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9 October 23rd, 2013 Y&R’s Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson CBS Connect Chat – Watch The Video!


Yesterday, in their first on-camera interview since Delia (Sophie Pollono) was killed-off The Young and the Restless, her on-screen parents played by Billy Miller (Billy) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) took questions live from viewers via Twitter during a connect chat!

Some of the questions posed to the talented duo many fans have wanted to know including: what was it like for Miller to tape the big Friday episode where Delia was killed and Billy found her on the side of the road and waited for the ambulance to arrive, and how Elizabeth felt about the storyline where the powers-that-be decided to kill-off her on-screen daughter, and much more!

In addition, you get to learn some perhaps littler known likes and facts on these very two popular actors!  Now after the jump, watch Billy and Elizabeth’s video chat and let us know what you thoughts about it, as well as their answers to the questions regarding Delia’s death and the storyline?

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  1. PatF says:

    Kudos to them and what they’ve done with this not so popular storyline. It must be hard for them to get behind this as I’m sure they’ve seen a lot of the negative posts about it.

    Great actors.


  2. su0000 says:

    I FF them on Y&R because I do not want to have that misery and feel bad or depressed from watching that horrible depressing story..
    I do not want to see them anywhere..

    I want to be entertained watching a soap not feel sad and depressed I do not want those feelings in my good life..


  3. Chris says:

    So if you named Sophie in the interview,where was she.Great interview though.


  4. k/kay says:

    Not feeling the love! Poorly executed storyline and you can shoot a storyline in the studio with the same effect better in fact and no offense but Sharon Case & Joshua Morrow & Camryn Grimes storyline was soooo much better and they acted their tails off these two are not even in the same ball park. Who advised EH to not even shed a tear never felt her pain. Side note to Billy Miller the goofy look on and off screen has grown stale!


  5. ryane hardy says:

    wassup love ur acting and stills u both need win emmys nextyear


  6. Bap says:

    Why in the world would kill off a precious little girl and then on top of it let the killer go free just because he is a newman and has lots of money… it sounds like a very sick person to write a script like that. Just like they let Sharon get away with burning the ranch down with no punishment whatsoever. These scripts are the reason people think you can learn how to get away with just about anything if you watch enough tv they will show you how to not be prosecuted for any crime….


  7. Mary Tawil says:

    1st Billy Miller you look so HOT with your new haircut. 2nd You truly are a phenomenal actor and Knowing you have no children of your own I cannot believe how real you are doing this story line!! You are so talented!! 3rd It is story lines like this that make Y&R so real with real life drama


  8. Mo says:

    This sad, sad tragedy re Delia has gone on long enough. Every show has Billy worse than the day before. It is so depressing that I have quit watching the show all together. I’m a long-time fan and do not want to go thru another holiday with everyone in the dumps! Get it over with or you will lose other fans who feel the way I do. They periodically watch some of it and have told me it is still going on. As long as it is, I’m done watching.


  9. T, Vanni says:

    I miss Delea they should not killed he off They could killed victor Newmen i have stopped watching Y & R because of him get rid of him


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