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28 May 13th, 2013 Y&R’s EP Jill Farren Phelps On How The Show Will Deal With The Death Of Jeanne Cooper in Tribute & In Story!

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Everyone has been wondering just what will The Young and the Restless do now that Jeanne Cooper passed away last week to honor her, and what will happen to the character of Katherine Chancellor?  Ending any rumors that they would replace Cooper, Katherine will indeed meet her maker, but as of yet the series hasn’t quite figured that all out as they want her death to make an impact in the story.

As for honoring the one, thee only Jeanne Cooper, as previously reported last week, Y&R and CBS will air a tribute episode in honor of Jeanne on May 28th, which they are set to tape this week!  Here are a few excerpts on the details from Y&R’s executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps who spoke with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan!

Jill on the on-air plans to honor Jeanne Cooper:  “We’re going to have the actors closest to Jeanne — probably 25 in all — sit in the Chancellor mansion set and tell stories and reminisce about her life, as themselves. We’ll serve tea and let everyone talk and cry and laughs and share and we’ll find the best photos and clips we can get our hands on and edit it all together into a beautiful celebration episode. This is all for Jeanne. And then later we will deal with the death of Kay Chancellor. We’ve already written the show into July, so it will take some time before we can address her departure on air. In the meantime, there will be references in the script that Katherine and her husband Murphy are off somewhere on a trip.”

Jill on will Kay’s death help generate new story on the canvas:  “We have not yet decided how Kay’s life will actually end, but we are talking a bit already about what she will leave in her wake. It will be something that will leave the memory of Kay Chancellor deeply imbedded in everyone in Genoa City. What happens to Chancellor Industries? What decisions did Kay make in the event of her death? The ramifications need to be big.”

Jill on if the writer’s knew that the May 3rd episode was to be Cooper’s last:  “I assure you we had no idea it would be the last time she’d be with us on the set. She actually ad-libbed her final word, ‘Goodnight. That wasn’t us. It was all her. And how great that her final scene was with Jess Walton of all possible people. It was so right.

To find out who all will be appearing as part of the tribute make sure to read the whole article from TVG! So Y&R and Jeanne fans, how do you feel Y&R should kill-off Kay Chancellor? Are you glad the chose to honor Jeanne with the special episode? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Beverly Denny says:

    Mrs. C should just past in her sleep just like Jeanne Cooper did……she has been told to rest and to rest a lot so it would just be natural for her pasting to happen this way.


    Donna replied

    I agree with her passing in her sleep like she did. No drama just peaceful. Please do not make it a unreal passing like a plane crash, or boat accident. Let her rest in peace like she did in real life…Murphy should stay in the story line for a while, and then maybe he misses her so much that he passes on also.


  2. spencer smith says:

    The Chancellor jet goes down with Katherine and Murphy aboard…classic soap opera.


    Rose Higdon replied

    I think you are right. This was my best guess and now that scene is being played out to have the plane crash during a bad storm. What I haven’t figured out yet is those waiting for her return can glean any information from the post cards they all received? Guess I will soon see!


  3. Judy E says:

    I am so very happy that a special tribute episode is being done for the wonderful Jeanne Cooper… She will be so missed!


  4. sheryl campbell says:

    I think that between the family at y and r and her children you will make it what would fit Mrs. C in the best lite and what would be her. It’s got to be her exit her way. Because what we the fans saw of her that’s the only way any of us can start to let her go is knowing she did it “Her way”.


  5. Paul says:

    It would seem a blot clot complication from her surgery would make sense. The funeral should be a celebration of her life, reaching back decades into the show, with ol old characters hearing of her death on the news, in international corporate news stories and flying to GC to pay their respects. They could revisit all the past dram she was involved with. Even pulling Derek back to stir things up with Jill, have Jill’s brothers, the original Brooks family, there is so much potential. A Portrait of Mrs. C should be added to the set in the Chancellor Manshion for the fans and cast as well. I do think the cast tribute later this month will be very appropriate. Would like SOAPNet or CBS televise the real funeral so the fans can participate–whe had millions who would want to be there in spirit if not in person.


    Lindia replied

    Love the idea “televise the real funeral so the fans can” view!


    jimh replied

    im with everything you said…


  6. Mo says:

    Reading the interview makes me miss her even more. She was truly fabulous! And to mentor a new actress is truly wonderful. She didn’t have to do that. She wanted to. How lucky that gal was for even the short time she was mentored. And how lucky we were to have her on our show.


  7. Chaz says:

    If it were my choice I would have an entire week dedicated to her…but realize that is unrealistic…haha. Though, I would hope that if they plan on 25+ people sharing stories they spread it out over 2 shows. Otherwise it could be really rushed. Hope they bring back actors from the past since it is the actors, not the characters sharing memories it would not matter if their character id dead or no longer around.

    I suppose they could have Katherine die from an aneurism, something related to the brain tumor. This would be sudden and unexpected.


  8. Mary SF says:

    I am looking forward to the tribute show because it is going to be personal- like attending a memorial for someone, but right in my living room. I was hoping they might have a spot to read e-mails from fans, telling how she touched their lives too, but I know that might take more than one show. I just hope Jeanne knew how loved she was while she was still with us. I think she did, and knowing she ad lib the line Goodnight in her final scene, just makes me more certain, she was saying goodbye to all of us and that she loved all her fans as much as we loved her.

    As for Katherine I am glad they are not recasting and I know they will figure out the perfect ending for her that will leave GC shaken for years to come. I’m sure they will make Jeanne proud.


  9. blake says:

    Thank goodness JFP is saying these great things and doing the right things (so far so good it sounds like). I can’t wait to hear what Mrs. C leaves for everyone in her will!


  10. Patty says:

    I think it would be nice to let her pass in her sleep like she did, as someone else said. I hope they keep Murphy in the show. I think he is a great actor an seems so nice. Maybe he should run Chancellor or have a part in it that doesn’t always “gel” with Jill. I don’t know, but definitely wouldn’t even attempt to replace her. That would seem disrespectful and would be “impossible” anyway, in my opinion. Thank you for taking time to update the “Y&R” fans; I’m sure I’m not the only person wondering. RIP Katherine; you were awesome!


  11. Donna says:

    Allow Katherine the same dignity of passing in her sleep as Jeanne did. As to people wanting the real funeral telecast. Thats’ just not right or fair to her family and friends. I’m sure Corbin, Collin and Caren want the fans to remember their mother as we knew her. The funeral is a time for them and their families to be with friends and relatives and not have to even give a thught to cameras, photographers or journalists bothering them at a time like that..


  12. heidi says:

    I also vote for her passing in her sleep! It is fitting with her last scene and it is the kindest way. I had hoped that Michael Learned would come back as Katherine and she get a more planned death but I also see the point in letting the character end with the lst time we saw Jeanne. I hope they do it well and don’t just drop her character like she was never there. Katherine was Y&R and she will be missed incredibly!

    I look forward to the tribute and hope they do justice to the lovely Jeanne!!!


  13. Frances says:

    I agree, she should die in her sleep, but I would like to see her having written a note to each of her family members which would lead to more story lines. Start the letter with something like “I couldn’t sleep, so I wanted to let each of you know how I feel about you…….”I would love to see that she has a long lost sister somewhere that comes to give everyone a run for their money in running C. Industries.


  14. Julie says:

    Rest in Peace Ms. Cooper. You touched all of our lives in so many ways.
    Now you and Mrs. C and Marge can laugh at all of us down here who are
    still striving to get it right. Prayers of my family are for the comfort of your
    family and close friends.


  15. Penny says:

    I agree she should pass in her sleep. You could have a weeks worth of episodes with each character learning of her passing, reacting, flashing back to different exchanges with Katherine. Then that person tells another person and so on. Then have the funeral at the end of the week.


  16. Emma says:

    I think Father Todd should do her funeral on the show. what better tribute than her own son doing it. Ms. C. you will be missed.


  17. Harlee says:

    I might not agree with everything JFP has done in the way of SB but I want to thank her and commend her for giving this great actress a proper send off. I say thank you from this diehard CBS fan.


  18. jeannette says:

    i think her tv son should do a memorial service for ms c and all of her tv family to celebrate ms c life She is a special lady I am looking forward to the tribute episode RIP JEANNE COOPER


  19. Kelly Clavette says:

    I am so happy that you will be airing a tribute to Jeanne Cooper. It is certainly appropriate and will also help to give closure to her fans. The show will not be the same without Jeanne. It was very sad reading and hearing about her passing. She has come into our homes and has been a part of our lives for so many years. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and her Y&R family. Jeanne you are dearly missed.


  20. gwenn burns says:

    I think MS C should die in her sleep. She made the show on the first date she came
    On she was a class A act. I loves Ms.C. and I agree with someone else who wrote on th blog Father Todd should proform the service(if he can) . May God Bless Each And Everyone Of You AS You Continue this journey. And Ms C. Would be so proud. I LOVE Y&Y. Please keep up the good work. Love you guys.


  21. James Tad says:

    video the funeral and let us all be a part of it. She is like a long time friend who has passed.


  22. mm90 says:

    just say she died quietly in her sleep, a fitting end. best wishes to the soul that departed. goodnite!..perfect end…


  23. Ellen Trakes says:

    Just a peaceful passing, no violent death


  24. Brenda Steedley says:

    ? I was thinking since her last scenes were with Jill, maybe the scene should open w/ Jill on the phone w/ Murphy one morning. Murph says that he had to run to the drug store for Kay. Jill could be saying something about how nice it was that Kay & he was able to have some time away to rest up. But, she’s even happier that they returned home last night. Murph could ask to speak w/ Kay. Jill tells him that she thinks Kay is still sleeping. Murph asks Jill to call him back. They hang up. Jill walks up to Kay’s room & knocks. She calls Kay’s name. She quietly cracks open the door. The only thing you see is a look of shock on Jill’s face as she swings the bed room door wide open. (close scene) (Next day scene opens) The next thing we see is the family solemnly gathered in the living room discussing arrangements & such.


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