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0 April 14th, 2011 WWE rebranding as “Action Soap Opera”!


If you have been following the marketing efforts of the WWE in recent months you know that titan and owner, Vince McMahon has been looking to expand into other ventures and avenues with his company.   Now comes word that an official announcement and information sheet has gone out to all of their international voice-over talents in foreign territories for what is the correct terminology when promoting the WWE product, called The Language of the WWE. Below are excerpts from that document which now clearly defines it as a soap opera!

We always said WWE – is a “Soap Opera” in the ring.  Having at one time been a writer for the WWE, On-Air On-Soaps can tell you that is 100% true.  Here are the re-branding key messages from the document.

“World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a publicly traded entertainment company (NYSE: WWE) that creates and delivers a weekly action soap opera to its passionate fans. WWE has been a recognized leader in entertainment for more than 25 years and has developed into one of the most popular and sophisticated forms of global entertainment today. As a global entertainment brand, the language that we use when communicating on WWE is critical. Please ensure that you are familiar and employing the below, effective immediately. * WWE is pure entertainment * WWE is an action soap opera * WWE Superstars are entertainers with tremendous athletic prowess”

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