it into a American soap. .Ever. I look forward to Downtown Abbey , and as someone else said. That is my Sunday entertainment. The garbage on American tv on Sunday is just that garbage. What is really funny about that is, most British tv I find to dry .D.A. I love it and I recommend it to everyone I know.


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