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3 March 23rd, 2010 Y&R’s Eden Riegel new look as D.A. Heather Stevens!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Eden Riegel recently began taping scenes in her new role as D.A. Heather Stevens on The Young and the Restless. Here is a new picture released of Eden’s new look for the role.  She is pictured her with Y&R’s co-executive producer, Paul Rauch.   Fans cannot wait till Eden’s debut in the role.  Welcome back  Eden!

So what do you think of the new look? How do you think Daytime Emmy winner Riegel will do in the role of the tough D.A.? Let us know!

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  1. DaleMurph says:

    I think she needs to be a blonde. Heather Stevens is a blonde.


  2. bottomchef says:

    Reigel is very talented, but she’s completely and utterly miscast.

    MAB needs to quit, but that’ll never happen since she’s married to a Bell. First she lies boldly to her audience stating that Y&R is interested in writing lgbtq storylines yet Adam’s bisexuality is unexplored, where’s Rafe and Philip was written out after his highly publicized coming out was so botched w/ a terrible history rewrite to rival Erica’s unaboriton. But does the press call her out on that? Nope, instead it’s ABC’s homophobic when ABC has a far better track record of lgbtq storylines than the Bell soaps.

    Then MAB refuses to let Rowell return, and every soap fan knows why that isn’t happening.

    Now, she’s made the most perplexing casting decisions. Reigel is a great actress, she brought depth to Bianca, Daytime’s first lesbian heroine. But Reigel is completely miscast as Heather Stevens! Then again OLTL’s Blair is part Asian, yet she’s played by a Southern white woman so whatever. Back to Y&R, anyone w/ half a brain would cast Reigel as Mack! That’s pit her against Chloe, and reunite Reigel and Hendrickson. While the blonde Rylan should have been the recasted Heather Stevens. MAB is beyond idiotic.

    The worst part is MAB renaming Y&R into All About Adam. Victor, Nikki, Nicholas, Sharon, Ashley, even Phyliss, all these core characters portrayed by vets (most of whom are excellent actors) are fussing about Adam? Muhney is completely miscast since he looks evil, while Engen played against type. Everything has been plot driven abt Adam, from Ashley’s gaslighting, to her haunting, to Adam wearing Sabrina’s dress, to the baby switch w/ Faith. The only reason Adam and Sharon were paired is to up the ante of the baby switch reveal. The pairing is completely inorganic, while Case and Muhney have zero chemistry. Case is the eternal babe of Daytime, she needs to be paired w/ a stud. Muhney ain’t it. Case had better chemistry w/ Miller.


  3. Y&R fan says:

    recasting Heather is a mistake. I can see the viewing audience disliking Eden in this role. Perhaps that dislike will make her role stronger….I disliked Vail’s role but not her acting I actually liked her.

    Heather’s role is one problem but the biggest role castastropy is the role of Mackenzie! What, who’s screw up was that? Did no one else want that role?


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