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22 February 19th, 2016 Y&R’s Billy and Victoria’s Wedding Planner Revealed And It’s … The Price Is Right’s Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith!


There is another guest wedding planner coming to The Young and the Restless!  The last time Candis Cayne made her daytime soap opera debuts as Stich (Sean Carrigan) and Abby’s  (Melissa Ordway) nuptial adviser.  But this time, it’s Billy (Jason Thompson) and Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) turn as they get ready to walk down the aisle again.

According to Y&R and CBS Soaps In Depth, The Price Is Right model, Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith is playing the role of a wedding planner named Evelyn for Villy’s “I do’s”.

Gwendolyn, who is British told SID:  “The character is more English than I am — quite proper. But she’s fun and upbeat as well. She’s ready for anything!”   The Price is Right model has also been a actress for many years and of course, Y&R is right across the hall from the number one game show, so she didn’t have to go far to film her scenes.

Look for Evelyn to appear in Genoa City on the upcoming February 29th episode.  So, what do you think of the casting of Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith playing Billy and Victoria’s wedding planner?  And better yet, will these nuptials even take place? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Christina says:

    No. Y&R won’t let them be happy for more than 5 minutes without some trashy story. It’s a real shame too because Amelia and Jason have fantastic chemistry.


    Timmm replied

    I agree! A new Billy, chemistry and he is back home with his kids and they have to poop all over it!


    Patrick replied

    “Thank You” for sharing the news… about my fave couple in Genoa City…

    I just couldn’t be more delighted for my Amelia


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    So this is part of the special and secret things CBS is working on for its viewers…maybe secret not too special to me…


    Timmm replied



  3. CeeCee says:

    No, do not do it, Victoria. Billy will hurt you again. The reason your father, Victor, despises Billy, is because he sees himself in him. ……”Round and around and around we go-oh”. Right! For the umpteenth time.


    su0000 replied

    Hi CeeCee,,
    seems the soaps are going into having weddings lol
    weddings were a very big grandiose happening during their era decades past..
    when couples were built up for a very long time, and after their trip to hell and back they had million dollar weddings; those days are gone forever.

    This wedding stuff is no big deal to even tun into a look-see..
    Weddings are the beginning of love gone wrong drama..
    (and I really do not want to watch through their love gone wrong problems to their break up and journey back…. that needs to stay in past, it’s the 21st century and that stuff is not appealing, it is LAME!


    CeeCee replied

    I agree, SuzieQ. Weddings on soaps are not the over-the-top affair they used to be. And, I believe the expectations by the viewer are dying, along with that image.
    That’s one way of looking at it; but, the redundancy of this couple, as others tying the knot of wedded bliss becomes a farce. It’s offensive to me. How many times can Victoria marry Billy before she realizes that a leopard does not change its spots?
    By introducing a new actor in the role of Billy, does not change the character’s persona….the way his brain is wired. The writers have proven this brilliantly by showing how hard it is for Billy to change his ways. No sooner than he walked out of death’s door, he allies himself with Phyllis ( ugh) who, herself, is so out of character, I want to pull out my hair ot and scream at my husband. LOL. Perhaps, if it were still Billy Miller, I could have forgiven him…I know, I make no sense. But, BM is BM and he will always be Billy Abbott to me. As will Michelle Stafford be Phyllis. As far as I am concerned, Gina Tognoni is not doing Phyllis justice. Gina is a great actress, just not in this role, albeit, TPTB are trying to instill some devilishness into the character…it ain’t working for me.
    GH is no better…Alexis’s and Julian’s wedding is a travesty…..she’s out of her loop…..out of her dimension. PTTB are not doing Nancy any justice either, by making her act like a mindless schoolgirl instead of an older woman, whose fist thought should be her children and grandchild. Not only that, but, Julian? Again, the story of the leopard and its spots.
    Now…..about our fellow poster, Dylan. I think he has assumed wrong, su…that was not nice. I know you are a girl. There are/were certain nuances about your expressions that definitely are very telling that you are, indeed, a girl….
    Love you, any old way. SuzieQ. Bye…and, happy Sunday.

    Patrick replied

    Hi Ceec; and su

    “… for the umpteenth time.”

    shucks… this is one of those couples tho… no matter how .. “round, we go” their journey… is layered.. emotional.. and tugs at the heartstrings

    when it’s good… it’s “Oh, so, goooooddddd” Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle… Magic

    I did not watch… David Tom or Burgess Jenkins… at least not enough… but, I knew.. it just wasn’t a game set and match… or lights camera action.. for my beloved Victoria

    so… to know.. that ITS back on… big hit big show… a REEL is going on… argh! and I’m missing it..

    reason I love reading posts

    Victoria and Billy “are”

    it’s a complete heartwrenching tearjerker angst mode

    I hate that … but I relent… that’s shes Victor Newman’s daughter… when so many post… how they do not know… what a good actress .. Amelia truly is… in my standard


    Billy Miller … AND emmy winner Amelia Heinle… twice regalia

    deserved… not a block vote…. WON… with .. Billy Miller.. Y&R reigned supreme.. and it would not have worked without my AH

    so… to know.. that .. fans are not dissing… Ms. Heinle and Jason Thompson…



    my girl is front and center

    Victoria has a lot of contention… character REEL

    a Newman
    Victor’ 1st born
    involved with an Abbott
    has to keep her alliance… ??? Newman vs. Abbott
    has wants yearns keeps HER OWN identity

    all one has to read or hear.. is Dehlia… and it’s a watershed

    the past present and future for this goldmine.. is a treasure treat and telee bonafide

    get it girl… grab your spotlight.. with gusto

    so earned


    Patrick replied

    I must say… The Abbott supremacy is once again… frontburner

    Peter Bergman
    Eileen Davidson
    Jason Thompson
    Beth Maitland

    how good is this

    my standard

    far and away trop draw… “over” the NuMAN

    need new Newman

    far and away the most versatile.. will always be Victoria… she certainly has taken charge and supplanted the once heralded… threesome

    “over” Victor; Nikki; Nicholas

    CeeCee replied

    OH, sweet Patrick…with the sweet poetic prose.
    I love Amelia/Victoria. I am just not feeling it with Jason Thompson. He is one outrageous actor; I do like him. But, he is not the suave, kill me-sexy guy that gets my unmentionables in a twist, so to speak.
    Perhaps, it is the fact that each time I see Victoria come into my line of vision, I see Billy Miller. So, I guess, I have to fake it? HaHa and LOL. Later, you!

  4. Timmm says:

    I was hoping for Bob Barker!


  5. Nikki says:

    Gosh would they bring back the missing great actors & stop with all the newbies? Where oh where is Mariah, Tracey Abbott, Lauren & Michael, Fen and Jill? And while we’re at it can we trash this computer security story? It’s a bore at best.


    CeeCee replied

    Amen, Nikki!!!!!!!!


    CeeCee replied

    PS. I am ready to get Natalie by that whatever knotty-hair-do she concocts and shove her into her computer. Ha!

    Nikki replied

    You said it CeeCee Now we need a wedding planner for someone who has been married 5 times (Ryan McNeil/Cole Howard/J.T.Helstrom/& Billy Abbott twice) how about a marriage counsellor instead? We all know they wont stay together the minute she finds out him & Phyllis are trying to bring down big daddy she’ll dump him as usual and take daddy’s side like she always does. The writers are doing the same thing with Adam & Chelsea . She packs her luggage so often every time he lies or does something she doesn’t like. No wonder her arm’s are a nice 6 pack. If we need a nice Summer wedding how about getting Lauren & Michael to re-new their vows? or lets see Adam & Chelsea have a real wedding.

    CeeCee replied

    You are too funny, my friend. 6-pack indeed! Lol.
    I think, Nikki, we all realize that soaps visit the world of fantasy, now and again, as it were. But, some kind of sense should be injected into these characters. They’re all lunatics.
    I love Victoria; but her idolizations of her father borders on disgust. Victor can do anything despicable, murder even, but, Victoria will always find a reason to excuse her father’s actions; come hail or high water. Nothing will budge her, as nothing will budge Satan to repent walk the path of righteousness. Gee, Nikki….I sound like a preacher. I guess I am in the wrong profession…double LOL.
    I wonder if there will still be a Y&R if Victor should die. Later.


    Nikki replied

    Well CeeCee that depends on who you ask. I watched Victor(Eric B.) on a talk show and he’s just as cocky & full of himself as he is on Y & R. So I would say if you asked him if Y & R would survive when & if he died he would probably say it would go under without him but I on the other hand could see the show with Nikki going back to the bottle, Victoria in Fairview and everyone else relaxing & maybe even enjoying life. All kidding aside I think E.B. is a great actor but I wish they would soften him up. Today I watched until he blackmailed Adam again and I felt so sorry for Adam (who just wants his father’s love) I turned it off.

    Timmm replied

    The actor who plays Fen was on “Under the Dome” and he was great! Bring him back and let him dance between Mariah and Kevin! PS: I wish Stitch and Chucky [Max] leaves the country yesterday! I cannot stand Son of a Stitch and NOW there will be a baby [Maybe] with Abs! Ewww!


    Nikki replied

    Oh yes he would be great with Mariah and would Kevin ever be jealous .I was never a big fan of Stitch but I could take or leave him but Max!!! That kid needs help and Stitch being a doctor should see that. I loved Fen & if they would bring someone in to play Scotty that would be great. Could you just see the story. I bet Scotty would resent Fen being with his mother & father from birth while Scotty was sent away. I just get so annoyed that they bring in newbies then if we like them (Dr. Anderson & Det. Mark Harding) they kill them off but if the story line stinks ( computer securty lock) we keep it. And as I said many time before they can keep that Summer. She gives my mute button exercise.

  6. kellie says:

    I adore this version of Villy. Just adore. Jason and Amelia have done such a great job making me fall for this pairing again.
    Which means, no, they won’t last.


  7. Tani Sterling says:

    Comments not well considered: Always liked Victoria. She seemed to slow down the silliness. Now, she appears to be almost asleep delivering her lines. Adam too seems to be in the background; not forceful at all. Don’t like the way the computer gig is playing out. Wish Keven and Mariah had time to let us enjoy what they did. Why do I watch? Guess we all have our reasons.


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