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14 April 19th, 2011 Y&R’s Billy Miller involved in Accident on the Set!

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Billy Miller who was last in the news with whether or not he is staying put at the number one soap opera, The Young and the Restless, has made some headlines again! But this time for an accident on the set of Y&R during a scene, in which the Daytime Emmy Award winning actor broke his hand!

Soaps In Depth reported from Miller, “There was a big scene — and I got really into it, and broke my hand. It was a good scene. It wasn’t smart, but for the [scene] it’s as close to truth as you can possibly get, and I guess that’s what you strive for. I wouldn’t recommend it, though. I shattered my knuckle and broke my hand.” Miller proved to be a trooper, though, noting, “I finished out my day, shot another couple of hours, and then went to the hospital. I had it reset. Fun times!” Because the injury actually works for the storyline, Miller says that the writers promptly wrote it into the show.”

So the question is: What big heated moment occurred for Billy Abbott that caused Miller’s injury? Any guesses? Stay tuned.

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  1. Doe says:

    I love Billy Miller. I think he one of the best actors in soaps. When he acts it seems very effortless and natural.When the adoption story comes to fruition, if it does, I think all hell will break loose when everything is exposed. I think we will see some great performances . I hope they stop the Sharon story and leave her in the barn. High heels and low cut tops included………


  2. Brian Greene says:

    Please take care of your health, Billy. We love you on Y&R! :)


  3. tonya wooldridge says:

    billy should i love him to death he can be funny


  4. Aimee says:

    Wishing Billy a speedy recovery on his hand injury. Y&R is much better with Billy on it.


  5. skf says:

    I knew the moment I saw Billy do that, and how red his hand was afterward, that he probably didn’t intend to hit that table so hard. I was sure he had done some damage. Love you Billy! Great scene :) Get well soon!


  6. Trisha says:

    With other soaps dropping like flies I have always stayed true to Y&R, more so now then ever because of Billy Miller.

    Mr. Miller is a great actor, I love it when he is pitted against Eric Braedan.

    I hope the PTB do every thing they can to keep him on Y&R/

    Luv ya Billy Boy…lol


  7. Raven says:

    It’s kind of funny to see that him hitting the table actually did break his hand like they said in the scripts!


  8. samalcis23 says:

    Hope Miller stays in GC, he is one of the BEST actors on show. A ytrue ABBOT in every sense. I can definitely see him steering the ship of Y&R into the future…He truly is perfect and seems genetically an Abbot. (Even looks like one.)
    Case in Point- Broke his hand FOR REAL, while Acting!?! Who does that? Hey Y&R- heads up- DON’T let this fish go! Give Miller what he wants…$$$. He must stay!

    side note- I too recently broke my hand. I knew his cast was for real. Most painful experience next to childbirth ive ever experienced. Definitely deserves a raise dont ya think??? Love his drunken antics- must have studied himself drunk many a times, cuz he acts drunk-all too well ;)


  9. Judith says:

    Get well Billy wishing you a swift recovery. The Young and the Restless, is very lucky to have you on their set!!! I hope that you will remain there for many years.


  10. tracy says:

    Oh bring Billy back, and right into Victoria’s arms. It bothers me to see Chloe keep Dellia away from Billy, then blame him for leaving. Hey Y&R writers … make things right again!


    Linda replied

    Love Billy Miller so much. Glad to hear he signed a new contract. He is so cute and makes the show with that smile.


  11. Crystal says:

    I’m so glad to see Billy back on Y&R.


  12. d latimer says:

    i have been a fan of this show from day one i like all the cast put billy has gave this show a lift i love every thing about him he is hot funnyand the best at sticking it to victor so happy he is back i will follow him were ever he goes i watched him on ringer so keep him happy on the y and r and keep us fans happy cant think of the show without him now


  13. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    Love Billy Miller, I predict that he will become a major motion picture star. He has “Star Quality” that is for sure. He is also a very fine actor,he has it all, wildly handsome good looks and he just makes me smile whenever he is on camera.Would love to see him do more scenes with Eric Braeden,they are both great in scenes together, two exciting actors. Mr. Braeden is such a great actor,even as good as Billy Miller is, he could learn a great deal by working more with the great Eric Braeden.I hope that Mr Billy Miller stays on Y&R fo now.He will be a big star one day.


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