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16 June 4th, 2015 Writer Meg Kelly In Talks With AMC Favorite Darnell Williams For Role In Soap YEAR ROUNDERS!

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This  week soap fans learned some beginning information on a new online destination for some very soapy programming entitled

Yesterday, On-Air On-Soaps posted an interview with its creators, former soap scribe Meg Kelly, and entertainment marketing guru Joseph Craig, where they revealed that a new soap opera about two families will be at the new platform’s epicenter, surrounded by16 other ancillary shows.

Today, the soap opera was revealed to be named Year Rounders, and in fact, Kelly is looking at a very familiar daytime soap opera face to be a part of the cast… Daytime Emmy winner Darnell Williams (Jessie Hubbard) formerly of All My Children!

Kelly told On-Air On-Soaps about the prospect of having Williams on “There is a really fun connection between myself and Darnell Williams.  Back in the day, my husband Tony Rizzoli played Murray the loan shark in Angie (Debbi Morgan) and Jessie’s storyline on AMC.  It’s so fun to be talking to Darnell about the possibility of him playing a role on my soap, Year Rounders.  He is a wonderful actor and a great guy.” launched a sign-up page on Wednesday where fans can anticipate some interesting and exciting updates in the coming months.

What do you think of the prospect of seeing Darnell Williams in a new online soap opera?  Comment below!

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  1. Beth says:

    I’d love to see Darnell back in a soap, and I’d love it even more if some of his former AMC cast mates would join him. I miss seeing that talented cast in a serial drama. I know Darnell is back in NYC these days and if some of the other east coast-based soap actors would join him, I’d be thrilled.


  2. elm51 says:

    i am excited that meg kelly is in talks with darnell – he is such a phenomenal actor!!


  3. su0000 says:

    oohh this good!
    I’m sure he will not wanted as with Y&R..

    geezz Y&R brought in one of the renowned super couples of all time; Angie and Jesse..
    The powerful actress Debby Morgan; Y&R turned her into drug addict Hilliby..
    Darnell was turned into a physical therapist, not much..
    They were used as bait to bring in viewers and then let go..
    SHAME on CBS/Y&R..
    Neighbor Emma has spoken!!


    su0000 replied

    Go get ‘em Darnell !… Wish you the best !! :)


  4. Lou Piikes says:

    I wouldn’t blame Darnell if he’s a liitle skeptical of online soap ventures. He probably still has his doubts due to Prospect Park.


    su0000 replied

    Prospect Park was attempting to bring established TV/broadcast soaps to the web in their original format…
    Sudsville is created for the web, it will do well..
    A web series hit, for sure!!

    hope it gets more soap stars as time goes by..


  5. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is great news. I’d love to see Darnell Williams at work again. He’s terrific.


  6. Harry says:

    Darnell Williams is a friggen gem of an actor. When he appeared in Pine Valley as Jessie Hubbard us AMC fans knew that they were seeing something different, something special, but more importantly, something important. Suffice to say, when Jessie appeared on screen, us white suburbanites and somewhat insulated teenagers, sat up and paid attention. Damn, was he something–he was the lightening in our world which jolted us to attention. And he still is…or could be if someone gave him a chance.
    I was disappointed that Y&R did not use him to his fullest potential.
    And while I am happy he found a job, I wish something more worthy of his talents would come his way.
    But as my high school drama teacher used to say,”There are not small parts, only small actors.” Darnell will make this part sing as he always does.


    I love gh replied

    Harry- I couldn’t agree more. He really is one of the best actors out there. I’d never seen anything like him on screen when he was on AMC, and every time he’s on, I make a point of watching.

    GH should bring him on as the new commissioner or a WSB agent.


    Iakovos replied

    Mr. Williams is so authentic and genuine in his portrayals. He and Debbi Morgan are gold together. I would forget I was watching a TV show, they are so genuine.


    su0000 replied

    I wish the 1st season were more than 5 days..
    I already want more knowing Darnell will be on my screen, once again..

    (he should be connected to TJ and Jordan)

  7. susan says:

    I love that darnell is back on a soap opera is great news to hear way to go darnell


  8. LindaTNo1 says:

    As a lifetime supporter of Darnell Williams, I just want to see him back in front of a camera, bringing his brilliance to life in his characters he portrays. He is gifted, for sure. He and Debbi need to do a play together. I have the utmost respect for him. He is so great.


  9. Michele says:

    I have Always loved DW so of coarse, I am beyond excited about the possibility of seeing him in his element again!! I was hoping he would be offered a role in one of Tyler Perry’s projects. I will most definitely be watching this new show if Darnell is involved!


  10. randie walton says:

    OMG He is one of my All Time Favorites since he and Jennie were in NY on AMC. Would LOVE to see him on a Soap


  11. Gail Keefe says:

    He’s an excellent actor! Very excited to hear about this!


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