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6 October 6th, 2010 Y&R’s Eileen Davidson dishes on Ashley’s plight, her new book & a former co-star!

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The Young and the Restless, Eileen Davidson (Ashley) chatted with TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco about her latest novel, the third in a series featuring Eileen’s fictional heroine, Alexis Peterson.  This time the book, Diva Las Vegas, kicks off when Alexis shows up at Hugh Hefner’s Halloween Party and murderous mayhem ensures, and while Davidson reveals more about her book,  she also discusses: Ashley’s burgeoning romance with Tucker, the fizzled romance with Neil, the Ashley/Adam bizarro relationship and gaslighting, and her thoughts on Victoria Rowell’s recent tweets.   Here are a few excerpts of this compelling interview!

Davidson on Rowell backstage claims: “As for all her [grievances against Y&R] on Twitter, I heard that [Rowell claimed that] our [former] hairdresser, Nancy Morrison, never did anyone except the black actresses on our show — Nancy did my hair! She was terrific and I loved her. Nancy was extremely talented. Clothes being passed down? That happens to all of us because the wardrobe people go out to buy clothes for a specific actor — they’d buy for Melody [Thomas Scott], Vicki — but if the clothes didn’t fit, they’d bring it to the next actress to see if it might look good on them. Many times Mel’s clothes have ended up on Michelle Stafford or me. That’s just part of the drill. Some of these things I’ve heard aren’t exactly true. We all got hand-me-downs. And Nancy just didn’t do African-American hair. And this is from my perspective and my experience. Even though she has some valid points, I think it’s all gotten lost [in translation].”

Davidson on being gaslight by Adam in last summer’s shocking storyline: “Can I tell you what I think about that? I think the character really suffered after she stole Victor’s sperm from Diane. Well, she really just took it, she didn’t really steal it, but that was always lost in translation. After that, the viewers lost a lot of respect for Ashley. People wanted Ashley to pay for it. My opinion? Although last summer’s gaslighting storyline was used to propel a lot of other stories, it was also about making Ashley pay. Now we can close that entire chapter because Ashley paid. It was Ashley’s redemption.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    I can only comment on what MF on air on soaps excerpted since I refuse to read the interview in its entirety. It’s interesting to get Davidson’s differing perspective on the Rowell situation. However, Davidson only elaborated on the aspects that she disagrees w/ Rowell abt. Davidson says that Rowell has “valid points” but she doesn’t enumerate what these valid points are exactly? So Davidson appears very one sided. And she can’t say she’s not elaborating on the pts she agrees w/ bec she’s employed at Y&R. How many times have Strasser, Zimmer, Moss, Braeden, Slezak, etc complained abt their soaps while still being on them?


  2. bottomchef says:

    Davidson’s wardrobe comment is illogical. If wardrobe does not fit MTS, then how could it be passed down to Davidson or Stafford? They don’t seem to have the same proportions at all. If wardrobe was too loose on MTS, then all the more would it be very loose fitting on Davidson and Stafford. More importantly, if actors really are getting hand me downs, then that is a very inefficient manner of running the wardrobe dept. Most of the Y&R actors have been there long enough for the wardrobe dept to know their measurements. It shouldn’t be difficult. Also, what’s the basis of choosing w/c actors they specifically shop for clothes? Nevertheless, this seems like a very unsophisticated way of running Y&R’s wardrobe dept. There has to be a more efficient manner for them to dress their actors. It’s interesting though how Braeden, KSJ and I think Morrow have talked abt Rowell in a flattering light, while Khalil, Davidson and most especially Bergman have not. Soapnet interviewed Y&R’s cast years ago, including Bergman, Davidson, Chapman, Diamont, Rowell and I think Douglas. Cast members were being called on stage 1 by 1. When Rowell joined them, you could tell there was tension. When Rowell began talking abt the portrayals of black characters on Y&R and the audience of Y&R, some of the cast members present were not comfortable w/ what she was saying based on their body language.


    mmc replied

    It is true that characters get hand me downs sometimes.Van
    Hansis of ATWT was talking about when one of the cast members left he inherited his wardrobe..Just letting you know it happens!


    bottomchef replied

    Hansis and Rowell can’t really be compared. She’s a soap vet that’s been in Daytime since the 80s and has kept returning to Y&R. He was on ATWT for a few years. Her contributions outweight his.

  3. Rob says:

    Really? Dont you think you are reading just a little too much into this?
    The interview is not about Victoria Rowell, Its about Eileen Davidson.


  4. Valentinne says:

    Wardrobe pieces are passed around and reused constantly on soaps. There are usually tailors to alter the appearance and fit so it’s not so obvious.
    BTW- VR had an amazing wardrobe, the best I’ve ever seen on Y&R. Where did those items go?


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