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2 March 12th, 2010 Y&R’s Bregman & LeBlanc star in Reba’s music video!

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Y&R’s Tracey E. Bregman’s  (Lauren) dear friend, country singer, Reba McEntire asked the soap star and her Y&R on-screen hubby Christian LeBlanc (Michael) to appear as a married couple in her new music video for her song ,”I’ll Keep On Loving You.”  Soap Opera Digest caught up with Bregman about being a music video star!

Bregman on the role the Y&R duo play in the video: “We were the mother and father of the bride, who was played by their son’s real-life girlfriend. It was sweet.  Luckily, we play husband wife easily! But it was a little confusing because we were like, “Are we new characters or are we the same characters?” We just went right into being who we are together.”

Bregman on how she knew Reba McEntire: ”Our sons met at school. They’ve known each other since the sixth grade, and they went through junior high together and now they’re in college together. Reba is my traveling buddy — we went to Tahiti a couple of years ago.  We go way back. And Christian fit right in. What’s funny is that Reba has some close friends who are friends of Christian’s. In fact, when he won Best Actor two years ago, I was in Tahiti with Reba and all of these people in a dinghy boat when the phone rang from my mother saying that he’d won. We all cheered him from this boat in the middle of the ocean. I then hung up on my mother by accident [laughs]. At the shoot, we were all recounting that. ”

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  1. Renee Mahan says:

    I love this video, because of Reba and also for Tracey and Christian. Iv’e been a Y&R fan for close to 30 years. Christian is one of my top favorites on the show, I love Tracey also. I actually thought Tracey and Reba might have been sisters, they look so much alike which lead me to look this information.


  2. Gloria Schreiber says:

    Is Tracey and Christian involved romantically or married in real life? They make a beautiful couple. I love all three of you, Reba, Tracey and Christian!!


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