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4 January 11th, 2010 Y&R’s Eric Braeden on Victor’s return this Friday and more!

Eric Braeden

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Eric Braeden makes his return as Victor Newman The Young and the Restless, this Friday January 15th after his very famous contract negotiations with Sony and the series.  Braeden spoke with TV Guide Magazine on his re-emergence in Genoa City and gave insight into the contract talks and the state of genre.  Here are a few excerpts:

Braeden on Victor Newman’s agenda, and who is on his new hit list for revenge: “He’s salivating for revenge. Nothing explosive. He’s angry and bitter but he’s going to play it very cool, very Machiavellian. It all unfolds in a very delicious manner and I’m enjoying it enormously. [Laughs] I like to get even.”

Braeden on if Sony was to scared to sit down and talk with the soap mega-superstar: [Laughs]” Look, the business as a whole has taken a hit and I’d have to be deaf and dumb not to know that, so obviously one is willing to make concessions. But approach me. Talk to me. Sit me down. Eye to eye. And then we can talk business. Anyway, we finally came to a conclusion and here I am.”

Braeden on what it was like during this three months away from working at CBS: “It was rather strange. I read a lot. I was dallying with the notion of writing an autobiography. There were some offers from here and there that I was entertaining. I spent a lot of time with my granddaughter. I hadn’t settled on what I was going to do next, but I need to be active, all the time. I realized that I’m still so full of piss and vinegar that I don’t feel like stepping down. I take enormous joy in the process of acting. It still fascinates me to take something that someone wrote—whether I like it or not—and turn that into something that is real. I love that process and have never tired of it, not after all these years. I still find it challenging!”

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  1. Doe says:

    Finally.. he’s back! I will be watching his return because the show needs a new spark. I think he’s just the answer. Let’s see some fireworks!!…


  2. Beverly says:

    I am so glad Victor is back!!! I hope he finally gets Adam and crushes him like a bug. What Adam did about the baby switch with Sharon and Ashley is unforgettable and he should be punished and humilated. Go Victor!!!

    BTW – I am sick to death of Amber and her ridiculous story line.


  3. MARIE says:

    amen. so glad victor is coming back cause the show needs something. these other story lines are ok, but enough already, they need to come to a head & if sheila is ryder & daisy’s mother, which is what i have suspected for some time now, i think they have brought her back just one time to many.


  4. Joy says:

    I LOVE you Victor! Y&R is the only soap I watch and without Eric, I was done. I was so happy to see him on Friday’s show, my husband thought I was crazy. As long as there is Victor, it is more than a soap. Hurray! Welcome back Victor!! I missed you…


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