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5 August 30th, 2011 Y&R’s Genie Francis on set of movie talks having soft spot for Lohan & Spears plus the soap biz!

Photo Credit: Arnold Lim

The Young and the Restless, Genie Francis (Genevieve Atkinson) who is taking a break from the trials and tribulations in Genoa City as everyone knows is off filming a movie in Vancouver, The Note 3: The Heart Healer.

The Times Colonist caught up with Francis in between taping some scenes with her co-star, Ted McGinley to get her thoughts on her career and her fast rise to stardom in her heyday of Luke and Laura on GH, plus flashing forward to coming back to work on daytime on Y&R.

Genie stated when being robbed of her adolescence, (due the enormous popularity and demands at a young age being part of a cultural phenomenon) she likened it to the perils of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears!  “My heart breaks for those young women. Sometimes I wish I could be in touch and be there for them and talk to them because I think I understand what they’re going through.  It  gets incredibly lonely when you’re surrounded by people with ulterior motives who want to be close to you. You’re in a fishbowl. Our youth, for most of us, is a time when we figure out what group of people we belong to, right? In a natural setting those people become like family. But there is no natural setting.”

As to why Genie is back in soaps after her huge success with GH, and then moving to the number one soap in daytime, Y&R, Francis simply stated. “It’s definitely not just because I earn well. I’m treated with a lot of respect and kindness because of what I’ve achieved. And it’s essentially a part-time job. Often I go in two or three days a week, and work from 6 a.m. to 10 or 11 a.m., and the rest of the time I’m free to be a mom to my kids. I can pick them up from school by 3 o’clock.  It’s a darned good job.”

And as for her staying power in show business, Francis added, “I think I’m a survivor. I just want to go on, and I don’t think of myself as a star. I think of myself as an actor who wants to work. I think that’s grounding. You’re a craftsman.”

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  1. kay killgore says:

    Well, I guess those rumors about her leaving soon are false. I still like Ms. Francis I am just having a hard time enjoying her character on Y&R.


  2. aria says:

    pleeeeeeeeasssssse Genie, return to GH, the Y&R is not a good match for you. plus GH is rocking now, and your sourly miss playing Laura.


  3. Sean says:

    Laura, come home.


  4. ethel says:

    i have so much respect for genie! i loved her on gh even though during her final years there i feel her character was not treated very fair. i also love her on y&r…………………


  5. Danielle says:

    I just love Genie’s new charactor on Y&R, I miss her as Laura but love seeing her back on TV and back on a soap. I hope she is around for a long time. I really am liking her with Jack, I hope they make them a couple and her fighting with Jill is awesome keep it up, they are so fun to watch. I think her charactor is evil and a little crazy but I love that she has a soft spot too, especially towards the subject of her daughter. I hope they go more into detail surrounding her daughter on the show.


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