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12 October 9th, 2017 Y&R and B&B Sizzling New Promo Featuring Kelly Clarkson’s Latest Single, “Love So Soft”!


Now here’s a promo that perks up the soaps and the daytime line-up delivered to us from the good folks at CBS Daytime.

This week’s teaser is a sexy romp for both shows, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful featuring many favorites and duos to the tune, “Love So Soft” – the latest single from the amazing Kelly Clarkson.With the graphics in color, and the video in black and white, with Clarkson’s vocal’s and the song lyrics to match the action.  All of which makes for a contemporary calling card to watch both shows.

Take a look at it after the jump. Then, let us know what you thought of it, Would you like to see more promos on the soaps utilizing more original and enticing promos for viewers, or do you prefer the weekly promos on what is going to be featured on the week to come in story, or both? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Mo says:

    Saw it yesterday on FB. I like it.


  2. Timmm says:

    Love the song! Hate the Y&R pairings! Billy is still a scum bag. Moppy and Sharon suck! Cannot stand Nick and HELLSea together! Plus, you know damn well Nikki will run back to Victor!


    Nikki replied

    I don’t care who Nick runs back to but I can’t stomach him with Chelsea. Come-on you gave Scott a shave now how about a hair cut? I like Billy with Phyllis only because I’m soooo sick of Victoria winning all the time. I know he’ll gradually go back with her but I want Phyllis to dump him not the other way around.Nikki how many times have you left Victor and said never again? Please cut the crap and just go back to him. How about bringing back Alice? She a great actress and we love her. Send Kevin & Chloi back to wherever they came from and let Lily & Cane go with them.


    Nikki replied

    Sorry typo Chloe

    Timmm replied

    Nikki, when Sharon shaved him I thought for sure she was going to cut his hair! That wasnt a makeover, more like a make under! I am still in the Michelle Stafford camp. Therefore I am anti-Phyllis! Victor and Nikki are getting too old for this crap! Alice was cool. I like Kevin and Mariah together. Cane and the who Winters clan can check out of GC and never look back! Restock the Chancellors! Speaking of restocking, have you ever noticed how many times the Underground is always stocking their club but you rarely see crowds???

  3. Ray says:

    I have only been watching for two years. I became a fan during the time when Quinn was holding hostage Wyatt during his amnesia. During the two years, Steffy has had a relationship with Wyatt, Liam and looks like she is headed to a relationship with Bill. Two sons and the father in such a short period is starting to feel slightly icky.


    Mo replied

    She started to have a relationship with Bill several years ago, but they didn’t go so far as to sleep together.


  4. michael says:

    where’s Tessa & Mariah!!!


  5. Kevin C says:

    I like both types of promos…CBS also needs to broadcast in the evening time too…Advertise our daytime dramas…


  6. su0000 says:

    Soap sex couples turn me off ..
    they are to phony and it give sex a bad rap.
    Virgins see soap sex and probably say, ” that’s it !! that’s lame !! that’s nothing much to look forward too” ………. ahaa!

    Anyways.. finally some good music, Kelly is good..
    But Tessa, get real lol .. I would not download one of her songs if I were paid a dollar to list it.
    the singers that go to nursing homes to entertain the awesome grannies well that would be Tessa ahaaaa! If I were in that nursing home I’d go play bingo instead of listening to Tessa.
    c’mon how many have need to FF Tessa on open mic..

    I miss Victor upfront, he is da`man! he is the only excitement maker.
    Adam needs to return and that would be MM ,,
    I like Dina and Graham .. I’d like Victor involved with them.
    I like Ravi.. I’d take him home with me LOL and it wouldn’t be soap sex, for sure ..
    Looking forward to having Tracy back.
    Victoria and Billy dear lord! not again…
    The sex trafficking story is a disgrace to actual sex trafficking and it is horribly writtenand the writers should be ashamed .


    Jamesj75 replied

    Bravo, su0000! Applause! Applause! I appreciate the biting humor as well as the astute analysis!


  7. penny says:

    The promo looked Great!


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