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23 May 5th, 2014 Y&R’s Amelia Heinle Reacts To Her First Daytime Emmy Nomination! – Daytime Emmy Spotlight Interview


The buzz from daytime insiders has been that The Young and the Restless often unheralded Amelia Heinle (Victoria) delivered one of the most outstanding reels of work in contention for this year’s 41st Annual Daytime Emmys in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category.

And voila’!  The popular actress who broke our hearts during the death of Delia storyline as the woman just outside the story (since Delia was Billy and Chloe’s bio-child) woke up to some very happy and deserving news last week when she received her very first Daytime Emmy Nomination, which is hard to believe given Amelia’s decades of work and roles in daytime soaps!

On-Air On-Soaps spoke to Amelia to get her initial reaction to all things Daytime Emmy nomination day and what this long deserved recognition means to her.  

So, what has been like for you to finally be a Daytime Emmy nominee?  How does it feel?

AMELIA:  It’s cool!  I have never been nominated before. I like new experiences and this is fun. I never knew you could get so much attention and people send you flowers and then you get Hamburgers for lunch from In and Out Burger, so it’s great.  Oh! And you get texts from people at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Did you speak or communicate with your bud and former on-screen partner, Billy Miller (Ex-Billy,Y&R)  who also received a nomination?

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AMELIA: I heard from Billy and he said, “Did everyone wake you up, as early as everyone woke me up?”  I said, “Yes, they did.” (Laughs)  Billy offered me his congratulations.   It was an honor to come out of the Supporting Actress category.  I thought the girls in my category were just so good.  I watched their work in the Pre-Nom phase.  I feel the voters were pretty right on who they chose overall.

What scenes did you end up submitting that garnered you the nomination?  To me, there were several great scenes and episodes that I recall surrounding Victoria’s reaction to Delia’s death and the fallout of it.

AMELIA: I submitted the scenes where Victoria is talking to Abby played by Melissa Ordway following Delia’s death, which was so dramatic.  I liked that episode the best, because it was consistent throughout the whole show, and people who are judging have to watch the entire submission.  So, it’s hard to find a show that is consistent. You want each scene to be consistent and I strongly felt this was for me.  It was honor to come out of the Supporting Actress category.  I thought the girls in my category were just so good.  I watched their work in the Pre-Nom phase.  I feel the voters were pretty right on who they chose overall.

You are not a big one to play the Daytime Emmy game in the past.  How come this year you decided to throw your hat into the ring?

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AMELIA: This is the first time in all my years of daytime that I have been nominated.  I am not a big submitter.  It’s a lot of effort to get in there, and you have to vote, and unless you know for sure that you have something that might work than you don’t do it … that is my thinking about it, anyway.  Otherwise, there is no point and you just waste your time. Honestly, this is only the second year I have submitted in my nine years at Y&R. I believe you’ve got to wait till you feel you have something.

Now comes the part where you have got to prep to walk the red carpet on Emmy night.  Do you like to get glammed up, or do you hate the whole process of that?

I don’t like getting glammed up if I don’t feel I have the right thing to wear.  Last year, I went to the Emmys because my friend wanted to go and see the Emmys.  She is actually a big producer who produced the film, The Blind Side.  She told me she loved daytime and wanted to see what the Emmys were like, and so I took her.  I found a dress fairly easy and so it was fun, and she got to meet all the soap stars she wanted to meet.  I got to watch Billy Miller, Jessica Collins (Avery) and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) sweating as they were nominated and nervous as I was at their table. (Laughs)

So, what do you think about Amelia finally getting her first Daytime Emmy nomination? Did you love her performances as Victoria in the death of Delia storyline? Comment below!

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  1. Kate says:

    She is adorable! I am rooting for her.


    Tommy Moss replied

    Little sad Sharon Case was dissed. She is a wonderful actress


    Mama replied

    Sharon Case hasn’t been nominated in 11 years. I think the academy is kinda “over” her.

    Elizabeth Hendrickson will win this year.

  2. Nanci says:

    I love Amelia and am so happy for her!
    Her scenes with the Delia death storyline
    were great, and so real.


  3. Eileen Hargis says:

    She is a good actress, consistent and did really well with the Delia story, but shes up against some stiff competition.


  4. Joyce says:

    How come it isn’t on tv so us fans can watch the awards. If it is then what station is it on? Or can we get it on the internet. Have lots of friends that watch soaps and are just as upset as I am to not be able to enjoy seeing our favorite stars get what they deserve for all their hard work. Thank you Joyce


    su0000 replied

    No network wants the daytime emmies, it is not worth their while..
    That speaks volumes as where day time is on the pole..

    People do not want watch emmies given to game and talk shows LOL
    and only the small audience of soap fans would watch for their soap..
    Not worth the time or money for the networks, they do want the daytime emmies..

    I do not blame them for that .. lol


    Kim H replied

    When they diss people as great as Sharon Case no wonder

  5. Helen says:

    Amelia is a wonderful actress, I hope she wins.


  6. Rob says:

    While I hope she wins, I dont see it happening.

    I like her Victoria more than Heather Tom. Shes much more subtle, doesnt chew the scenery, which is probably the pairing with Billy Miller worked so well. They balanced each other out.


  7. andrew hass says:

    Congrats to Amelia Heinle on her first Emmy nomination even though she’s been on soaps for a long time.


  8. Cassie says:

    Yay Amelia!!

    Rooting so hard for a win for her! Go AMelia!


  9. su0000 says:

    The Delia child death story, was horrible.. barf ..
    And I do not like Victoria, lol .. just don’t..
    but what can ya do lol but FF ,,


  10. Patrick says:

    “Puhlease, Emmy Gods”

    IF , and I shudder this, the whole cast is deigned a statuette… why not… My lady, Love of Genoa City, Victoria

    CRIME STAT : thee OFTEN, Unheralded – Amelia Hienle must be given her due

    she more than elevated Billy Miller… and, THIS years Emmy, 2014 is just TIME to acknowledge this wonderful Ladies contribution… to an ailing Y&R production

    I continue to herald : the true heir to the throne’esque Genoa city

    Michael Muhney and Sharon Case : Adam and Sharon
    Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle : Billy and Victoria

    it would be sinful to think any other way


    k/kay replied

    Patrick this is off subject but I know how much you like MM he is back on Twitter and posted a cute video of his baby! Hopefully we will see him back on our screens sometime in the future. Just thought you would like to know.


    Melissa replied

    While they were filming the Delia story, MM sent Amelia a text message to her personal phone telling her how great her acting was that week. She was so proud of it, that she posted it on her twitter page. MM though a lot AH and BM. I know he is also happy for her. Well deserved Amelia!

  11. Mary SF says:

    She did good work but unfortunately she doesn’t cry well and I have noticed the Emmy always goes to whoever cries the best– A good crier has lots of tears flowing, but doesn’t look weird or funny looking while shedding them–and that is why HT wins. She can pour out the water works, looks beautiful while doing it, and still speaks her lines perfectly.


  12. Danielle says:

    I’m rooting for Amelia. She was truly outstanding during the death od Delia storyline.


  13. damien says:

    finally starting to warm to amelias version of Vicki. unfortunately I wish these writers would write Vicki more as a hard ass than a heroine. Vicki is take control almost bitchy not fragile and staring into space at her pregnancy results. she s the daughter of victor and nikki newman , two pretty ruthless people. Amelia needs to play Vicki with more of an edge and attitude.


  14. tskyent says:

    I Feel This Year Was So Fixed! It’s Amazing!! She is good, but I can surely name off a heck of alot more


  15. mike says:

    I LOVE AMELIA! Such a cool chick. So not HOLLYWOOD. She was GREAT during this story. Broke my heart, with her subtle underplayed work. Never chewed the scnery.
    It would make my day if she won. Completely Underrated!


  16. Izabel says:

    Yay! Good for Amelia :) she’s so classy on screen and I assume off screen as well. She has helped make y&r a good soap over the yrs. Keep it up victoria!


  17. wali mo says:

    Amelia is the best on y&r


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