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11 February 12th, 2013 Y&R’s 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Win A Trip To The Set Of The Number One Soap!


While General Hospital is gearing up for it’s big 5-0, first we have The Young and the Restless big 4-0 coming on March 26th, 2013!  And to get the party started for the Genoa City milestone, the show has launched its own Y&R 40 website complete with photo galleries, live chats with the stars, video clips and more!

However, the very special component of the site is for you, the viewers and fans of Y&R to enter in a 40th Anniversary Trivia sweepstakes to win a chance to visit the set of the number one soap at CBS!  For four weeks, beginning Tuesday, Feb. 12, fans can log on to to answer trivia questions related to the past four decades of the show and have a chance to win a trip to the Y&R set in Los Angeles to celebrate the 40th anniversary with the cast and crew.

The good news:  There is no purchase necessary to enter. The Sweepstakes is open to legal US residents at least 18 or age of majority, whichever is older, at time of entry.  Contest ends on 3/10/13!

So soapers, are you excited about Y&R’s upcoming 40th?  Do you think you know Y&R trivia better than any one else? Let us know!

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  1. Derrick says:

    Love to visit the set!


    Betty replied

    Chelsea and Victor on the cover would make me not want to come


  2. vbeachtime says:

    Canadians can’t enter the contest? There’s a huge fan base here!! Just ask Kate about the Charity Teas!!! Valerie -longtime Vancouver fan .


  3. Robert says:

    I would love to meet the cast. I will definately enter.


  4. Mary SF says:

    I just hope they don’t blotch the 40 anniversary like they did the 10, 000 episode. If they do what GH is doing for 50, bring back so old favorites and really pay homage to the show’s past then I would love that. As for trivia, I have forgotten more than I remember, so even if I was eligible, ( Canadian fans aren’t) I doubt I would win a T shirt let alone a trip to L.A.


    RUBY C. replied

    I want someone else on the contest entry rather than Victor and that Chelsea person. Please put characters we love like Sharon


    Ann replied

    love Sharon? She has lost her acting abilities along with some of the others on the show. Just another pretty face ……….. and after all the men and then runs Newman Enterprises. Just who is her writer and very disappointed in which way she went with her acting.

  5. Ruth says:

    I think she should stay with Nicholas and he should go back to general hospital to be with Sam and his son


    jos replied

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. jos says:

    How about neither since the woman has as much chemistry with her acting as a dead fish!

    btw it looks like someone is already going to claim the running back Avery , an ex husband maybe that she did not establish closure with.hmm lets see a drifter and a club owner with a a lawyer, neither one will work!!


  7. Ann says:

    Get rid of Nick on the Y & R . Does nothing except run around with all kinds of women. Lost his acting abilities and just does not have it anymore in a story line that is sincere. Tired of him and Avery same old thing all the time. Micheal is a good person and where does Lorne get off thinking she is miss perfect re: her son
    no one ever gets caught or pays their dues when they do rotten things to others on the show. We do not forget so how come the writers forget. Lately do not watch it for a week and do not miss a thing. Come on people we are not stupid. So tired of all the new so called wonder actors on the show now. Maybe 1 in 10 is really good and such silly story lines that play for weeks at a time. Im bored, bored, bored………………


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