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52 August 11th, 2017 William deVry and GH Have Reached A New Deal!

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Fantastic news to start the weekend!  After drawn out contract negotiations, William deVry (Julian Jerome) and General Hospital have reached a new deal that will ensure that Julian Jerome is staying on the canvas.

GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini made the announcement via social media tweeting: ”Great news-just in time for the weekend!! Will DeVry is staying in Port Charles. Deets to follow  

On-Air On-Soaps reached out to deVry on Friday night, who also confirmed that the deal was done.

Throughout this week, On-Air On-Soaps shared deVry’s interview, Valentini thoughts on the situation, as well as deVry’s co-star Nancy Lee Grahn’s (Alexis), and now things have taken a very exciting turn!

So, happy to hear that deVry is staying in Port Charles? Looks like the fans voice were heard! Comment below.

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  1. Grant Putnam says:

    I guess he could play into the olJason storyline. Keep him!


    dmr replied

    I think the entire show will soon revolve around Steve Burton, his return, and old/new Jason…


  2. Jimh says:

    I wanted him on Days as Peter Blake…anyway, im not really a Julian fan but he is a good actor!!


    Satan replied

    Peter Blake was portrayed by Jason Brooks, who doesn’t resemble William DeVry in the slightest.

    Don’t see that as a possible recast. Jason Brooks will never return (which is more due to the off-screen drama than anything that happened on the show) so if they ever went with a recast there, I’d be more likely to go with Sean Kanan. Though he doesn’t get along with ReRon (thanks to how he was treated the last time around on GH) so he’s probably not a good fit for Days right now


  3. aria says:

    wow, male stars are more valued then female counterparts, how sad, i would rather they kept Rebecca Budig, over William Devry and Steve Burton.


    Rebecca1 replied

    not really; they let go of Tyler (Nicolas), didn’t sign up Tristan Rogers, Jack Wagner (both of which I believe would have come back)… didn’t sign Wally Kurth to a contract so he went over to (Days?) though I’m thankful we have him back to some degree on GH; got rid of Michael Easton without warning and only brought him back after a huge petition, etc.

    I do agree though that something seems up the way they “disposed” of Hayden after hearing the actress signed a four year deal. Not fair to her and ridiculous to cut her right in the middle of her story….


    Max Daddee replied

    Glad DeVry’s negotiations worked out, he’s a great actor. Not happy at all about Rebecca Buddig leaving. Have no desire to see Steve Burton come back and if letting Buddig go was part of a fundraising plan to pay for Burton’s comeback…

    Soaphound replied

    Hi Rebecca. Something’s fishy there, alright. And I believe it all traces back to the return of Steve “name your price” Burton. But I digress.. And is it just accidental that Rebecca Budig is giving the performance of her life lately as Hayden is being backed into a corner by that slimy ex. Looks like we’re also the losers in this great actress’ early release.

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi Soaphound…

    Agree. Would be pathetically funny if Burton was only returning for a short stint. Seems like GH likes to publicize “returns” that last about five minutes.

    I hope Budig finds work. Steve “name your price” Burton. LOL!

  4. jeanine girard says:

    ((Huge sigh of relief))!!! Thank goodness WDV will be back on the show. Would have been a huge void had he left, especially with you-know-who coming back.


  5. rose says:

    “Yes,” I’m happy that deVry/Julian is staying in Port Charles. I think there is the possibility of an interesting story as he and Alexis try to find themselves, and maybe even a way back to each other.


  6. Eileen Hargis says:

    Took a landskide of unrelenting tweets but it got WDV a new contract!


    Abruzzfan replied

    Hey Eileen! Good job!!! I am so happy to hear the news.


  7. su0000 says:

    That is good news….. :)


  8. MB says:

    So DeVry reaches an agreement. Howarth reaches an agreement. Easton is on his 100th character. But Tyler is on Days, Vets like Hearst, Ingo, York, Tristan etc are nowhere or get cameos. Ian’s Duke was killed for no reason. Kanan & Thompson were marginalized and left.

    And Burton is back because ABC stepped in, clearly not Frank’s idea. But it’s too late. Too many fans are gone and not enough will come back to see Burton when most of GH remains so unrecognizable. Until GH has an EP that will produce GH for a larger GH audience, not a roomful of people who pay for fan events, ratings won’t change. And that audience would not just be long time GH fans, but adults for who story is primary, not shippers who just want to go squee for a particular couple.


    Suzie rm replied

    Well stated


    Iakovos replied

    I like how you wrote your thoughts. Well stated, MB. I do not enjoy GH as much as I used to ‘back in the day.’ Seems characters and caricatures and the plots (outlandish as they are) are more important that history and humanity.


  9. Suzie rm says:

    Really could care. The moral center of the show is wrong. This is no longer my GH. the


  10. Patrick says:

    “…Looks like the fans voice were heard! ”

    if only

    we’d have much less Carly and Sonny, Jason and Sam, Michael and Nelle, Franco, Finn


  11. Patrick says:

    after “ALL” is said and done. of course i’m happy that the man is back.

    he packs so much wallop.. and yeah,,,,if he reads this… he’s admired for a lot of things.

    most specifically : he can act. everything thereafter just falls in to place. SO NICE

    i’m more happy that the brother sister team of WD and Maura West is back on track. didn’t Kiki look the best in her shorter haircut. adore adore adore is putting it mildly. say what one will… the Jerome family… is top notch… Hi Avery

    if Alexis and Julian reunite… c’est la vie

    ugh! for the love of God… keep Sam as far out of their orbit as possible.

    I don’t know… I have to agree with @dmr. that GH may not have any recourse but to ties that bind Julian and Alexis. sigh! so much for my idea of bringing a quartermaine back in the fold in Robin Christopher as Skye. that would have been a lot of STEAM .

    bottom line… when you need male leads and/or supporting… he’s just all over the canvas . gets so much more done than most of the other Male characters – far and away generates much more than :

    Sonny / Jason / Finn /Franco / Michael



    GaysOfOurLives_5683 replied

    Hey Patrick, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Robin Christopher. Herself and William DeVry I can just picture would have HOT HOT HOT on-screen chemistry.


    dmr replied

    Thanks, Patrick! Agreed, Mr. deVry can certainly act. I like Ava and Julian’s sibling relationship, too (although, I have never been a fan of Kiki), and don’t even get me started on “Monotone Sam!”-UGH! Just send Sam off to an asylum for the unforeseeable future, never to be heard from again! The Quartermaine’s are always, always welcome on-air, love them!


    Francesca Bruno replied

    It is a good relationship between Ava and Julian, dmr. Better than most.

    Griffin and Ava. Is love in the air?

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hey Patrick…

    I love Robin Christopher too! It’d be great to have her back…the Qs need to make a comeback in some way. But…both AJ who she was close to (loved her for being so loyal to him when all others in his family were so cold to him) and Tracy, who constantly reminded her she wasn’t a “real” Quartermaine…are gone. Still, would really welcome her return.

    LOL. I don’t know why you don’t like Sam. I think she’s so down to earth, although I despise how she rejects Julian but embraces Sonny.


    jaybird369 replied

    Patrick…a Julian/Skye pairing…AW, HELL Y-E-A-H!!!!! Dude…I’M INTRIGUED ALREADY!!!!!


    Shay replied

    Yes, Patrick, yes! I can easily picture a Skye and Julian pairing….it would be quite reminiscent of her sexy dalliance with Lorenzo Alcazar….


  12. Curacaoman says:

    Yes, as long as he stops being every mobster’s doormat


  13. Sara says:

    I and my Soap Friends called the GH Comment Line begging not to let him go! #JULEXIS


  14. Phil says:

    Excellent news! Wish they would keep Rebecca Budig as well!


  15. Rodd says:

    Good news!


  16. Karen Clark says:



  17. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Congratulations to William deVry. I very much enjoy his portrayal of the multi-faceted Julian Jerome, and I look forward to seeing what’s to come for him on General Hospital. I hope these kind of negotiations—which has plagued Rebecca Herbst, Roger Howarth and now William deVry—stop happening. I feel like we do not see this happen with other soap operas, and I do believe it is because Disney ABC Television Group are directly involved with negotiations, like CBS and NBC, whom have other channels to move through.

    All that matters is that he’s staying put, though, I liked the idea of him going to Days of Our Lives as Peter Blake.


    Patrick replied

    I really liked someone’s post about him going to Y&R as a love interest for Ashley.

    I would be very keen on Rick Hearst returning to GH to break up Carly and Sonny. Ric Lansing is the only character with personality temperament and sexuality to even keel Carly. He’s Alive

    If we must keep Sonny. Its Dahlia Salem . I loved her on Another World. For the love of god split these two up. They stink

    Remember her as Claire Walsh?

    I too can only hope that the writing has enough imagination to trigger.

    Otherwise its this site with all the posts that keep my hopes for GH alive


  18. Rebecca1 says:

    Great news…congrats to DeVry and those of us who love Julian!


    Jimh replied

    Now i hope they Make Julian the real Jason…forget Steve and Billy…Sonny’s worse enemy besides Sonny-Julian-is Really Jason Morgon-(aged some)-lol


    Rebecca1 replied

    LOL! Now THAT’s a great idea, Jimh! :)

  19. jaybird369 says:

    William deVry is staying put at GH…AWESOME NEWS!!!!!


  20. JK says:



  21. Rissa says:

    Best GH news in forever! I’m so happy Wil is staying! I can’t wait to see what’s next for Julian and Alexis.


  22. Kevin C says:

    Good news for William who I really like but I wish he was on Y&R as a love interest for Ashley….William could do double duty GH & Y&R like Eileen is on Y&R and DOOL.


  23. Celia says:

    @Michael Fairman.
    Hey, Michael,
    Love, love, love your new vid……great music; fantastic voice. I’m impressed. Hot guy!!
    Wish you luck!!!!


    Michael Fairman replied

    Thank you!
    I hope everyone here at MF Soaps checks it out and subscribes and likes “The Michael Channel” on You Tube.
    There are more soap interviews and features and music on the way in the coming months there, as well.


    Phyllis Fontaine DeMarco replied

    Excellent. Sexy. Total Mariah and Tessa take over the underground and bring the heat. I love a video that also has a little storyline and you brought it, bigtime. I want to see more- I am so curious to see you sing other songs wonder if you like any country songs-but really, Michael-great job! I want to see some of the soap stars that you tirelessly support-payback in kind with their pretty faces in your videos. Would love to see the bar scene reshot with more of a crowd- more dancing, too but you look and sound great, I love that you are following your own aspirations and your creativity on display-it is inspiring and I appreciate all the energy and hard work you put into all your efforts. xox Thanks.

    Rebecca1 replied

    I see a Nurse’s Ball spot in your future! :)

    Great vocals…cool dude (s)!

    Shay replied

    @Phyllis Fontaine Demarco….Hey there, “Sassy Lady!” Where have you been? The scuttlebutt, the scuttlebutt, please! Your sparkling presence and sage commentary have been sorely missed, not to mention, very much required during our latest “discussions” of the always controversial topic of Alexis and her ruinous, out-of-control sexual yens….with Julian and his part in this ongoing carnal debacle also a hot topic. Only you can provide the suitably snappy retorts that this subject matter truly deserves….so whilst you’re blissfully tapping along in your stiletto-clad toes to Mr. Fairman’s latest tasty musical offering, could you also deign to opine on this most urgent topic at hand? Thank you…and just so you know, I did send replies to your many previous hilarious riposts…alas, the “vortex” devoured them. Honestly….


  24. Rebecca1 says:

    Hi Max…yep…I wonder how much letting Rebecca go has to do with Burton’s return. If it does, I guess the ratings will show one way or another if their “play” paid off. Not fair to the actress or her fans but unfortunately we’ve all been victims of the ratings…cancelled shows and comings and goings of actors. Primetime, too. Sucks.


    dmr replied

    Rebecca1, besides “This is Us, I can’t remember the last time I “got into” a primetime series. Such a shame.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi dmr…

    I think I might have confused you…I didn’t mean I thought prime time shows were disappointing, rather that so many that I really like get canceled after one or two seasons! Or, likd in the case of “Nashville” (which I’m thrilled was picked up by CMT) a couple of actors were let go to make room for new characters. Similar to daytime.

    There are actually quite a few primetime series I enjoy…Younger, Ray Donovan, Outlanders, Poldark, Game of Thrones, Lucifer, Billions, Homeland, Queen Sugar, and, as u mentioned, This Is Us. LOL…there’s probably more that I haven’t mentioned! But I binge watch shows I haven’t seen before or those I didn’t have time to watch on a weekly basis.

    Hats off to the DVR!

  25. al says:

    They keep Julian and get rid of Hayden ?? This poor suffering Julian and Alexis is really getting old. It has gotten to be a really boring storyline. I hope it improves soon.


  26. Allen Saint James says:

    days of our lives is full of iconic characters running around town and Gh should have it the same way. There is no real reason why Nancy Lee as remained in the show under contract since 1996, her character has been a nothing for decades. Frisco And Felicia, Laura, Anna and Robert, Lucy and Scott etc etc and their offspring should be the center pieces of the show.


    dmr replied

    NLG did not have a storyline for a very long time, you are right. She had an on-going flirtation with Mac, that was seen every so often, but that was about it. She was Tuesday/Wednesday “filler” for quite some time. I, myself, would love to see Frisco and Felicia. They were the first super couple that I fell in love with, I still remember watching their first wedding and being so excited as a little girl.


    Steve replied

    Allen & dmr
    Yes, Alexis was filler for many years. The writers were probably surprised to see how well “Julexis” were received and increased her prominence. With deVry coming back, how much story is there left to tell? Due to the prolonged contract negotiations, I doubt we’ll see him on screens (after this week) until October.

    Frisco has been written as the ultimate deadbeat dad going back to before JFP. They tried redeeming him with the 50th anniversary episodes. Even then, his animosity towards Mac was a big turnoff. Mac Scorpio is the father of the century in Port Charles. The flirtatious rapport between Mac & Alexis was cute, but not really exciting for either character.

    Thank goodness Anna still figures prominently in story. Laura should be more key. Putting Jon Lindstrom on contract would show they’re serious about her. Frank has some fence mending to do with Tristan Rogers. If he went to him with a storyline showing Robert as a strong character, he’d probably return. And in her brief visit last month, Serena reminded us of her legacy and potential.


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