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13 May 12th, 2014 Y&R’s Abby To Victor About Mariah: “You Can Crush Someone Like That Like A Tick … Do It!”


This week on The Young and the Restless it looks like Abby (Melissa Ordway) gets back her edge and shows her back-girl, take-no-prisoners Newman side, when she asks Victor (Eric Braeden) to help her crush Mariah (Camryn Grimes) out of her and her man, Tyler’s (Redaric Williams) lives!

In this week’s promo from CBS Daytime, Abby does not want Mariah to worm her way back into the heart of Tyler, which finally makes some conflict for the duo. What will Victor do since he had been working with Mariah to gaslight Sharon (Sharon Case)?

And in other Genoa City news, while Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Hilary (Mishael Morgan) sleep together, what will happen when Devon (Bryton James) and Lily (Christel Khalik) find out about it? Will it be war with the Winters family?

Watch the promo after the jump, and let us know if you hope the Mariah vs. Abby duel escalates? Or, do you want it resolved pronto?

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  1. damien says:

    lovng Mariah/ abby/ tyler spinning off from nick and Sharon storyline! nuAbby needs a bit more attitude however Melissa Ordway is beautiful and looks like the daughter of Ashley. Tyler is toooo hootttt for words .More of Redaric pls!
    now only if Ashley could briefly return to check Abby for making a deal with the devil, victor


    Timmm replied

    Tyler may be “Hot” but his acting is “Cold!”


    jaybird369 replied

    Now that’s funny…and TOTALLY TRUE…LOL!!!!! Tyler is STILL a one-dimensional MORON!!!!! And…Redaric Williams (aka Tyler) looks like he is in need of serious acting lessons…STAT!!!!! I’m just saying……….

    GL replied

    The writers are making a mistake now . We clearly remember the story was Victor some how ran into this girl hired her and then she went to him later and told Victor that Sharon had a secrete not that he hired her for finding out the secrete. Victor hired Cassie/ Mariah to clearly torture Sharon to hurt her mentally and physically


  2. Mo says:

    If Mariah does worm her way back into Tyler’s life, maybe it’s a clue that Abby should leave Tyler. We can but hope.


  3. Iakovos says:

    Am not feeling the Winters storyline. I just do not care. always seems the potential for Neil and company is lost. There just has not been strong heat or interest since Dru died in that fall. no other character has the fire, the passion.

    Maybe this faux-Cassie game will be Victor’s downfall? His games have grown tiresome for me. Perhaps it is time for the character to begin a road to redemption. It will be a long journey, and the trip could be quite interesting.


    Selena.C. replied

    Totally agree.


  4. Izabel says:

    Loving the twisted storyline too! Can’t waitt to see how her and Ian are connected.. I tthink she’s going to be cassie twin foreal, maybe Ians student or follower” and tyler and her definitely have a secret… Could they have had a baby which she had to abort? Did they commit a crime that only they know aboutt?? Anyway, Nuabby needs to grow more on me cuz I’m missing Marcy! Yes ordway looks like Ashley’ lol.. And Tyler” is gorgeous. Still wrapping my head around mariah being compared to lilly???? Maybe the attitude.. Who knows lol.


  5. su0000 says:

    I have no fear for victor..
    He will come out of this smelling like a rose..
    Soon as Phyllis tells the DNA switch deal, vVctor wins, again.. :)
    ((he will have his ”I told you so” free ride ticket..


  6. Mo says:

    With only six comments you can tell people are not interested in this storyline.


  7. Jared says:

    Camryn Grimes is fueling much of this show right now. I’m not feeling nu-Abby and Tyler and his group. This show is too littered with people I don’t care about, like Neil and his clan, boring Abby and the younger set, Stitch, Kelly and their group. I tune in and don’t recognize what show I’m watching.


  8. carinamia says:

    Wishing that mariah will expose tylers past & him and abby break up- they go their separate ways him to l.a. and her to ny to stay with ashley and summer goes along with the abbott ladies for an indefinite stay…


  9. Nanci says:

    New Abby has grown on me. I like her, and her bubbly and heart of gold
    personality seems in line with how Marcy played the character.
    Could do without Tyler, though. Find someone new for Abby!


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