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4 November 22nd, 2010 Y&R’s Case and Cooper miss Soap Star Spectacular in Raleigh!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

According to out of the Raleigh, North Carolina area, The Young and the Restless, Sharon Case (Sharon) and Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) were unable to attend this weekend’s highly touted CBS Soap Star Spectacular.   The report cites that Jeanne Cooper was taken ill, and that Sharon Case refused to fly to the event unless she got a first class ticket.  Here are some excerpts from the post:

“Jeanne had an excuse – she is ill with viral pneumonia, event organizers said. Being the trooper she is, organizers said Jeanne wanted to make the trip with her doctor, but they told her to stay home and get better. Fans signed large “Get Well” cards for Jeanne.  Sharon was more of an interesting story. Apparently, several of the soap stars had to work on Friday and had to catch a red-eye flight to make it to Saturday’s fan event in Myrtle Beach, S.C.  There were only three tickets left on the flight and they were all coach. Event organizers said Sharon told them she would not fly coach and therefore would not be attending the event.”

For a “quickie” look at the Soap Star Spectacular event and the introduction of Genoa City’s Adam, Michael Muhney by Christian LeBlanc (Michael)  watch the video below!

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  1. ShadamRules says:

    I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. My understanding is that the tickets were bought a few weeks in advance of this event. For whatever the reason that SC was not coming, it was known weeks in advance. So then why did the event organizer keep falsely promoting SC as attending when she was not? It sounds very shady to me. Even if this was true, why not just say they regret she would not be there and leave it at that? Why make a huge deal about it to the audience? Very unprofessional on the part of the announcer. If this is true, SC’s wrong doesn’t make it okay for the announcer to make it worse. A huge mess all the way around. I hope you get the full story Michael. Sharon Case deserves and SHOULD address this. I hope you give her a platform to do so and she takes it.


  2. Terri says:

    Why does this not surprise me at all. SC has always come across as a diva and now we know it is true. It is funny how all the message boards are trying to protect her and removing all talk of this. Why is that? LMAO cuz they know she looks like a freaking queen. I hope this backfires on her big time.


  3. Becki says:

    Because she decided at the last moment not to attend! lots of her fans spent lots of money to go the event, airfare, hotel rooms, not to mention the monety for the event and if they paid for the VIP package, that in itself was $146.00. I know if I had spent my hard earned money to go see my favorite and “she” pulled this “DIVA” act I would be sending her a bill for my out of pocket expense.

    This speaks volumes about SC and how much of a pain in the ASS she is.


  4. UnSharonFan says:

    I have been a Sharon Case fan and supporter for years. I took time off from work to fly down and attend the event and I must say that I am extremely disappointed in Sharon. I had been so excited to see her, I had been telling friends and family for weeks that I was going to see her in person, they were tired of hearing about it. After the time and expense that of going to see Sharon and to have her treat her fans in such a manner. I am having a hard time being a fan of hers anymore.


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