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15 June 4th, 2016 Ximena Duque On Her DAYS Debut As Blanca: “At The Beginning She Was Flirting With Rafe, And Then She Ended Up Going Another Route, Which Was Great.”


On the upcoming Tuesday June 7th episode of Days of our Lives, telenovela star, Ximena Duque makes her American soap opera debut as Blanca, the friend of Rafe’s (Galen Gering) mom, Adriana (Alma Delfina) from Mexico.

Duque, who was first slated to do 10 ten episodes, but revealed maybe she has done up to 25, according to Soap Opera Digest, will definitely be flirting with Rafe Hernandez, who is currently having some romance difficulties with Hope (Kristian Alfonso) at the moment.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Duque explains about her entrance on to the Salem scene:  “You never know where the character is going to go. I can’t give you that much information, because I want you to see the show, but yes, at the beginning, (Blanca) was flirting with Rafe, and then (she) ended up going another route, which was great.”

When comparing the pace of her telenovela experience to that of daytime soaps, Duque expressed:  “Here in Miami when we shoot a soap opera, we do 20 scenes daily. At Days, they don’t do that many scenes, so even though I had to speak in English, and even though I had to memorize everything in English and that was hard, for me it was also kind of easy because we do a lot more scenes (for telenovelas).”

Duque says she would be open to returning if DAYS would want her back to reprise the role.

Which DAYS dude do you think Ximena’s Blanca will set her attentions on if not Rafe?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    Just another character that has nothing to do with any of the core characters — whose relationship with newer characters has all taken place off screen and who will take up air time telling a story that no one will care about– it is like the powers that be over at Days don’t even care anymore, so why should I? Honestly are you tyring to kill the show?

    If you are going to bring back a former love of Rafe’s to throw a wrench with his romance with Hope, if should be Carrie– they could have changed the paternity of that baby she had went she left to be Rafe’s– why bring in a whole new character? Sigh.


    Lou Piikes replied

    A love triangle between Rafe, Hope, and Carrie is laughable. In order for it to work they would have to recast Carrie with another actress.


    Mary SF replied

    What does the actress playing Carrie have to do with it, whether it is the same or a recast, the point of my post, was instead of inventing new characters to move story along that no one cares about they should use the characters already created and the history already established, history viewers are aware of instead bringing in a character whose history is off screen. A love triangle between Hope Rafe And Carrie is no more laughable than a love triangle between Hope Rafe and this new character. But I will say if there is a laughable part it is Hope with Rafe which doesn’t work on so many levels, but if the writers intent is to cause them trouble, a baby from a former love would do that– it doesn’t have to be a love triangle

    Marie replied

    Rafe never really had a relationship with Carrie. It was all on her not him. Thank heaven she left. I dint believe Blanca came for a love triangle but a minor distraction. Probably Dario or Brady

    Anne replied

    I understand your point completely, Mary, and totally agree. I think producers and writers no longer know how to develop compelling stories with core characters, so they rely on “new flavor” characters and plots to drive excitement.


    jaybird369 replied

    Mary…oh, I agree!!!!! Just what DOOL needs…y-e-t another new character…N-O-T!!!!!!!!!! At this point, I feel like DOOL is on life support (or whatever). Beyond sad.

    Later, Mary.


  2. No1_ILoveLucyFan says:

    More “angst” for Rafe & Hope – a disastrously bad & boring pairing. Why should I care about this character? Move on, please Days and get rid of Rafe…you’ve spent years trying to make him relevant & it ain’t working.


    Lou Piikes replied

    My thoughts exactly. Rafe and Carrie were boring the first go round and I’m sure the 2nd go round won’t be any different.


    Mo replied

    I don’t even remember Rafe and Carrie.

  3. CindyHaskins says:

    I am a huge fan of hope and rafe.i have to say hope and rafe do work in so many levels and plus they do have is hope and aiden that don’t work at all.


    molly replied

    I think Rafe and Hope have a very natural, easy chemistry which is nice to see. There is great potential in terms of romance if the writing would allow for it, but it’s been constant drama and little romance. Would love more focus on developing romantic relationships like Rafe/Hope, and deepening of their bonds before throwing in unnecesary obstacles/triangles. Would prefer to see strong couples in meaningful relationships facing challenges together.


  4. Judy says:

    Rafe and Hope are the worst pairing ever. Zero chemistry. Hope and Aiden have off the charts chemistry. Rafe and Nicole would be a great match. Heck I think him and Blanca would have been hot! The writers need to get a clue before cancelation. Ratings say it all.


  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    Let’s get real, DAYS…#CutTheRope!


    Soapluv2010 replied

    I’m with you. Rafe is about Shawn’s age. Yes, I said it, she’s old enough to be his mother and yes I know they do the same with male characters all the time but, I take a pass on those too when the relationship is as devoid of chemistry as Rope.

    Rafe is too milk toast for Nicole. I vote for Blanca. It’s an evolving story for a new character not a history lesson so I don’t need any new character to have roots going back decades. I just need them to be able to act. A decent story for her or, any other character is clearly to much to ask but, I really hope she’s Rafe’s ticket away from Hope.


  6. gloria says:

    Rafe & Hope are wonderful togehter-let it happen. Aiden makes me sick-I don’t care what he says-he has a troubled past-who really killed his first wife-Chase or him? What the hell is up with the gambling debts? He borrowed money from Hope way back to pay for that. Then to find out the Dimeras brought him to town to kill Hope . . . seriously? He is a liar & a creep. Take Chase & GO AWAY.


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