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12 December 18th, 2010 Y&R’s Eric Braeden snaps back at Neil Patrick Harris twitter scolding!

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As news spread yesterday of How I Met Your Mother star, Neil Patrick Harris twitter slap at The Young and the Restless, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), for calling him a “D-bag” (due to the soap icon backing out of a planned appearance on the CBS sitcom), now Braeden has spoken to another Hollywood outlet on the situation.  This time it’s the The Hollywood Reporter, where Braeden has some very choice words for Harris.

Braeden told THR, “It was utterly inappropriate. He’s a little boy. I need a worthy adversary. I don’t even know who this fellow is. I don’t have a Twitter thing. But you have to be careful in this world.”

For those who missed this twitter mess, it all stemmed from when Harris had objected to Braeden dropping out of an episode of How I Met Your Mother at the last minute because the part was not “substantial” enough — and then wrote the offensive Tweet.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Harris later apologized by Tweeting, “Now I feel bad for the D-bag comment. Don’t know the guy personally. I’m just fiercely protective of our show.”

So what do you think of Harris’s behavior and Braeden’s responses? Let us know!

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  1. Johanna says:

    Got them both ….and their shows some attention didn’t it???????


  2. Callan says:

    Braeden’s comment about the role not being substantial—it is a half hour sitcom for God’s sake—makes him appear to be on he arrogant side. Harris’ comment on Twitter makes him sound childish. The entire issue makes both of them look small.


  3. navygirl says:

    Eric Braeden thinks entirely too much of himself and his importance. That man’s ego is out of control. He’s obviously been playing the Victor Newman role too long. He needs a reality check. I’ve never understood his appeal. Still don’t. Hope he does everyone a favor and retires soon. Tired of seeing his crater face on Y&R.


  4. navygirl says:

    Braeden calls Harris a little boy. But a real man would have ignored the comments and moved out without incident. Braeden is the spoiled child here.


  5. mmc says:

    NPH was out of line with his comments.The choice of words he used was inappropriate.And I’ve always been a fan of his from his “Doogie Howser’ days..Eric Braedens comments were a little harsh but in his place i might have acted the same way.


  6. J says:

    Sorry for NPH, cause EB is all too arrogant and probably deserved it.
    Personally, I wish EB were off Y&R. Too many cast members are superior talents and are given no story at all just to pander to one grand ego.


  7. kay killgore says:

    Oh much ado about nothing! With all the problems this nation has we are concerned about this? Eric Braeden must be smoking the stuff he is selling on TV! GROW UP! Get over your self! YOU GOT THAT!!!!!


  8. Doe says:

    I think this is ridiculous on both sides. Are these men or boys?..


    mmc replied

    I think they’re two egos gone crazy!


  9. Nicole says:

    Hmm, love them both. Gotta go with Team Braeden, though. He *is* a big frickin’ deal imo (I don’t even watch Y&R and know this LOL). If he wants a bigger part and they don’t have one for him, what’s the problem with his stepping down and letting someone else do the job? I’m sure whoever got it in the end appreciated it. NPH’s comment was probably poorly chosen, but he’s apologized and explained himself. No harm done, kids — like Johanna mentioned, publicity for all!


  10. bottomchef says:

    NPH sang at the trevor project but he’s calling Braeden that term? Verbal bullying. NPH should shut up, apologize to Braeden personally and take care of his child. Of course Braeden would be upset.


    Cara b.Stevens replied

    Hello my name is Cara. I have been a fan of the Young and the Restless since I was a little girl. A big part of the show involved The Newmans and The Abbots who have extremely ,tremendously won my heart over the years with their outstanding rolls. Which each and everyone of them I have found to be intriguing and charming and very sexy. Eric is always been arrogant and sexy to me with a lot of charm which I love most about him, not to mention charming as well. A man like that is truly makes wonderful lovers too.


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