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12 June 26th, 2013 Y&R’s Doug Davidson Tweets Special Placard in Honor Of Jeanne Cooper On Her Dressing Room Door!


2013 Daytime Emmy winner for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Doug Davidson (Paul) of The Young and the Restless had a very special and enduring friendship with the late Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).

Davidson took to his Twitter account recently to share with his followers and fans of Y&R, the special placard that now appears on Jeanne Cooper’s dressing room door at CBS!

Cooper, the soap icon and most beloved character in the history of Y&R, passed away on May 8th.  The series is currently crafting the story to deal with Katherine Chancellor’s death and how it will resonate with the citizens in Genoa City.

The special placard now at the soundstages of Y&R and CBS reads: “Jeanne Cooper Dressing Room … The Door Was Always Open” 

Let us know what you think of the special placard honoring Jeanne at her dressing room? Are you missing her as Mrs. C?  Share your thoughts!

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  1. ricardo says:

    Jeanne cooper we all miss you very much. no mrs c anymore. honestly i haven’t watched young and the restless in about 2 weeks. Something is missing all right. no katherine chancellor anymore. I’m sad but jeanne is with the angels. Rip my dear jeanne.


    jimh replied

    Its just not the same without her…she is missed!


    ricardo replied

    i agree with you jim. jeanne cooper is very missed. we all love her very much.

    jimh replied

    GH without Edward and Lila, DOOLS without Tom and Alice, AMC without Phoebe, and now Y&R waithout Katherine. These shows never feel the same once they loose their patriarchs and matriarchs…a huge void difficult to fill. There are others to take their place but you can still tell something is missing but in the end we and the show must go on.


  2. Mo says:

    It’s hanging on her dressing room door? Is the DR being used? Confused as to why it says, “Do not enter.”

    That’s very nice. She is obviously greatly missed by her castmates.


    Blake replied

    I was wondering the same thing lol.


  3. k/kay says:

    Very sweet would expect nothing less from DD!


    Derrick replied



  4. Sandy says:

    I sure do miss her as she was ; a force to be reckoned with. I remember what an impact she made to the show when they aired her face lift on Y&R. Such a remarkable actress and I bet she was a friend to many of the soap world. I am proud to have watched a legend being born throughout her years on t.v. Rest now, dear one.


  5. Lorraine says:

    I am so thrilled that you have won! I was listening to a radio broadcast a few weeks back and so enjoyed your conversations and stories that you shared with us. You were hoping that this was your year and you finally got your wish. So proud of you Doug!
    Although I never met Jeanne, I feel she is part of my family. I’m sure the tragedy was and still is so very profound and heartfelt to this day.
    Thank you for sharing the photo of her dressing room. Another tear drop falls.


  6. su0000 says:

    I truly miss the great Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).

    We can still her on Youtube, she will forever be in past years/episodes..


  7. lisa says:

    Almost 2 months have passed – and it still doesn’t seem real that Jeanne Cooper is gone.
    I haven’t watched since her memorial aired – but then I’ve been away on vacation for several weeks.
    Jeanne Cooper will be forever missed – I hope the writers give Katherine Chancellor a really great send off and the characters closest to her feel the repercussions of her loss for some time to come.


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