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18 February 1st, 2012 Win a Meet & Greet with AMC’s Michael E. Knight & tickets to his new play, “The Cost of the Erection”!


All My Children’s Michael E. Knight’s (Tad) is starring in a new play, The Cost of the Erection, which will have its West Coast Premiere at The Blank Theatre in Hollywood, California. The premise of the play is about wealthy Susu Ziegler who has purchased an exclusive Manhattan raw space apartment overlooking the Hudson. She hopes to have her architect husband design this tricky space, but with their marriage on the rocks, she forces him to compete against a younger, hotshot architect. This sexy, funny tale is told in a heightened theatrical style, compressing and playing with time and space, and ultimately examines what makes a marriage work.

The Cost of the Erection features Knight, along with The Bold and the Beautiful’s Robin Riker (Ex-Beth Logan), James Louis Wagner and Kal Bennett and previews begin this weekend February 4th with the show running through March 18th! For ticket info and seat available make sure to go online at, or by calling (323) 661-9827.

Photo Credit: Michael Geniac

However, On-Air On-Soaps is exclusively giving one lucky fan and their guest a pair of tickets to the play, and a meet and greet with Michael E. Knight after one of his performances in The Cost of the Erection!  Here’s all you have to do … answer all ten of our questions in the “So you think you know Michael Knight trivia contest” below.  The first person to submit their answers correctly in the comment field will be notified via email from On-Air On-Soaps and will have 48 hours to respond.  If you fail to respond, we will default to the next person who had all the answers correctly.  In case, no one has answered all ten questions correctly, we will identify the person who had the most correct and they will be awarded the prize.  Please make sure to put 1-10 in the comment field before your answers to the questions.  The winner will have the opportunity to see the show and meet Michael between February 15th and March 4. It’s a fantastic fun night if you will be in the southern California area during the run of the play! th.  

So get set and get ready! Put on your Michael Knight and Tad Martin thinking caps on and after the jump let the games begin!


1) How many Daytime Emmys has Michael Knight won?

2) What was the full name of Tad’s doppelganger when Michael returned to AMC in 1992?

3) What is the name of Tad’s child with Brooke?

4) Who did Edna Thornton pay Tad the Cad to date because she was overweight and unhappy?

5) What are the two things in common between Michael E. Knight and David Hasselhoff?

6) In 2011, what sitcom did Michael appear in?

7) What famous theatre in New York City did Michael get his acting training at?

8.  In an interview with On-Air On-Soaps at the end of his run at AMC, who was Michael talking about when he said, “She had this kind of fierce loyalty to her children.  I remember doing scenes with her where Tad was weighing being a Martin, and that woman would be there with tears in her eyes. When I found out she was gone there was a part of me that said, “Maybe it is an end of an era.  Maybe it is time for me to walk away from this?”

9) What was the correct full birth name of Tad Martin?

10) Was Tad ever an employee of Opal’s Glamorama? Yes, or No?

After you have submitted your answers make sure to view the very special preview of The Cost of the Erection by watching the video below!


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  1. Bren says:

    1) 3

    2) Ted Orsini

    3) James “Jamie” Edward Martin

    4) Dottie Thorton

    5) They both married Cat Hickland

    6) Hot In Cleveland

    7) Circle In The Square

    8. Mary Fickett

    9) Thaddeus Gardner

    10) Yes


    Bren replied

    Oh and #9, middle name is James.


  2. Lisa Clark says:

    1. 3
    2. Ted Orsini
    3. Jaime
    4. Dottie Thornton
    5. Catherine Hickland
    6. Hot in Cleveland
    7. Circle in the Square Theater
    8. Mary Fickett
    9. Thaddeus James Gardner
    10. Yes


  3. Jen Murray says:

    1. 2
    2. Ted Orsini
    3. Jamie – James Thaddeus Martin
    4. Dottie Thornton
    5. the name Michael Knight, David Hasselhoff’s character on Knight Rider. And they were both married to Catherine Hickland
    6. Hot in Cleveland
    7. Circle in the Square Theatre in NY
    8. Mary Fickett – Ruth Martin
    9. Thaddeus James Garnder
    10. Yes


  4. Jen Murray says:

    Allow me to fix the spelling of number 9. Thaddeus James Gardner.


  5. Kim Pinto says:

    1) 3

    2) Ted Orsini

    3) James “Jamie” Martin

    4) Dottie Thornton

    5) Both married to Cat Hickland, the name Michael Knight was David’s character’s name on Knight Rider

    Hot In Cleveland

    Circle In The Square

    8. Mary Fickett, Ruth

    Thaddeus James Gardner

    Yes, he shampooed hair.


  6. barbara t says:

    I love tad martin ,but I dont remember half of these questions , and I have watched all my children since day 1.I guess this is a slow soap news day.


  7. Brian Greene says:

    Go, Michael! :D


  8. Rebecca Poertner says:

    1. Michael has won 3.

    2. Ted Orsini

    3. James “Jamie” Edward Martin

    4. Dottie Thornton

    5. Catherine Hickland; also Michael Knight was Hasselhoff’s character’s name in “Knight Rider”.

    6. “Hot In Cleveland”

    7. Circle in the Square

    8. Mary Fickett, aka Ruth Martin

    9. Thaddeus James Gardner

    10. Yes, he worked at The Glamorama.


  9. Carolyn says:

    LOVE IT, LOVE YOU. Thanks for doing this!!!


  10. Lori Goldstein says:

    1) Michael Knight has won 2 Daytime Emmy’s for Outstanding Younger Leading Man in a Drama Series (1986, 1987). And in 2001 he won another for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

    2) Wine Mogul Ted Orsini.

    3) Jamie

    4) Dottie Thornton

    5) Both were married to Catherine Hickland and the name of David Hasselhoff’s “Night Rider” character was Michael Knight

    6) In 2011, Michael appeared on “Hot In Cleveland”.

    7) Michael got his acting training at Circle in the Square Theater and graduated in 1982.

    8. Mary Fickett who played Ruth Parker Brent on All My Children was whom Michael was talking about when he said, “She had this kind of fierce loyalty to her children. I remember doing scenes with her where Tad was weighing being a Martin, and that woman would be there with tears in her eyes. Ms. Fickett was an original cast member of All My Children.

    9) Thaddeus James Gardner was his “Birth Name”.

    10) Yes, Tad worked as an employee of Opal’s Glamorama.


  11. Lisa Clark says:

    I think since so few of us entered, we should all be winners!


  12. Bren says:

    Did anyone win? We all had the same answers. I was first, but never got an email. Did we miss something?


    barbara t replied

    I think we did miss something, but Im not sure what,I didnt win anything because I only could answer a few of the questions ,well more then a few ,I could have looked all the questions up and got all 10,but I didnt want to cheat ,maybe we all won ,depending on where we all live ,we can rent a bus ,and go across country singing songs and cursing out abc for canceling our soaps .I miss all my children and michael e knight to.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hey everyone!
    I will be sending out the winner an email this Wednesday for the contest to see Michael Knight is in his new play and the Meet & Greet.

  13. Bren says:

    Congrats to whomever won! I’m curious what the answers were…


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hey Bren:
    We have contacted the winner. They have 48 hours to respond till tomorrow, Friday. If they do not respond in time, the next person who had the answers all correct will receive email notification.
    As soon as the winner is confirmed, I will post the correct answers.


  14. barbara t says:

    who is the winner? did I sleep through that announcement to?I was wondering if I should pack a bag or not just in case it was me .I know the person who won had 48 hours to get in touch,that was 7 days ago,Im just curious.


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