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36 April 5th, 2011 Y&R’s Daniel Goddard on Cane’s death scenes, ghosts, mopeds & future!

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Recently, On-Air On-Soaps caught up with The Young and the Restless’ Daniel Goddard (Cane) at the 38th Anniversary on set bash for the number one soap.  Only on one crutch now from his serious moped accident a few months back, Goddard spoke about the fan outcry to keep him on Y&R, Cane’s death scenes, playing a “ghost”, working with Aussie co-star, Tristan Rogers, and teases us that things are looking pretty A-OK for his future in Genoa City.

Note: This interview was conducted before the announcement of Genie Francis being signed to the show to portray Cane’s mother, and also Y&R does not permit their actors to reveal or foreshadow to much story to protect the integrity of their upcoming storylines.  So with all that said, here is our “quickie” chat with Daniel! Enjoy!

Fans are so pissed off that Cane was “killed-off”, and have not been able to get a grasp on the situation, because you are on-air as a “vision” of Lily’s, or maybe that is not the case. What did you think when you saw the outcry of the enormity and popularity of Cane and Lily?

DANIEL: I am really humbled by it. And, the petitions! There was a petition being passed around in Virginia that went door to door and 39,000 people signed that.  It is overwhelming. The humbling thing about it is to me; is that you do a job like this and not only do you love the job, but you love your fans.  I do personal appearances and I meet my fans and I am genuinely honored that they come out to say “hello” and just to see me.  It’s so fantastic to see that they give it back. To me, this was something I never, ever expected.

On the record, what would you say about the situation that was reported and rumored about, that first you were let-go, and then you were staying on Y&R?

DANIEL: I don’t know what happened.  I am just really happy to be here and work with these people. I love the cast and the crew, and I am happy as hell right now.

What did you think of Cane’s very bloody death scenes after he was shot?

DANIEL: I am a realist which his how I function.  I think that is one of the reasons also that I continually place myself in situations where I should be like; “just be quiet and just do what you are told.” But to me, you shoot someone in the heart with a bullet, there is going to be a lot of blood!

Was it hard to just lay there when people were acting circles around you as they found Cane on the steps, taking what appears to be his last breath?

DANIEL: No. You know for me, I did the research. After you get shot in the heart you have thirty seconds before you’re dead.  I thought, OK, well I did the research on how your body reacts muscularly, how much control do you have, what is your breathing like. For me when we shot the scenes, I just tried to play it as if it was real. He can’t breathe; he can’t function, and also the massive trauma and the amount of adrenaline that would pump through the body, because of the shock, you would just be in a state that would be mind-boggling. For me, it made perfect sense, and the whole thing was so surreal. Jess Walton (Jill) was wonderful.  I mean, blood on her wedding dress and on her breast, and her exterior. And Christel Khalil (Lily) is such a great actress, and what I like about how Christel played the material after it happened is there are two ways you can play it. One way would be to play hysterical, but after awhile that gets a little note.  I think what she did with it was she chose her moments of disbelief, confusion, and then on top of that the realization of that this is true. Now, I have to be there for my children, so I cannot fall apart.  I cannot allow myself to unravel, because if I do, who is going to be there for the babies.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

It was like to the audience she was playing against unraveling, which is something someone would do faced with her set of circumstances.

DANIEL: You fall apart on your own and that is what they called in acting school, “playing the opposite”. You see a drunken person walking along trying to act sober. You rarely see a drunken person walking along going, “I’m drunk”.  They are fighting it all the way. They don’t want anyone to know their drunk. So in Christel’s case, playing the opposite was a very strong thing for her, and then she has moments of letting it all out.

What did you think when the powers-that-be told you, you are going to make appearances now as a “ghost” to Lily now? Were you like, “What is going on?” Or, did you know?

DANIEL: I knew that there was something in the cauldron of promise.  The thing I like about our head writer, Maria Bell’s storytelling is she finds ways to surprise everybody.  There is a lot of storytelling where you see something happened that you expect to happen, especially, with Cane being shot and when I found out that was happening. I wanted to keep it as quiet as possible.  For it to work, it had to be kept quiet. And, I was very impressed the show’s ability to keep that quiet.

They kind of did a good job and that, meaning the fans and the press and everyone kind of really did not know what was going to happen and were kept slightly off their toes on this one. It certainly put Daniel Goddard and Cane out there in a major way to pique interest level for how this all might resolve.

DANIEL: I was honored to beyond all of that.  If you are going to kill a character, or shoot a character, to know that it’s not just done, and that there is actually a structure around it is great. And, what I think is interesting is several fans sent me the ratings for the day that Cane got shot, and we got a 4.0.  I think it had a very strong resonance.

How had it been working with Tristan Rogers (Colin)?

DANIEL: Tristan is great. It’s like working with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) in a way, because when you work with someone really experienced it brings the work to a whole other level. Then when you get to work with Tristan who is Australian, it is funny. I live in America, and I have lived here for 14 years, but there is always this underlying of, “Oh-oh, I said the wrong thing. Oh-oh, that was taken the wrong way”, or, “Oh-oh, I did not mean to say that and offend you.”  If I was back in Australia we would laugh and have a joke, but here I sort of put my foot in my mouth. So you bring Tristan into the mix, and he gets it. (Laughs) We can get away with saying disastrous things to each other which mean nothing.  But it creates a father/son rapport, which I think had a lot of promise and was a wonderful dynamic.  I am really happy that Tristan is now on contract, and he is here.  It was a very smart decision to keep him.

Did you know all along how beloved you are in the industry and to the viewers of Y&R?

DANIEL: No, I didn’t.  You see polls on Soaps In Depth and Soap Opera Digest. Someone sent me a link that said we were 95 weeks at number one couple and actor in Soap Opera Digest as Cane and Lily. I am like, “95 weeks voted number one in Soap Opera Digest. That is amazing.”

How are you now after your moped accident from your adventures on the Soap Cruise a few months ago?  You are on only one crutch now.

DANIEL: I am one crutch now. It was pretty impressive accident. I had friends say you should contact the gas station and get the video surveillance tape.  I hit the car, I had no speed. I go off the car. I hit the windshield and I am lucky I put a helmet on.  I cracked the windshield and then I cracked the helmet, and went over the car. I was so lucky because the car was at the gas station being filled with gas, and the lady was sitting in the car or I would have just broken her in half. I hit the gas pump that goes into the car with my leg and snapped the medal gas pump and broke it half…and it left the stout in the car and snapped the handle off.  That is how hard I hit it.  I am lucky. I feel someone is looking over me.  I am telling you, I am a lucky man.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the interview! It was interesting to get some thoughts on the situation.


  2. kim harvey says:

    Awesome interview.Awesome man!


  3. Cassondra Brotzman says:

    Great article you are such a great actor and person we love you God was watching over you that day when you had the moped accident thats the first time i read what all happend in detail gollee. God Bless xoxo


  4. Christina says:

    Thank you, thank you- for this interview. Us Daniel Goddard fans, that have been fighting so hard to make sure he is staying on YR truly appreciate it. We want him back on YR, hopefully as Cane, to stay! We are not giving up quite yet. We have one more campaign in the works for April 12th. Let’s just say, keep your eye to the sky.


  5. DG_Fan1 says:

    Brilliant actor. So gracious and wonderful with his fans. It’s his love and dedication to his craft, his family and friends/fans that makes Daniel Goddard such an attractive human being. He has the ability to draw you in and keep you wanting more(from the actor/character and the person). That’s why the fans have outcries so much after the death of Cane. The storyline (and even the death itself) was so captivating and believable, that you just dint want it to end, even if it’s just for a while.

    On a different note, I am so thankful that Daniel is healing well from the accident. It was a very close call. God is definitely watching out for him. Love you Daniel. Hope you continue to heal well. You are the best. Xoxo


  6. LINDA VICKERS says:

    Love Daniel Goddard he and Christel Khalil is why I watched Y&R Love Cane and Lily Ashby and the whole Ashby-Winters Family and would like 2 see more of them on Y&R and in GC . looking 4 when Cane/ Daniel is back full-time on Y&R also when Cane’s Mom is on the show you know Jill and her are going to have a war over Cane


  7. kay killgore says:

    Daniel Goddard is a good actor, bless his heart his background story has been changed how many times. With the addition of Ms. Francis now, we can do a good story! I am anxious to see how this plays out .Don’t blow it Y&R!!!!!


  8. Sarah M says:

    I really hope TPTB realize what they have in Daniel. He truely is an amazing actor and person and I will tweet, email and write letters letting them know that. Maybe it will take a plane flying over CBS with a banner saying Bring Back Cane to let them know that his fans have his back.


  9. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the article. DG is a great actor.


  10. Wanda Williams says:

    Really liked the interview…would loved to have seen a video of it! I was impressed with the research he did to make his death scene so realistic and believeable. He truly loves his work!!


  11. Naima ZC says:

    Good interview.
    Daniel is a great actor, he’s so amazing. Hope that he will be back soon on the show. Love you. Kisses from France :)
    Thank you


  12. Patrick says:

    I think DG is a really good guy, but I’m not looking forward to his return. It seems as if some are really excited and some are really pissed about his return.


  13. Carrie Jordan says:

    Fantastic interview! Don’t worry you’re gas station surveillance videp will surely make it to youtube someday :P


  14. Carolyn says:

    Thanks Michael for the interview! Daniel could have been killed and is very lucky! Daniel is a talented actor and I am one of his biggest fans! I am very happy that Daniel’s future on Y&R is looking good!


  15. Kylee says:

    Wonderful interview! He is such a humble, sweet person! Can’t wait to see him back on my screen!


  16. Peggy Singleton says:

    Thanks for the interview, it was enlightening. Daniel did indeed have God watching over him the day of the accident. It could have been so much worse. Daniel is a very talented actor and showcases it very well on the Y&R. I hope he will be a part of GC for a long time to come!


  17. Ruby Crouse says:

    Great article!! It all sounds very exciting and promising. I can’t wait to see what develops. Daniel is an amazing person as well as an actor and very loved by all his fans. We have worked very hard to get him back on the show. He is worth every minute we have spent on this campaign. I don’t think TPTB knew what hit them. They never expected a reaction quite like this. The campaign has stayed strong because we are all devoted to Daniel and think he deserves to be on the show, for good, alive and well. We love you Daniel and are not going to stop until we are sure we have accomplished what we’ve set out to do. xoxo <3 <3 <3


  18. Sylvia says:

    Great interview! Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of Cane on Y&R soon!


  19. Barbara Arnovitz says:

    Great article!!! I think Daniel is most excellent and would love to see him come back to Y&R!!!!!! The show isn’t the same without him!! I miss Cane!!!


  20. Desria says:

    I am so happy that it looks like Daniel is coming back as Cane. He is an awesome actor and so personal with his fans. We love him and pray he stays until he chooses to do bigger things. The sky is the limit for him.


  21. Christine Zyxwvu says:

    So HAPPY to know that Daniel will continue on with Y&R and that Genie Francis will be playing his mother! WE (his fans) are still working hard to ensure he comes back as the living…breathing….CANE ASHBY!!! We WILL RESURRECT HIM!!! :)


  22. Catherine says:

    Thanks you for this interview. Daniel Goddard is a great actor with charisma and presence. We hope that Daniel comes back on the “Y&R” as Cane !
    France appreciate Daniel Goddard, really…


  23. Electra THOMAS says:

    Hi, Michael, thanks, or the interview, thanks, Daniel for doing the interview, and once again Daniel, thanks for being such a wonderful actor, and a wonderful good spirited human being … Your personality for being such an awesome person , (to be a star) is what makes the name Daniel Goddard , such a gold mine … I will forever be a faithful fan . I didnt know how he hurt his leg, but thank God he survived … He has angels, up there looking out for him… It was a pleasure to read the interview … I want to see it offically in writing from Y&R that he will return to Y&R .. Then I will jump for joy .


    Kalamaty replied

    There’s no way that Y&R is going to let Cane go, particularly now with all of the buzz around his recent “death”. Special note to all of the MAB haters; notice how Goddard commends her work, “The thing I like about our head writer, Maria Bell’s storytelling is she finds ways to surprise everybody.” Perhaps now everyone can find a way to be a fan of DG AND MAB and the other writers? Sheesh!


    Debbie replied

    He is still working on the soap , right now as a ghost, what did you expect him to say. Most people have enough sense not to bite the hand that helps pay the bills. He’s also a very classy guy and always in his interviews takes the high road. I will never be a fan of MAB and most Y&R lovers won’t either because of the damage she has done and mostly because of how unconcerned she seems to be about what the fans want or feel. Her interviews continue to show an arrogance and complete disregard of anyone’s opinion but her own , she just doesn’t care that we fans think, that she’s ruining our favorite soap. I hope for the Cane fans, they at least get what they want , his return. Remember MAB without fans their wouldn’t have been a Y&R for 38 yrs. Thank goodness you didn’t have the power you have now back then or it would have lasted about as long as Texas or Passion did.

  24. Herbert says:

    Daniel Goddard is an amazing actor- actually, the best actor ever! I hope that TPTB now know what they have in Daniel. Can’t wait for his return to Y&R!


  25. Chastity Lassiter says:

    It’s great to hear that Daniel knows about our petition out here in Virginia! I’m so happy to know that he is still working with the cast at YnR, but I truly want Cane back as Cane and not as a ghost, vision, or some twin!

    We love you Daniel, and we truly want you back asap!


  26. Sue says:

    It certainly put Daniel Goddard and Cane out there in a major way to pique interest level for how this all might resolve.


  27. Leana says:

    Thanks for the interview!! Still hoping that he will return as CANE ASHBY!!! He is a great actor and Lily and the twins need him back! Hopefully it will not be long now!!


  28. Doe says:

    A short but sweet interview, Michael. I don’t want Cane to be a ghost because how long can that happen. So, there has to be a different dynamic happen. I don’t know if he is really dead. But, why is his mother coming to Genoa City. Where has she been all this time? Obviously, this could affect Jill more than anyone. Or, Cane will appear in all Lily’s therapy sessions. I’m so tired of speculating on all these soaps, but I am a patient woman…….


  29. Deb H says:

    So exiting to see Daniel Goddard return to the role that was created for him!!
    It’s only a matter of time before (fingers crossed) Cane & Lily will be reunited with their twins, Maddie & Charlie.
    I’m sure MAB & Susan Dansby will come up with something creative for Daniel to return.
    Team Daniel will be watching how this plays out. <3 Daniel Goddard as Cane Ashby ALIVE <3


  30. Emily says:

    Daniel Goddard is the best! Won’t watch Y&R until he is back again! Can’t wait for his return!!


  31. red and vanessa forever says:

    y&r bring back cane and lily and cane love story with their babies lane endgame


  32. Kalamaty says:

    It’s very Interesting to me that people delight in crucifying MAB and the other writers of Y&R in one sentence, and profess their love for the character of Cane in the next sentence. The character that SHE (the worst writer in all of daytime, according to most) created. This board is full of schizophrenics, I’m convinced.

    Oh well, at least it’s entertaining!


    annyhall replied

    No not schizophrenics, people who know who actually created the character Cane. LML created Cane and wrote excellently for him. What is schizophrenic is the way MAB has written Cane for the past 2 years. He has been rewritten again and again. So it is totally understandable how the posters can differentiate between Cane and his assassin, MAB.


  33. Donna Travis says:

    I am just so very happy that they found a way to bring Cane back. I just love that guy. He is such a great actor. When they first killed him off on the show, I could not believe it.
    I, for one, was in tears. I have watched the Y&R since it first started and have watched the actors like Victor and Katherine grow older. I never miss one show. It is my life and it is the only soap I watch. Just to make things clear, I love everyone on the show. They are all such great Actors and I feel like they are part of my life. Thank you all so much for bringing Cane back. I am so happy now.


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