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22 September 20th, 2016 Y&R’s Greg Rikaart Video Interview: The Future Of Kevin & Chloe, Liz Hendrickson’s Return, Fatherhood & Those Computer Skills!

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One of the finest actors in the cast of The Young and the Restless, Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher), has major story playing out right now with his longtime scene partner, Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), who is back on the canvas of the top-rated daytime drama series.

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman had a few moments to chat with Greg at the recent Y&R 11,000 episode on set celebration at CBS Television City were we got his thoughts on: Liz Hendrickson’s return, what it means for Chloe and Kevin, real-life fatherhood, and if his computer skills match up to those of tech wizard Kevin! As for Liz Hendrickson return, Greg enthusiastically shared: “Oh, it’s such a dream.  She’s the best. Liz is back, and she’s looks better than ever, and we have a story together.  It involves the two of us and there is some “revealing” things coming up, but I am going to leave it at that.  That’s the tease, “revealing!”

Kevin seems to always have a penchant for the gals who are bit off-center, and Rikaart confirmed that with: “Yes, she’s (Chloe) nuts, but Kevin likes a little battiness in his ladies.”  Enduring fans of the CBS soap fondly recall when Greg emerged on to the soap scene as bad boy Kevin, who was later revealed to be the brother of Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), Rikaart says that was a pivotal time: “That’s the moments where all the other moments were allowed to happen, because Kevin was supposed to just come in and go, and then when we took that turn in the story where Kevin suddenly had family that gave the character some legs and kept him around.”

Turning to those computer skills, when asked if he is as good in front of a keyboard as his Y&R alter-ego, Rikaart revealed not so much, stating: “I know how to turn my computer on!” (Laughs)

Recently, Greg became a first time father along his husband, TV writer Robert Suddith, and he is over the moon being a first time dad:”Fatherhood is the greatest thing.  He’s a dreamboat …  ‘Montgomery Argo Rikaart-Suduth’, a nice ten syllable name!  ‘Monty’ for short.”

Watch Greg’s interview below. Then let us know, are your rooting for Chloe and Kevin to get back together? Will Kevin learn of Chloe’s duplicity with an  assist from Mariah (Camryn Grimes)? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Peri Levine says:

    Sounds good. Hope SSM can make Kevin edgy, interesting and relevant.


  2. Soaphound says:

    It’s probably no secret to anyone who reads my posts that I have been a devoted fan of Greg Rikaart for about 10 years. To me, he is the ideal man: humble, gracious, appreciative of his job and coworkers. He also has a strong social conscience and has been a vocal advocate on important issues, particularly the environment, which I support. He’s also funny, smart, and very sexy. I love the longer, messy hair and the increase in screen time lately. HOWEVER (and it’s a BIG ONE), I hate that Kevin is letting that witch Chloe play him for a fool again. I don’t mean romantically, she’s been clear on that, but even as a friend. He’s setting himself up for another heartbreak and I’m just dreading it. Why they made the Natalie detour was a mystery to me (is she even still on the show?) Kevin & Mariah are a GREAT couple and really spark off each other. Though how Mariah could not have a great time in the, uh, romantic part of the house with Kevin is another mystery I can’t solve.


    Harry replied

    I agree with your every word. Yes indeed, Kevin is way too good for Chloe.
    Chloe seems to be more interested in becoming Chelsey’s new partner anyway.
    (“not there is anything wrong with that….of course not. Jerry Seinfeld)
    I was hoping Chloe’s return was temporary but it doesn’t look that way. I really prefer Kevin with Mariah. I love Mariah–she is tough on the outside but a marshmallow on the inside and she’s perfect with Kevin. And the actress who plays her is oh so very good at fleshing out all her complexities and nuances.
    Y&R has been damned good lately and it is evocative of its glory days under Bill Bell.


    Soaphound replied

    And, Harry, wouldn’t it be great if Mariah were the one to expose Chloe? Talk about must-see TV!

  3. su0000 says:

    I gotta say;
    All, the fans who begged for ‘romance’ and believed J&S would give it to them, we sadly mistaken..

    Kevin & Chloe = boring. There is zero of anything resembling romance or even build up to an intriguing couple = BLAH

    Michael & Sabrina, same thing.. zero romance, no build up.. they were thrown together and were very stale..

    Morgan & Kiki = yawn. No romance, they don’t even kiss. Young couples are sex and kiss, a lot.. they do nothing but look funny at each other.

    Maxie and Nathan have gone nowhere fast. They have faded out ..
    They do nothing together, nothing. For months they don’t even cuddle.

    Sonny and Carly act like roommates, not a loving couple

    Dillan is hot and should be having dates and hot women, he doesn’t have a hook-up

    Kristina and Parker were a complete fail. nothing of note happening there.

    Fact is… ALL fans who had to have love in the afternoon got nothing, absolutely nothing.

    And worse yet– there is no drama, no intrigue, nothing intense, no surprises, no shockers, no twist & turns, no humor.
    I have not had one, not one laugh since J&S.

    The serial killer story is a lackluster mess, it makes no sense..
    For a serial killer killing people and the story has been totally empty of even drama yet intruge or climax, it is a total boring fail.
    folks! it’s a , a SERIAL KILLER! !!

    They brought back the great JVP and completely wasted him as doctor Joe, he does absolutely nothing.

    They brought in the worst of the worst= Valentine and wasted him.
    He was a cream puff on candidness Island.
    He had sex with Nina and a shooting scuffle with Nikolas, to kill him.

    Anyone who sees J&S as great writers are, well yah know.
    Jean and Shelly are the very worst writers GH has ever had..
    They have destroyed the great high drama hard core uniquness of GH.

    God save General Hospital ..


    su0000 replied

    Sorry about the GH rant, but geeez had to let it out !
    still Chloe and Kevin are boring but! Y&R is right on and showing greatness!


    Harry replied

    I completely agree with you, Suoo. Y&R has been so good lately I can no longer tolerate GH.
    I do like Kevin with Mariah, however.
    Today Y&R was on fire! Ole Smiling Jack is back and he’s taking no prisoners.
    Y&R’s writing and acting has been so good that it harks back to the good old days of Bill Bell.

    Timmm replied

    su0000, we agree! AND, Jean and Shelly are women! Not that a man cannot write romance but women, come on! JELLY blew the Cassadine adventure story. I didnt expect her to be Gloria Monty BUT they had nothing of substance with that story. All those GH couples are horrible! I fear JELLY will screw up Kevin and Laura, as well.


  4. Nikki says:

    I really like Greg’s acting. I think he’s a really nice guy but as Kevin I think he’s as dumb as a door- nob. How many times can he get used before he opens his eyes? I would like to see him with Mariah but that Chloe is for the birds. I’m sick of her & her Delia howling. I would like to see her get caught & go to jail once & for all. No overnight hospital. Jail and let Chelsea find out what kind of friend she really has and Adam was right all along when he asked Chelsea to watch her and help him prove that she worked with Victor to set him up.


    Timmm replied

    Kevin has a good heart and when you have a good heart, evil seeps in. I think the new writer will smarten up Kev a bit and we will see him and Mariah. Also, I like Chloe but they have to remove some of that anger and let her be more of a smart ass and less mean spirited! I want Chloe back with Cane and Lilly with Jack!


    Nikki replied

    Hi Tim I don’t think Lilly will ever be with anyone else. I get so bored with her & Cane. Did you notice the only script for those two is going to the bedroom. As for Kevin I agree him and Mariah we’re a hoot. What happened to Natalie? She was a good actress. I hope we didn’t lose her. There could have been a great story with her. As for Chloe nooooo I want her in jail. Even if Adam is alive I want her to get help. She has so many issues and she sticks to Chelsea like crazy glue. Tim if you go on Fishwrapper Adam is suppose to come back along with Patty Williams.

    Harry replied

    I cannot stand Chloe.
    And I honestly do not understand why Billy gets a pass while Adam does not.
    Adam did not see the little girl in the dark street and did not know he hit her. He even got out of the car to be sure he didn’t hit anyone. He sees the dog scampering down the dark street, smiles and gets back into the car thinking all is well.
    But Billy? You do not leave a small child alone in a car–especially at night. He should have brought her into the store with him.


    Nikki replied

    I agree with everything you said Harry but another thing I don’t get is Victor punished Victoria by pushing her out of the company, Adam rotted in jail and Victor would only have them find the missing pages to Sage’s diary if Adam agreed to go back to work along side of him but Nick gets nothing and Nikki gets a free pass as well. Now Nikki went along with Victor in his latest plot with Adam so that may have let her off the hook but what about Nick? I guess he’s favored.

    Timmm replied

    Nikki, thats my problem with Lilly, she and Cane are wallpaper. They need to be shook up! Natalie could act and she was a Chloe clone and the show could have used that in a story. I want Adam back. MM can return and JH could make a temporary appearance in a story where HE was always Gabe and the real Adam, Muhney was being held captive! No Patty! Jack already has ONE psycho to deal with and a dead beat brother! later Nik!


  5. Katherine R says:

    Ummm….. Kevin… Chloe’ is more than ‘a little nuts’…. :)


  6. Meg Reddekopp says:



    Mo replied

    A paternity test was done and it was shown that Kevin is not her father. Which leads us to believe that Billy is. Unless, of course, Chloe got busy with another guy, but I doubt that.


  7. Sylvia says:

    Chloe is a murdering witch. Kill her off, she’s irredeemable. R


  8. Mo says:

    I like Kevin. I think Greg has done a good job with the character.


  9. Timmm says:

    Greg is a million bucks! Would love to meet him! They need to give more things for Kevin to do. I would like to see Gloria and Jeff back with Kevin running the restaurant.


  10. Nanci says:

    I love Kevin, but him with Chloe again just seems wrong. Their time as a couple
    just feels in the past, and him trying to resurrect it seems kinda ridiculous
    and pathetic, and tired. Not to mention Chloe is no gem!


  11. Carol M Littlejohn says:

    It seems as though the Y&R is stuck. What about some good and positive story lines for a change


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