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6 September 27th, 2010 Y&R’s Daniel Goddard on what is ahead for Cane and Lily!

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When spoke with The Young and the Restless, Daniel Goddard (Cane) recently, they got some info on his upcoming new storyline and what could be ahead for Lily and Cane.  In particular, who is Lily watching through the window?  Here a a few excerpts:

Daniel on who is watching Lily outside the window: “Humphrey is barking at a really good storyline! There’s a storyline standing outside that door, and it wants to come in, and I can’t wait until it comes in. Actually, it’s in; we’ve already filmed it.”

Daniel on if its the cattle rustlers, or an unexpected twist that will cause things to go topsy-turvy: “”I, personally, didn’t see this one coming.  It will be more about Cane and what he’s going through, and this time it permeates through a lot more people. Who he is, what he’s done, and what he has to do to fix it without letting anyone [he knows and loves] know what’s happened.”

Make sure to read the entire feature that also interviews Y&R’s Deacon, Sean Kanan at

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  1. semaj says:

    big lily and cane fan can’t wait to see there new storyline


    LAURIE ABLE replied

    Please let the Cane and lilly upcoming storyline take place ASAP..I miss Cane and Lilly and seeing those beautiful babies..Please in whatever you do, keep them together..they have been thru enough to last a life time on this soap..Lilly, please be supportative of your fine husband…..please remember that he supported you thru your cancer, etc…


  2. LAURIE ABLE says:

    Please keep them together…


  3. Gail says:

    With today’s show, {02/03] It appears cane is dead! I truly hate this storyline, and may just give up on the show, that I love. I don’t care what they say, there was no reason to end their story this way! I know they really don’t care if they lose a fan here and there, but this was just totally uncalled for!


  4. Cassondra Brotzman says:

    Huge Lane fan thanks for the info Daniel we love you cant wait to see you back keeping the Cane train a going till we get official word from the powers that be at yr it sounds very good though


  5. Ann says:

    I To Whom it may concern (no one i think )
    I can’t believe that you are keeping taking all the soaps off the air, This actors they became like our family, well all look forward to watch soaps.
    You took As the world turns and Guiding Light and others and now you are going to take
    One Life to Live and All my children a you are going to replace with something else that we all ready have a food Chanel and talks show and what ever you replace with.
    So i hope you will keep this soaps for us people that loves them
    i know i can’t make any different what i said thank you


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