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5 February 18th, 2014 Y&R and B&B NAACP Image Award Nominees Speak On Diversity In Daytime Dramas On THE INSIDER!

Photo Credit: Vincent Sandoval/TheInsider

The Insider’s Kevin Frazier sat down exclusively for a roundtable discussion with seven of the ten NAACP Image Awards nominees this year for the “Outstanding Daytime Actor and Actress” categories  from CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful  and The Young and the Restless, to discuss diversity.

In these categories, CBS’ actors and actresses represent 90% of the nominees.  During the revealing interview at Hollywood’s illustrious The Sayers Club, Frazier spoke with nominees from CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful’s Aaron D. Spears, Lawrence Saint-Victor, Karla Mosley, as well as, CBS’ The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John, Redaric Williams, Angell Conwell and Christel Khalil.

St. John, who has been on daytime the longest and who has also won nine NAACP Image Awards, describes his experience twenty years ago when he would receive hate mail for being in an on-screen interracial relationship explaining: “It really wasn’t accepted that well by the audience at that time.  I’m not just going to say the white audience, but maybe black and white.  Unfortunately, I received a lot of hate mail. It was right in my home mailbox and that was really disheartening to me, to open my mail (and) in between the gas and the electric bill was this ‘I hate you because of your skin color (letter.)’”

While discussing the enlightening conversation he was able to conduct Frazier states, “It’s important to recognize these outstanding actors and actresses from daytime dramas because they make such a huge contribution.  They aren’t movie stars like Halle Berry or Forest Whitaker, but every single day they are in people’s homes, shaping perceptions; not just entertaining, but becoming part of people’s lives.”

The Outstanding Actor nominee discussion with Frazier will air tonight on Tuesday, February, 18th and his conversation with the Outstanding Actress nominees will air the following evening on February 19th!  This year’s 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards will happen on February 22nd live on TV One!

So, what do you think about diversity in daytime?  Do you think the soaps have come along way in representing the African-American community? And who would you like to see win this years NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor and Actress? Let us know!

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  1. Sharonda says:

    We need more diversity on these shows, especially Days (bring back Lexi!), and GH! BB doesn’t have AA actors with storylines of their own, they should be able to have leading roles and not just the leftovers. Where is Maya’s family…why hasn’t she reconnected with them since she’s gotten out of prison? Why didn’t she take courses online and gotten a degree in something to be successful on her own merit and not just because she is playing a servant to the likes of Slick Rick? They are not well-written for. Bring back Drucilla Winters on Y&R and maybe Neil can have a leading role-even though I no longer watch Y&R.


  2. Estela says:

    Why keep pushing the subjects ,soaps arechanging and not foe the better,its about time they writters stop repeating the same story lines and for the love of God at least try to keep the good actors on the show ,i stop watching Y&R after the luck of loyalty to the show and fans ,its should be about egos ,should be about the fans and the stoey lines


  3. Estela says:

    And by that i mean ,you should keep the actors that your fans request,after all we keep you on the air ,if they are good ,get over your egos people! Am talking abiut michael muhney situation


    Sharonda replied

    Oh and I wanted to add that Y&R need to fire the hair and make up stylist that does Angela’s (Leslie) hair! I have seen her hair and make up look so much better at other events, i.e Best Man Holiday premiere. She is gorgeous and they have her look a hot mess with that wig and the make up is too dark and boring.


  4. Ana says:

    Am reading and reading ,does everybody feel the same as i do ? Its nice to bring young people ,but teach them how to act,and keep the one the give a good performance, am talking about Y&R why you must insist in changing the good actors ,yes !! I am talking at the screw up with the guy who play adam ,he was one of the few good actors in the show ,nothing against the other ones but that guy could act and make you believe with conviction on his acting , just sYing . I not longer watch Y@R and am not just saying it ,am not watching it!!


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