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7 October 21st, 2013 Will Polan Be The True Supercouple of REVENGE? And … Who’s Zoomin’ Who?


Season three of Revenge sure is juicy!  Last night’s episode entitled “Mercy” certainly had meaning especially if you’re Nolan Ross played by Gabriel Mann!

As viewers have seen, Nolan’s interest has been piqued by Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) long-lost son, Patrick (Justin Hartley), who no one knows much about! Now, after paying $20,000 smackeroos to Patrick’ s ex-wife who he tracked down in Florida (played by former GH star, Brianna Brown) for some Intel on the guy, (and after he stole Patrick’s wallet, and decided he could not resist and broke his no-technology rule), he comes back to the Hamptons and proceeds to try to kiss Patrick who rebuffs his advances, which embarrasses Nolan … until … Patrick kisses him back to which Nolan sighs, “Have mercy!”  Is the launching of a hot new super couple on Revenge? Or, is this just going to be away for Patrick to keep Nolan close to him while he tries to find out what Emily Thorne  (Emily VanCamp) is up to help his mother?  The jury is out!

And elsewhere, another twist happened at the end of the episode, where first Conrad (Henry Czerny) gets wind that he has been duped and does not have Huntington’s Disease!  We also learned that while Emily was investigating Conrad’s car at the junkyard, for the incident that claimed the life of the priest, Jack (Nick Wechsler)was also there investigating.  But he was actually  one step ahead of Emily!  Jack took a video of the car before it was demolished.   Jack was going to tell the truth about Conrad’s role in the accident, but Emily told him to stay out of it.  Jack threatened Emily that either; he gets to tell this truth of the rigging of the car, or the other one!  And that means divulging Emily’s true identify and ruining her revenge plans for the Graysons!

At the end of the episode, Aiden (Barry Sloane) came to bring Conrad with some big news.  He informed him that Jack was the one who tampered with his brakes!  And where did that seemingly come from?   Aiden getting pissed off at Emily that she is so concerned with Jack! Is Aiden’s jealous streak emerging? Is Aiden working with Conrad?  Who’s zoomin’ who?

So, what did you think of the kiss between Nolan and Patrick?  What do you think is going on with Aiden?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Tony M says:

    The kiss between Nolan and Patrick…HOT!! This could be the start of a real super couple! Go for it Nolan!


  2. BTripp says:

    I was totally shocked with that kiss. Didn’t see that coming at all! I am excited to see how this plays out.


  3. Shay says:

    As a member of the female species, all I can say is “What a waste!” The two hottest guys on Revenge end up going for one another….and all we have left are the boring Jack, Daniel and Aiden….


  4. Rodd says:

    The thing about Patrick and Nolan is that both of them seem cunning enough to be playing the other. Interesting, indeed.

    Then all the crazy little bombs that were dropped at the end of the show still have my mind racing; exactly what a soap should do until the next show and the answers to the questions are revealed. Loved it!


  5. Dani A. says:

    As another member of the female population I am all for it. I was hoping this was not another love interest for Emily and thank goodness he isn’t. How boring would that be. I like the pairing and the kiss was hot. Go Polan.


    Shay replied

    Well, we can at least agree about the Emily part….I have never thought she was all that, and would have much preferred a more classically beautiful and alluring type of lead actress to fill her role…I don’t see the attraction all these dupes apparently have to her. That being said, I have always adored Nolan and now Patrick has also added a great deal of new excitement to the show….I find their obvious intelligence and their use of it in their mind games to be very appealing, not to mention their fair-haired boy looks. Just saying that there aren’t any other actors on the show that fill that bill, so I was a bit disappointed that they ended up together….although it will undoubtedly be a good development for the plotline.


  6. timeout says:

    This show….What a waste.


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