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19 May 4th, 2012 Will We Ever See a Bobby and Pam Reunion on TNT’s New DALLAS?


When longtime fans of the hit series, Dallas  heard that when the new updated version would not include Pam Ewing (played by Victoria Principal) but that instead Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) would be wed to his new wife, Anne (Brenda Strong)  many were miffed.

But in a piece out today from with an interview from series star, Patrick Duffy, offered up several of the reasons Pam won’t be back, for now!  When Victoria Principal left Dallas in 1987, Pam was written off after a fiery car crash left her disfigured.  The character briefly reappeared on the show one season later in the form of Principal lookalike Margaret Michaels, when it was revealed Pam underwent plastic surgery following the crash and was suffering from a terminal disease with only a year left to live. But the storyline ended there, and fans were left to wonder if Pam really did perish.

Patrick Duffy weighed-in! “Our Executive producer Cynthia Cidre has said that any actor who’s still alive who was on Dallas, has the potential is they could appear. Victoria’s character never died on camera.  Potentially that character could come back..  But, the last time Victoria and I spoke, maybe six months ago, she said she really has no desire to resume an acting career.  She runs this empire she has of self-help, cosmetics, all this other stuff she’s doing and that’s her full-time passion.  Maybe as a lark, but certainly not in any discussion that I know of.   She would be welcomed!”

Duffy went on to say that Bobby’s new wife Ann is pretty cemented into the story, so even if Pam were to come back, Bobby and Ann have something solid. “Even if the show is able to bring Pam back, I must say it wouldn’t be to resume the role of Mrs. Bobby Ewing.  I think that the writers are married both literally and figuratively to the Bobby/Ann relationship, which I love because Brenda is unbelievable.”

So what do you think of Bobby moving on with his life with a new women? Do you wish Victoria Principal would come back to stir the pot, if the series got a second season? The new Dallas premieres June 13th on TNT at 9PMEST!

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  1. kay killgore says:

    I think Victoria Principal closed that door when they brought back Patrick Duffy after the Dream year and made her weak etc the writing! I loved her I thought their story was great but their was some tensions on the set etc she has went on and let’s be honest she has had a lot of plastic surgery and Hollywood is not kind to women who look different she won’t be back I for one loved their story but a lot of politics as usual were involved with the last years. Anxious to see if it is any good!


    barbara t replied

    I think she did to, Close the door,I just dug out my Dallas book, Its loaded with information from the beginning to the end maybe I will run into something real interesting, Its been years since I picked it up to read so I will refresh my memory with another good read about Dallas. I am looking forward to seeing it again.I loved Pam and Bobby to I also liked Sue ellen, She was my favorite. The whole cast was good, hope this series is as good as the first dallas, Cant wait for it to start.


    Susan M. replied

    It was good so many years ago…But could they do it again?????????? I”m not watching it………..Maybe if they brought back Dnasthy…

  2. Iakovos says:

    Pam has left the building. And it’s OK. Sometimes characters leave the canvas and stories can continue. Such developments make for more story possbilities and more drama.


  3. toscanti says:

    I enjoyed VP as “Pam” but I have to agree that her ship has sailed. If she would come back sounds like it would be a temporary thing. Curious to see the New Dallas.


  4. lisa says:

    What about bringing back Sasha Mitchell who played James Beaumont ,J.R.’s illegitimate son ?


  5. Joe Siegler says:

    Fans were miffed? Not this one. I detested Pam – one of the most annoying characters ever. I actually applauded when her car exploded. That they didn’t have the guts to TRULY kill the character was disappointing.

    Besides, Bobby has a new wife in the new series. That’s Brenda Strong as Ann Ryland Ewing.

    On top of that, the guest stars appearing from the old show are already known. We’ll get Ray, Lucy, & Cliff Barnes. The series is in the can, and hey could surprise us sure, but I don’t think we’re getting any other surprise characters from the old show. Gut feeling.


    barbara t replied

    I would’nt say I detested Pam I really could care less if she comes back or not, But it would be interesting if she did show up and try to weasel her way back into bobbys life but there’s no way he will leave his wife for her, Then she could ride off in the sunset again. Looking forward to seeing dallas and all of the original cast.


    Joe Siegler replied

    I’d rather them come up with a convoluted reason to bring April back then to bring Pam back, which would be a more reasonable explanation for her appearance.

  6. kalamaty says:

    Looking forward to the reboot! I have a feeling it’s going to be the guilty pleasure of the Summer! Can’t wait!!


  7. Vicki says:

    I would love to have Victoria back on Dallas, but only if Pam and Bobby were to get back together sometime down the line. I can’t see Pam coming back to Dallas and her not being with Bobby at some point. So if Pam and Bobby will not be together I would rather Pam not come back.


    Shelly replied

    Yes, Vicki, you’re correct. Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal have such amazing chemistry, sharing screen time with another actress would not ring true. At this point I say leave well enough alone and tell a new story.


    SUNLOVER replied



  8. barb says:

    I even liked Bobby being with April when he was married to her. I think she would have been good for the show, if they didn’t kill her off first. She would have stood her own against JR Ewing.
    I, also, think it would have been great if Pam could have came back to be w/Bobby. But since she may not come back, how about Cliff Barnes himself; Cliff Barnes’s daughter; Jenna’s son, Lucas, which is Bobby’s anyway; Lucy? I think all these people would be a great addition to the Dallas clan. That way it would give them more to fight about, cheat on and whatever else like that.


  9. barb says:

    They need to also bring back Sasha Mitchell, the one that played JR’s illegitimate son, with his wife and grandson on as well.
    It would be even really great if they would bring back as much of the original cast of Dallas on if possible to make it even more interesting, more story plots, twists and turns and so on like that.


  10. geraldineadkins says:

    Not unless Bobbie & and her could married. So no leave well enough alone. Anne is good for Bobby.


  11. SUNLOVER says:



  12. Shelia says:

    I think in the second season finding out that Pam had indeed died Bobby should have shown a little grief..She was his first love and the mother of his son.. He was so cold and uncaring. They could of had a letter to Bobby as she did for Christopher with him showing grief. Sue Ellen showed more and even made a comment of what Cliff had done hiding the fact that Pam died just so Bobby could make a snide remark about getting over her a long time ago. It was really disappointing and makes me look at the Bobby character in a whole different light but not in a good way.


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