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45 October 3rd, 2017 Y&R Scores 1,500 Consecutive Weeks As Daytime’s Number 1# Drama!


In an incredible achievement, The Young and the Restless has now tallied 1,500 consecutive weeks as daytime’s number #1 drama.

According to CBS, the iconic soap began its place at the top back in 1988 and now in 2017, it still holds the top spot.

The milestone was achieved during the ratings week ending on September 29th, per the Nielsen live plus same day ratings.

Y&R will celebrate its 45th anniversary coming up in March of 2018.

Share your congrats to the Y&R cast, crew, producers, writers, who have kept the series number #1 in the comment section below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Perhaps now we’ll see ,with the Islands down, if Y&R will go down..

    During the 1,500 Consecutive Weeks , there were many other Great soaps’
    AMC ,ATWT etc etc…
    and not one other soap every got atop Y&R if even for a month,,,,,,,,,, the odds of that happening is impossible and a dirty finger tipping the scale..

    Y&R has had more than one bad year through the years and other soaps were much better..


    Celia replied

    I think, my dear friend, SuzieQ, Y&R is still the best soap…..I care not for ratings…never put too much stock into them…..Y&R just needs some weeding.
    Just needs Adam and Kevin back. Just needs to get rid of Cane, Jordan, Chelsea, Phyllis, Graham… on Jason Thomson a bit; or just get rid of him, too.
    The twins have no purpose on this show. If they had their own storylines, normal, teen stories about school, friends, activities…gossip…you know? Remember your teen years??
    Jack needs to act his age—spite never looks good and it can ruin one’s happiness when consumed with it.
    Thank goodness, Ashley’s moment of insanity with Ravi came to a halt. Ot did it?! Alas, she’s the only one with some of the sense, God gave her, left.
    Still….I love my Y&R!!!!


    Timmm replied

    Great post C!

    Mia replied

    Victoria needs a life. Graham is Ashley’s half brother, maybe after that is determined he will leave the show. I have not gotten use to the new Billy and I won’t. Sharon’s love interest is so boring just to listen too. No expression in his voice, neither does Billy for that matter. The twins grew up from 7 to 17 in a flash and that was just weird! Cane is a poor lost soul but hope he will get with his baby’s mamma and leave the show. But Still….I love Y&R too!!!

    Jamesj75 replied

    The braintrust at Y&R would do well to listen to your terrific, sage advice, Celia!

    Celia replied

    Well, thank you, James. I hope all these compliments don’t go to my head! LOL. I will never be as sapient as you, my friend….your reasoning is so simply stated, yet so strong.

    Celia replied

    Hi, Mia,
    I said exactly that….Ashley and Graham have the same father. Graham’s mother detests Dina because she probably cheated with her husband, Graham’s father. Am I making any sense?
    When Graham first appeared, I thought he was Dina’s son….But, now, we know better.
    No need to fret, Mia. Sharon and Nick will end up together again ( sending Curly-Sue Scott on his merry way into oblivion), as will Victor and Nikki….same dance; different song.
    Yes, Victoria needs a life, but not with Willy-Nilly-Billy. Contrary to popular agreemrnt, I like Victoria. I like her much more than I did Heather Tom’s representation. “Phake” Phyllis can have him.
    So, things balance out, sort of.
    I am looking forward, with hungry anticipation, to the day Adam comes barging back. I do hope he kicks Chelsea on her ear and to the curb.
    Wait until Nick finds out the big secret she is keeping from him….that is, Christian is Adam’s son…..albeit, I do believe the boy is Nick’s. Still, it is a secret Chelsea needed to expectorate.
    Have you gathered I do not like Chelsea, yet? LOL.

    su0000 replied

    Hi Celia..
    Y&R is a good soap I enjoy it..
    I was talking — it being #1 without fail for since like forever without fail.

    Really, there were many great soaps through the decades and not one, not one ever topped Y&R not even for a week through decades past even though Y&R had some bad years and others soaps were really good.
    that is not possible, imo..
    CBS is doing something like gerrymandering LOL

    Omar replied

    I agree, dirty finger dipping the scale!!! So many superior soaps over the years, yet Y&R on top..Congrats to them, but feel the show gets a more balanced black and white viewers, hence there ratings!! And cheating?? I watched it over the years but it never had that commanding attention getter like AMC, OLTL, ATWT, GL and SFT


    Celia replied

    Omar and su0000…. yes, there were soaps a step above…loved AMC and OLTL and AW…I cried when they ‘died’…not denying that.
    As I probably said a few times before, Y&R was the first soap I seriously got into as a tween and beyond, because of the characters. Nick and Sharon as a couple was IT for me—all starry-eyed because of my real-life crush. I did end up marrying him, LOL.

  2. Patrick says:

    so fugetaboutit – who effin cares by now ?

    why are we advertising at the right place at the right time ?

    first soap on for the day… and for a lot of areas… LUNCH HOUR

    good for CBS – still “cashing” in.

    milking this show… is tired at best

    this show will never be known as thee show

    just as limited as the rest


  3. Patrick says:

    air brushed… perfectly bronzed

    egos checked

    he’s still dead man walking

    win : Eileen Davidson
    Place: Doug Davidson
    show : Michael and Lauren Fenmore-Baldwin

    Victor – Nikki – Jack – can we bury them now ?


  4. Alan says:

    Micheal Fairman. Do you have a bigger pic of the YR Vets in this pic.


  5. James R. Poissant says:

    As happy as I am for the show, I have to wonder how they managed to achieve this with some of the blunders that have happened with some of the writing. At least it’s still on the air unlike so many of the greatest shows that got taken off. (Hello OLTL)


    Llanviewer717 replied

    Thank you James. Our beloved One Life to Live is in my heart forever!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Dr Helen Ruth says:

    Congratulations to the best soap EVER…Y&R! Now that the sex-trafficking storyline is wrapping up, it should do even better. Keep up the good work.


  7. brian says:

    does the fact that it is aired in many parts of the world have anything to do with this ?


  8. Joe says:

    Congrats to everyone at #YR. What would make this even better is Michael Muhney’s return as Adam Newman. #TeamMuhney


    ALEXA replied

    I completely agree… The show would benefit greatly from the return of Michael Muhney as ADAM… It would ALSO benefit if they stopped having that insufferable Victor win all of the battles! That is so boring and he is such an unwatchable character now….


    Timmm replied

    Adam is the heir apparent to the Newman throne!

  9. damien says:

    Testament to the producing staff and the actors of course, who make me tune in everyday to see them potray my favorite characters! but this latest ad is nothing to brag about , it should really thank the loyal viewers who have are so committed they’ve even endured these horrible last couple of years of possibly the worst, tiresome and most boring years ever. the writing has been lame and uneventful most especially just recently. Vic vs Nick round 10?.. until Adam returns Chelsea needs to go. Her and Nick do not work. Jack and Nikki again? been there and much better before. Lily and Hillary fighting over Jordan? amateur hour…and thats just the start of how dreadful the show has become
    Besides the writing the musical scores once the best on tv imo period is just a mess currently. The old composers really need to return asap
    i really hope the soap turns around for the next anniversary.


    Kevin C replied

    Hello Damien, I will first say I have reached out to Y&R on a few occasions and pleaded for them to bring back the classic background music or like you mention the past composers…Y&R DOES NOT FEEL THE SAME without the classic background music and please bring back the production like when Wes Kenney was the producer then Edward Scott…PLEASE from a fan that’s been watching since the 70′s I PLEAD for you to BRING or RETURN Y&R to it’s glory days of how it was produced, directed and again the the most beautiful background music to ever grace any show on television…along with this we need the tight knit character writing with romance, suspense, mystery…TPTB, this is why us fans care for we LONG for the way our daytime dramas use to be…WHY don’t you listen to us or reach out to us on this website and tell us what is the reason for not listening to us…DON”T YOU CARE about your fans that love our shows like family?


    Damien replied

    Thats really too bad Kevin
    I cant believe the producers feel the current music is appropriate
    If u watch old flashbacks the music was literally the essence of the show. Its honestly embaressing when u compare past clips with beautiful mood music to the crap currently

    Kevin C replied

    Thanks again Damien for your understanding about the music for Y&R…I so wish Mal Young would listen.


    Harry replied

    “If music be the food of love, play on.”
    You are absolutely right, the classic music Y&R once played not only enhanced the emotional tone of the scenes, it became Y&R’s trademark.
    I wonder why they aren’t listening to you, Kevin? How hard can it be to bring back their classic background music?

    Kevin C replied

    THANKS so much Harry…I just don’t understand it…They have to pay someone to handle the music and why not pay the composers or supervisors of the music that made Y&R…they are working over at B&B and I know they use to handle both shows…Harry you hit the nail right on the head for Y&R’s classic background music enhanced the emotional tone of the scenes and it was Y&R’s trademark…I tell one thing if Bill Bell was still alive and still in charge of Y&R we wouldn’t be dealing with the music they have today along with production and directing…

  10. kalamaty says:

    Fantastic accomplishment! Brava to all involved who bring this wonderful show to my home five glorious days a week! :) Just wish it played on the weekends, too!


  11. Mark Y says:

    I think YR is on fire right now. And you gotta love it when Nikki, Gloria and Dina face off’


  12. Harry says:

    YES, the Abbotts are back! Love Dina Mergeron, what a hip and cool old lady she is.


    JK replied



    Harry replied

    I Love the way Dina kind of saunters around the Jabot office in her Chanel suits.
    She really amuses me.

    Mo replied

    I love Marla. I just wish they weren’t go to reveal Ashley’s paternity secret.

    I think it will be really devastating to Abby.

  13. rocky83 says:

    Beyond baffling, this show had been a horrendous bore for years now, beyond……


    soapqueenforever replied

    I agree with you rocky. Y&R has been “my show since the mid eighties, which I think the show was at its best. But as of late I could take it or leave it. I am hoping it will pick up. I’m hoping for more of Gloria and the Baldwins. As I said in a previous post, Gloria needs more story than just being Jack’s secretary. I am also tired of Lily whining to Jordan about Cqne qnd the baby, and Nick whining to Chelsea about his father. I am debating about whether or not I will be tuning in tomorrow. Time will tell.


    rocky83 replied

    Gave up 2 months ago, haven’t missed it at all.


  14. rocky83 says:



  15. Mary SF says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves too much, over these 1500 weeks Y&R has lost nearly half of their viewers. The fact they are still number 1 is rooted in how large their audience used to be that could lose half of them and still be on top. But the audience is not growing – so this is more a feat of the status quo winning out rather than excellence in story telling.


  16. Timmm says:

    1,500 and counting because Y&R honors its history, uses its vets all the time and CBS backs and supports daytime!


  17. Mo says:

    There were times when I did not feel Y&R was number one, and I’ve only been watching Y&R since 2008. I think it achieved this because people watched out of habit.


  18. Ron says:

    I sit and wonder, after nearly 45 years of Y and R, what stories have not been told? I suppose that could be why many viewers feel everything is redundant… Y and R has covered a lifetime of stories for characters that we have watched for decades. Ratings or not, I continue to enjoy tuning in. I marvel at the sets, I appreciate the wardrobe, and,– yes– I miss the original music, but I like these fictional friends.

    I am a fan of the Dina/Graham storyline and like the twist to the Brent Davis tale, looking forward to seeing the fallout between Graham and Ashley. I was not a fan of the Cane/Lily saga but like that the show will follow the affect of the divorce on the teens. I like disliking Hilary, and would love to see her go head-to-head with Leanna Love. I admit there’s been a very juvenile approach to the sex traffic storyline; it’s just too unbelievable the way characters are taking things into their own hands… and surviving… rather ridiculous.

    I do believe there needs to be an overhaul of characters… perhaps introducing a new family that just doesn’t have ties to all the others. Background has always been important to the success of this show, but history is history and Y and R needs to know it can create new history just as well (it pulled it off when it stretched from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.)

    I’ll keep watching.


    Kevin C replied

    Ron, I am loving the Dina/Graham storyline and I agree on bringing in a new family…


    Judy replied

    Graham is going to turn out to be Arsley brother

  19. Tani Sterling says:

    I am so far behind in my viewing. Never expected that Ashley and Graham would be, what did I just read, half brother and sister?

    Sorry, but Case mumbles and whispers through scenes which make one wonder if he can act. The sex trafficking storyline is such a horrific topic. This presentation doesn’t strike me as being done with the appropriate consideration and perhaps should not have been attempted.

    Before saying more, it is time to catch up on my viewing. However, it has been much better than the previous writer/production crew. A year or so ago there were times when throwing something at the picture was very much in my thoughts. It seems easier now; no anger, just watching what I too have mostly enjoyed for a very long time.

    Have only looked at this site a couple of times in the past many months, but it is good to see some names that are recognized. We all have our opinions.


  20. Ang says:

    Glad to see the ratings are good. I used to watch this show when Camryn Grimes was a little girl. Nick and Sharon were my couple. Stopped watching, but am back now for the Mariah and Tessa storyline. Those two have incredible chemistry. Looking forward to their love story.


  21. Randy Miller says:

    Congratulations to the cast and crew as The Young and the Restless celebrate 45 years on CBS.


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