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12 September 22nd, 2016 Y&R’s Christian LeBlanc Video Interview: The Fisher/Baldwin Clan & Kudos For Justin Hartley, and Greg Rikaart!

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He’s a three-time Daytime Emmy winner and one of the enduring cast members of CBS’ The Young and the Restless. During his run, he has given viewers complex dramatic performance after performance as Michael Baldwin, and he his beloved by the fan base of the top-rated show.  Of course, we are talking about Christian LeBlanc.

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman chatted with Christian at the recent Y&R 11,000th episode on set celebration at CBS Television City, where we asked him about his favorite moments over the years as Mr. Baldwin, working in story with the exited Justin Hartley (Ex-Adam Newman, now Kevin, This Is Us) and his thoughts on his former co-stars success, and more.

When talking about his favorite moments during his time at Y&R, Christian pointed to his scenes with his on-screen brother Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) that have been pivotal for him: “I loved Greg watching into Michael’s office, and what a gift.  They don’t have to bring in super-talented people to be your family, and I have super-talented people in my on-screen family.  As they layered each one on, it became better, and better, and better.  But I will say, Greg through that whole storyline about prison and the hospital  …  and we both won Emmys that year for the work, and I can tell you, I am very proud of that.  I learned through that experience that I could do things, that I did not know I could do before.  I was asked to do a lot of stuff, and it was some heavy lifting, and it made me very nervous.  Having Greg on the other side of it helped immensely.  He made those scenes.  But any job that can challenge you in a good way is great, and they did the same thing for me with Michael’s prostate cancer storyline – and with the breakup between Lauren (Tracey E. Bregman) and Michael.  That was stuff I had never done, either.  In my whole career, I have never been the cuckolded husband.  But again, I have Tracey and Judith Chapman (Gloria), and Jess Walton (Jill), and Max Ehrich (Fen), too.  They have given me amazing people to work with, much less this cast!”

Viewers recently saw Michael and Adam in key scenes when he was representing him in his trial, thus giving two soap giants such as LeBlanc and Hartley screen time together.  Christian says it was all that and more and gave major kudos to Hartley:  “We got a lot of positive feedback from our scenes! I was suprised how well we worked together right-away.   Justin was so generous, and there was no ego about him.   And to be someone who has done so much, and is as experienced as he is – to have come from where he did, he had every right to expect a lot of things.  But Justin was so humble, and so great as a person to be in a scene with, because he was a worker.   He wanted it great and he was passionate about all those things, and you don’t see that when Justin walks in the door, because that is not the first card he plays.  He’s not like me!  He’s not vomiting all the information on people like I do! (Laughs)  Justin actually thinks before he speaks! (Laughs)   I will tell you that Justin has a permanent fan in me.   I really, really enjoyed our scenes and I will miss Justin.  His new show This Is Us looks amazing!”

Watch Christian’s interview below! Then let us know what you thought of his scenes with Greg Rikaart and Justin Hartley? What storyline do you hope the new Y&R writing team has in store for this talented actor? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Timmm says:

    Christian is another actor from Y&R that is just first class! I wish he would regain his character’s edge and be more adventurous! Hopefully the new writers will give Michael a juicy story.


  2. jeanette spencer says:

    I loved Christian & Justin’s scenes , they were great together. Christian should get more story lines with (Greg & Tracey) also I wish we could get Justin back (probably not possible) but I can wish can’t I. He is a very talented guy love him.


  3. soapqueenforever says:

    I have always loved Michael and Lauren. I was hoping with Jill back, we would be seeing more of Lauren. Maybe Brash and Sassy could have some kind of tie in with Fenmores. I would like to see Lauren be more than just a sounding board for Michael as he discusses his cases. And maybe we ccould have mama Gloria come back for a little excitement as well. Gloria is another one of my much loved, and terribly missed favorites. On a side note, I loved Justin Hartley on This Is Us. The whole show was terrific. Looking forward to watching future episodes. Congrats to Justin Hartley on a wonderful opening.


    Timmm replied

    What was the twist at the end of “This is Us?”


    Celia replied

    Hey, Timmmy,
    I really tried watching THIS IS US, For as long as I could. For the life of me, I could not get into it. Justin’s acting/talent shone right through, as I thought it would….but, I was bored to tears.
    This does not mean anything, of course….just my opinion.
    He truly left a void behind at Y&R….miss him so much. Justin MADE Chelsea….as the character is right now? She is not ‘giving’ it. Another dumb situation? Can she not see through Chloe?

    I do agree that Justin and Michael were some pair……they did work well togethr. But, Michael has no problem working with anyone, in any role. If only Finn came back!!!! Wishful thinking….
    As father and son, even against all the odds, I loved them together, and with Lauren, as well.

    Now, what are we offered? Phyllis wakes up but, had amnesia. Jack will be charged with attempted murder? Would not surprise me. For once, I wish TPTB would not be so transparent….I hope I will be surprised by an extraordinary twist.
    And, Stitch is a joke. Why can he not look a little more professional. Like; SHAVE!! Or enunciate …..I have such a hard time understanding him speak.

    Soaphound replied

    Timmm…hope this isn’t a late spoiler for anyone but at the end, we saw that the young couple having triplets are the parents of Justin’s character, his twin sister, and the adoptive parents of the successful family man who found his bio dad. The couple (Mandy Moore & Milo Ventimiglia) only had 2 babies survive childbirth and when they see the baby alone in the nursery that a fireman brought in, they decide to keep him also. How they adopted him so easily wasn’t addressed yet. Nor was the fact that most of the extras were dressed in 60s fringe jackets and tie-dye. If the story is present day and the leads are all 36, they were born in 1980, not 1969. Did I miss something there? Otherwise I thought it was a good first episode with strong performances all around.

    Celia replied

    Hi, Soaphound,
    I wish I had found the strength, gumption and interest you did. I will try watching the next episode.
    I cannot put my finger on it, but the show missing something. Victor Newman?
    I should have stuck it out just so I could answer Timmmy’s question. LOL.

    soapqueenforever replied

    All right Timmm, please bear with me. The twist ending was that the African American character, the Justin Hartley character and the sister of the Justin Hartley character are siblings. The birth was kind of a flashback. They were originally pregnant with triplets, but only two survived. The African American baby was bought into the hospital the same day and was adopted by the couple. That is why they all have the same birthday, and if you noticed in the bedroom of the daughter of the African American character, she has a poster in her room from the Justin Hartley characters TV show autographed, and he referred himself as “uncle”. Sorry for the novel. I hope you understand what I was trying to say. And I mean no disrespect to anyone out there. I am an overweight white woman with a son that I gave birth to whose father is African American. Thank you Timmm for you patience in reading this mess. But I thought the in itself was wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more!! And of course, s always, Justin Hartley was amazing! !

  4. Nellie says:

    Christian is an excellent actor and deserves a good story line.


  5. Dee says:

    I have been a Christian LeBlanc Fan since he first came on YR and bad boy or not I loved My Michael and as he evolved and became connected to Lauren(Tracey Bregman) it became a couple that i still adore and love.. Christian has been with Many actors and actresses and has chemistry with each and every one of them. With Victor(Eric) they were amazing over the years Kevin (Greg) as his brother perfect match and wow with Tracey (Lauren) never has a couple been so perfect together and Gloria(Judith) they had a dynamite family going on and then came Fen (Max) and this family was blended so well that there was never a dull moment until Chuck Pratt came and completely desimated the whole Baldwin/Fisher Clan as he did not or would write for them to say it honestly I thank God he is gone maybe now we will ger our Baldwin/Fisher/Fenmore family back on screen as their usual dysfunctional self


  6. Dee says:

    I would love to see a story that shows the strength of Lauren/Michael when Laurens son Scott comes home with the same disease his father had that killed him how dramatic would it be give it a try writers or even have Fen come home from college with a woman of the world that Michael and Lauren detest hey its worth a try these brilliant actors will bring it to the top with their abilities


  7. Bunting says:

    Christian works well with everyone but he should be more than a talk to for other characters. I miss Michael interacting with his family. Gloria and Fen have disappeared and Lauren has been off screen for two months. That needs to change. The Baldwins deserve to have their own stories also.


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