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2 September 18th, 2009 “Y&R’s” head honcho Paul Rauch in a revealing interview at TV Guide Canada!

paulRauch.jpgProbably the soaps most reknowed executive producer, Paul Rauch, (currently at the co-helm of The Young and the Restless), sat down with TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco for really…the complete Rauch interview.  From his thoughts on his days in charge of Guiding Light to his tenure of leading Another World to its glory days, to making One Life to Live a ratings winner in the late 80′s, Rauch comments on his past, his “Y&R” present and gives so much insight into the soap world and the the mysterious man behind the glasses.  It’s a must read!

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  1. Laura Wourms says:

    I love Y&R Sad to hear Paul Rauch passed May you RIP


  2. Thomas Lounds, Jr. says:

    I remember Paul (and his Shelby Mustang GT 500) from my early days in the P&G Media Section. Without his knowing it, he helped me survive being the first African -American there in 1963. May he rest in peace.


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