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4 October 20th, 2010 Y&R heads to New Orleans to tape special episodes!

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In news out today from The Times-Picayune: “Deep into its fourth decade of spinning soapy stories, the daytime drama will film here in New Orlenas early next month for episodes to air starting Nov. 23.  Cast members expected to participate are Sharon Case (who plays Sharon Newman), Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin), Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman), Michael Muhney (Adam Wilson) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers).

Christian LeBlanc, a New Orleans native, told The Times-Picayune: “It’s a big thank-you to the city.  I’ve already decided that Sharon and Michelle are way too thin, and we’re going to fix that while we’re down there. They’re actually pre-emptively losing weight. I just talked to Sharon. She said, ‘I’m getting in shape.’”  So, what do you think will be bringing these top-draw characters down to the The Big Easy?

Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. semaj says:

    i hope michael and lauren finally get there own storyline


  2. janet says:

    really enjoy your acting like to see you in other thinks moves stages but don’t leave young & the restless


  3. stacy says:

    love to see you all in my own town and to see everyone fall back in love here like Sharon and Nick and Michael and Lauren go see his home town where hes fro and what has become of the BIG EASY!!!!!


  4. Kristina says:

    I’m searching for the name of that georgeous estate where Adam and Sharon spent the night. I want to go there. Did anyone catch the name of that place??


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