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11 August 24th, 2011 Y&R’s Billy Miller lands recurring role on CW’s “Ringer”!

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You can’t keep a great talent from rising to the top, and that is the case with The Young and the Restless, Billy Miller (Billy Abbott).  The Daytime Emmy Award winning actor has just landed a coveted primetime role on CW’s Ringer! And guess who he will play opposite of?  None other than Sarah Michelle Gellar, who soon will be in a brief stint on her former soap stomping ground of All My Children!

Here is the exclusive scoop tonight from TV Guide on how Gellar and Miller come together on Ringer! “The series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar is Bridget, a recovering addict on the run from some unsavory people. She takes on her twin sister’s identity after her sister apparently commits suicide. Miller will play Charlie, a blue-collar guy who Bridget meets at an Narcotics Anonymous meeting. She’ll turn to him for help in coping with the stress of relapsing when Malcolm (Mike Colter) her previous sponsor, is unavailable. “

Look for Miller to first appear in the fifth episode of Ringer. The new season kicks-off Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c on the CW.

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  1. lisa says:

    Hmm.. will have to check that out…..but definitely missing Billy at Y&R hope he’s back on the canvas soon.
    I miss Billy and Victoria.


  2. ethel says:

    so does this mean that billy miller has left y&r?????


  3. Matt says:

    Billy Miller’s existing contract would have expired this month, but in June he sigend on to Y&R for another year, which means he will stay in GC until at least August 2012.
    Having Billy fly off to Hong Kong was originally set up by the writers so if Miller did not sign then he could be sent off that canvas in a dramatic way and return with the character having been recast. But since Miller did resign he used the plot turn of Billy being in East Asia to take some vacation time. Reportedly, he is back on set filming episodes which will begin airing after Labor Day.
    According to reports, the reuniting of Billy and Vicky will be one of the soap’s front-burner story lines this fall.


    Iakovos replied

    So glad Billy Miller re-upped with Y&R. Although the storylines overall have me frowning, I can watch happily when Miller is on screen. I still recall his Emmy-winning turn in that holiday episode. I hope the scribes allow Billy and Victoria to reconcile and to work on their relationship, The merging of their families is enough drama for years, but it need not divide them so quickly and seemingly permanently. Let’s see this couple work it out. Makes better sense than the rushes to the altar that appear to be in vogue anymore.


  4. Shee says:

    i so miss billy abbott and especially him with vicky…now i’ve got nothing to cheer me up after a hard day’s work:(


  5. AMANDA says:

    Congraulations Billy! You are a fantastic actor who deserves to be on primetime, but please stay on Y&R also.


  6. Shirley says:

    What did Billy do in Asia that put him in so much hot water?


  7. Janis says:

    How can Victor keep ‘popping’ in on Billy at the trailer? Does he have no other lives to mess in besides Victoria’s? Or Sharon for that matter. Is he going to back out on his promise to testify so Sharon can get sent to prison and then someone at GCPD just happens to find the memory card in the trash gathered for the murder investigation? Why show a closeup on the memory card if it is not going to be discovered? Come on writers!
    Tighten up your scripts.


  8. tracey says:

    Please reunite Victoria and Billy. There is nothing to look forward to on the show.


  9. mstlg says:

    I think that Victor manufactured something horrible to have leverage over Billy. I will be so happy when the truth comes out and Victoria can once again cut her father out of her life. After what Victor did to Nick, by going over his head and getting a court order for him to bring Faith to the courthouse to see Sharon, I think he will kick Victor to the curb sooner than later. With Sam leaving the show, and Nick not wanting an intimate relationship with Sharon again (for now, anyways), is the groundwork being laid for a Victor/Sharon relationship? She’s going to need a man in her life/bed once she gets out. and she will be so grateful to him for saving her, it’s only natural for them to hook up. I just don’t want to see it. Yuck!


  10. tracy says:

    Please reunite Billy and Victoria. It is so unfair the way Victor is meddling in their lives. I know he made something up to keep them apart. I so hope Billy stays with Y&R. And by that, I mean BILLY MILLER, not some other actor!


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