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14 April 27th, 2010 Will Genie Francis come back to GH this summer?

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We hear from Soap Opera Digest that GH’s Bob Guza is interested again in bringing back Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) back to the canvas hopefully sometime this summer! The head scribe stated, “We’ve said before: If ever there were a need for Laura on this canvas, it is now. It is very much a part of our thinking now. We are not currently in negotiations, but I can easily see that from a story standpoint. I am not confirming this. I don’t know this, but I would not be at all surprised if we brought her back this summer, assuming we can work it out with Genie’s very busy schedule.”

Many feel Francis should have already been back to help a betrayed Lucky when he found  out the lovely Liz slept with Laura’s son and his half-bro, Nikolas!   Stay tuned, looks like this summer in Port Charles could wind up hotter than July!

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  1. Tom says:

    It would be about time, she is the show. Whoever is in charge of this disaster of a show should have woke up a long time ago and got Genie Francis back however they needed to do it. I have no faith in the producer and writer of this show and worry about how bad they will screw Laura up if she does indeed return.


    Debbie replied

    I completely agree. Luke isn’t Luke without her, and the show just doesn’t have it any more. Stopped watching when she left, only tune in when she is back. When they had her back in 2008 the story and their parting (Luke and Laura) was so depressing I doubt she will be back. Seems they pretty much closed their relationship, he had moved on and she was going to do the same. VERY sad!


  2. shameeza says:

    it’s a shame how they’ve totally ignored her character! Luke’s behaviour towards tracy’s is like he’s never been in love before! She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him! IT’s very insulting to us fans, who have been watching GH since the 70′s. I’m sure Tony Geary is not happy with the writing.


  3. rb says:

    I would love to see Laura return with a new independence and confidence and maybe a new love interest and maybe a lot of money. Then I’d like to see her give Tracy a hard time and slap some sense into Luke. This mental illness thing should be resolved as some evil plot, the real circumstances of Rick’s death revealed and Luke should admit to himself, Tracy and Laura the truth..that Laura is the love of his life and he obviously can’t live without her. Luke should clean up his act and resolve to “earn” Laura back. Now that is a soap worth watching.


  4. lisa says:

    lies, lies, and more lies!!!!! why hasnt genie francis been asked back long before now??? this soap is doomed to fail.. I wish genie would go back to days or even y&r.. somewhere they appreciate the amazing talent of this gifted actress!!! R.I.P GH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    rb replied

    I can see a completely logical, realistic explanation for the Luke/Tracey stuff. Let’s face it, like can knock people around, alot! Luke’s been through the mill and he isn’t getting any younger. Old guys get grumpy. It’s a fact of life. So he got grumpy and depressed and didn’t want to try anymore. With Laura he would have to work for it. She hasn’t been exactly reliable of late, and Tracey has all that lovely money and status.

    Luke lately reminds me of my own husband…and who wants to watch that?!! They need to bring Genie back in a front burner story where she’s her own woman, not hanging around waiting for any man. Give Luke a reason to pull it together and give us a reason to tune back in.

    Soaps seem to be on the wane these days. Maybe GH should consider that kids don’t have the attention span to follow a longterm 1hr daily show and give the women (and men) who made GH #1 a reason to come back. We’re loyal. We have money and time. And we need more than just serial one night stands and mobsters to keep us coming back.

    Genie Francis is looking great and she’d be a huge asset to the show now.


    Marianna replied

    I wished they had brought Genie back instead of Brenda! Genie/ Laura was much more beloved for a lot longer.

  5. lisa says:

    why not have genie cross over to oltl like anna did on amc? its obvious that guza and company dont know how to write a s/l for this amazing actress.. how are those HUGE brenda ratings working out for ya bob??? PLEASE!!


  6. Sophie says:

    Who cares about spoiled brat Brenda bring back Laura Spencer


  7. Sophie says:

    Also why is it that GH surprises take a long long time before they come out ? You almost lose interest. Yet OLTL the most you wait is a month ?


  8. joannie Nixon says:

    I wnat Laura back……. I really do. I have been watching
    gh for 30 some years and I miss her. She was wonderful in the Note I love to watch
    it every Christmas and now I want to see Laura on GH Lets keep writting til they bring her back!!!!!


  9. Laura fan says:

    I have only recently tuned in into watching GH, and then i came across the legacy of Luke and Laura, i saw their videos in youtube and now i am a HUGE fan of Genie. I like Tony too, i mean the former version of him, the new luke(tony) is not even the fraction of what he use to be. I mean Tracy and Luke are so boring… they both seem old and tired , I saw the clip where Laura came back in 2008 , suddenly Luked seemed to look handsome and the whole show made sense to me. I would LOVE to have Laura (genie) back in the show. She could come back with a new man or even better she could come single and legends like Robets , Hutch and Cassadines could be thrown in the plot and they all could chase her, as of now we won’t want her to patch things up with Luke. He has spoiled their relationship , he should see what he is missing on and fight for Laura like he did back in late 70′s. I was not born when they were are the greatest couple, even our generation needs to experience the greatness of luke and laura…please GH, bring her back!!!


  10. cindi says:

    I will only watch if they bring Laura back. She is the soul of this show, and if they don’t realize that yet than the produers are just blind. Bring her back!!!


  11. Debbie says:

    I agree, Luke is no good without Laura. Actually, Tony said that many years ago, in the 80s, that he wouldn’t bring back Luke without Laura, so he became Bill. I agree, Luke is not Luke without Laura. She saves him, she is his humanity, and the love story is the greatest of any other in soaps. Luke and the fans need Laura. I only watch when Genie is on, and the way it ended in 08 was heart breaking.


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