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20 August 24th, 2012 Y&R Casts The New Noah! Robert Adamson Joins The Cast!

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After Kevin Schmidt’s tweets that he was let-go once again in the role of Sharon and Nick’s son, Noah on The Young and the Restless, word spread that the show is either obviously recasting, or already had someone in the wings to step into the role! Well, this afternoon via Soap Opera Digest’s facebook page it has come to light that Hollywood Heights, Robert Adamson has indeed been cast in the role of Noah Newman. 

Here is what the SOD post stated:  “That was fast. The Young and the Restless has already cast the next actor to take over the role of Noah Newman, last played by Kevin Schmidt. He’s Robert Adamson, who just wrapped up a run on Nickelodeon’s Hollywood Heights as Phil. Adamson, who beings taping on September 4 and will first air on October 1, will work again with HH’s former Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps and Head Writer Josh Griffith, who now hold the same posts respectively on Y&R.”

Adamson certainly has the looks to be Nick and Sharon’s son! What do you think of the casting news?  Thumbs Up or Down? Weigh-in!

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  1. LisaZee says:

    I wish TPTB would make up their minds if they actually want this character on or not. Hopefully they have this time and have picked someone they really want in the role. They need a vision before they hire someone, again hope they do this time.


  2. randy says:

    feel so bad for kevin,,he wasnt even given a chance…and if this is the way yong and restless new head honchos are treating the actors then today is the last show ill watch,,
    is it too much to ask in this world to give people a chance before tearing there worlds apart,,


  3. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    I love Robert Adamson! He did a great job as Charles on Lincoln Heights. I wish him all the best!


  4. Nikki says:

    I do not understand firing Kevin Schmidt again. After being so misused for so many years, why not just write for the character instead of focusing on replacing the actor? Kevin is SO talented and has a fanbase of his own that brings to the soap, so why bring on a relative newbie? He’s not horrible on HH, but I just think Kevin was more suited.


  5. Christine says:

    Friends of Jill. So it begins.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Friends of Jill…lather, rinse, repeat. I always liked Kevin’s Noah. So many others they could have recast. nuKyle comes to mind.


    Richard replied

    I agree!.I don’t like Nu Kyle either.He looks too much like Adam,kinda weird.But loved it when he blasted Sharon!
    I will miss Kevin Schmidt as Noah! I think its the actress that plays Eden that should go,not the actor playing Noah!
    They hired him back a 2nd time and let him go,pathetic!

    Mo replied

    Get rid of Kyle. They made him too old. There would have been tons of good story with a young teenage Kyle who had to live with his dad and new stepmom who had killed his mom. But they didn’t ask me…

  6. Tom says:

    At the rate they’re going, Noah is going to be recast as many times as Mike Horton or Jamie Frame. LOL


  7. TT says:



  8. Theresa says:

    YnR writers and s/ls are just plain crazy bad these days!


  9. Jeffery says:

    This change does not feel organic to the show but rather a superimposition of the new regime’s extraneous vision onto its canvas. Bad move. It’s evidence that Jill Farren Phelps is immune to the historical integrity of Y&R, not to mention the show’s longtime followers.


    Christine replied

    I agree, Jeffery. If this actor debuts looking like he does in his picture for this thread, he will look like he should be ADAM’s son and not Nick and Sharon’s. His hair is TOO dark and TOO wild and we already have that with both Adam and the new Kyle.

    What was wrong with Kevin Schmidt? Cute kid, good actor. If they had given him something more meatier I am sure he could have pulled it off.


  10. Scott says:

    This nuNoah won’t be well received at all. He looks nothing like Joshua Morrow (Nick) or Sharon Case (Sharon). Kevin IS Noah Newman. He was the one SORAS Maria Arena got right during her run. If only they could recast Summer again.


    Liz replied

    Kevin looked nothing like Nick and Sharon. He also ISN’T Noah Newman when he always went to New York every six months, only to return for two episodes and then leaves again. He is easily replaceable.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Kevin did look like Josh and Sharon. And he was only on recurring status when he returned in 2011. Maria didn’t have story, so he kept doing other projects so he could pay his rent.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I don’t what people are talking about how Kevin can BE Noah Newman. He always went to New York then came back every 6 months for 2 episodes. His Noah was a bore and looked nothing like his parents are supposed to be. So I will welcome this recast and hopefully will be given good material.


  12. Mo says:

    Don’t know why they recast. I liked Kevin. Just wish they’d killed that stupid recording story and had him live in GC. I see it helps to know people to get jobs at Y&R.


  13. karen says:

    They should recast klye as well, that kid is horrible.


  14. Logan says:

    Hopefully he won’t be a bore like Kevin was.


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