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18 September 23rd, 2010 Y&R’s Hendrickson on Chance’s “Death”, Branson & BAM!

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On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Y&R’s Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe Mitchell) at the CBS Soundstages this week to ask her take on the conclusion of Chance’s “death” storyline, where does this leave Ronan and Chloe, and to find out how she got through those gut-wrenching emotional scenes!  Plus,  we chat about working with Eden Riegel (Heather) again, but this time as “bitchy” enemies.  Here is what Liz had to say:

It was great watching you in the episodes revolving around Chance’s “death”.  Did you know all along that he was not really dead and it was a set-up?

ELIZABETH: “I was privy to the secret, but I did not know how it was going down, but when it did all start to unfold, I found it to be a very interesting story. The fact that Chance was not really dead… I was really surprised.  I thought it was a good twist, and they did a pretty good job, and normally there are little hints and it’s pretty obvious.  Like, Ronan’s reveal was pretty obvious to the viewers… they were dropping little hints here and there, and with this, there were no signs whatsoever.”

But we truly saw Chloe was very brokenhearted over Chance’s “death”!

ELIZABETH: “I think that she was covered up with a lot of hurt and anger. So to open up and show what was going on with her was a great release for me, because that entire time she was remaining strong and stable, and like no one is going to mess with her.  I mean, no one dumps Chloe Mitchell! ” (Laughs)

When Chloe snapped at her mom while she was passing hors d’oeuvres, when the family gathered to mourn Chance’s death, she was so mean to poor put-upon Esther!

ELIZABETH: “I did feel really bad about those scenes, but you know, I can be like that with my own mom, and we all can.  And it’s funny, it was really hard for me to do that in those scenes with Kate Linder (Esther), when it is so easy at times to do it to my mom.  And, even though I have never experienced death in my life or losing someone that close before it was amazing how easy it was for me to emotionally connect to the material.  It was a depressing couple of weeks believe me, because we actually shot it out of order.  I had been doing the material for awhile, and it brings you down and I was depressed! It’s hard to be crying like that.”

How was working with Jeff Branson (Ronan)?  Would you like Chloe/Ronan to keep going as a potential solid love-match?

ELIZABETH: “Jeff and I worked together years ago at All My Children, so it was like we picked up like we never left AMC.  It was picking up five years later and really easy.  And I was so excited for it.  I wish there was more going on with the two characters.  I was hoping in these last couple weeks that that would be happening.  But we shall see.  We don’t know. My fingers are crossed that there will be more to come because I think those two characters could go so far with each other.

Eden Riegel and you are playing enemies now when you were lovers as BAM on AMC.  How is that to play for you?

ELIZABETH: “It’s so fun, and different and challenging for both of us, because we both have such a lovefest for each other.  I mean right now we both are sharing a dressing room, and I keep on saying this , that it is a great challenge as actresses to not go back to BAM.  We have had a great beautiful friendship that has developed over the years and has been ever-changing.  And thankfully these jobs come back into our lives that continue to bring us closer, and so we keep evolving.   I know she is a friend for life.  So now it’s interesting as we play these new characters on Y&R.   It would really be interesting now to go back and play BAM now being as close as we are now.  However, the kissing might be a lot more difficult. ” (Laughs)

How is working with the little one, Chloe’s baby, Delia?

ELIZABETH: “It’s like the best thing ever. I love the way that children change the scenes. It’s so honest, and you have a baby that is screaming and crying when she is supposed to be smiling and happy in the scene, and we have to just go, go, go,  and it becomes real and natural.  I like being mom for ten minutes and then handing them back.” (Laughs)

So what did you think of the Chance story wrap-up that saw actor, John Driscoll exit the canvas as Chance went into the Witness Protection Program, and is driven off by his brother, Ronan?  Let us know.

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  1. always wondering says:

    I loved the exchange between Chloe and Jill. In some ways Chloe reminds me of a young Jill. I was confused about the role of Katherine with Chance, it seemed like the show had her playing the role of Chance’s grandmother. I don’t remember anyone paying their respects to Jill or even saying a kind word.It seemed to be Jill’s job to support all the grieving characters.


  2. jaxie says:

    I was very bummed that John Driscoll was let go. Chance was a very promising character that was doomed from the beginning because of the stupid writing — the Iraq war hero a 30-year-old virgin??? And then, he sleeps with Heather for no apparent reason. The SL about Chance and Heather being in danger, the dirty cops, etc. were all a snoozefest. And then after surffering through all that, we lose John. Very sad.

    As for Chance’s death — we can’t even take solace knowing that he most assuredly will return, but not played by John – at least that’s what we expect?? ;-)


  3. emceebee says:

    Though the cop storyline was crap, it gave us some phenomenal performances in its conclusion. Tricia Cast was amazing as the other actors involved with the story. Elizabeth has been nothing but brilliant these past few weeks! I guess an Emmy nom is in order for her and I say that she has better chance of getting a nod this year.

    I want more Chloe and Ronan, they are just so hot together so I hope he comes back. There’s still so much more story to tell with these two and they are explosive in their chemistry. I hope the writers get it right, it would be such a waste not to explore them and we all know that Jeff and Liz can bring it. They have IT.


  4. Y&R is no longer stellar says:

    I found the story boring and tedious. Tricia Cast saved the story some by bringing emotional integrity to it. The other actors were awful and forced. Jess Walton is always good. If Maria Bell loves AMC so much why doesn’t she go and work there and stop trying to turn Y&R into All My Children. Shoving these AMC actors into the forefrunt and backburning some of the Y&R cast who have given so much time and effort into the show, and treating them like yesterday’s leftover.

    EH is over rated and much pushed by the soap media because of the sexual orientation story of BAM which was not a ratings hit and the actors are mediocre and overhyped at best. ER is miscast and terrible as Heather on Y&R yet she is on more than other established characters. Jeff Branson is average at best and he has more chemistry with Christine and even the woefully painful to watch Heather but will be on propping duty for the much forced Chloe. After all, her AMC cast had to be brought over to help give her a boost. All this for a forced newbie while other Y&R staples get nothing. Must be nice to have friends in high places and the soap press who do a great disservice to soaps in general with their agenda filled biased writings.

    You are fairer and less offensive than most with the friends toting, fangurl pushing and biased bashing than most Michael.


  5. Villy says:

    u mad????


  6. AMANDA says:

    I am truly sorry to see John Discoll (Chance) and Jeff Branson (Ronan) leave. I had hope that they would remain on the show. I read an article yesterday, posted by a person who is a very good friend of John’s. She said, “John will not return to Y&R. He was let go back in July.” “Chance will probably return but will be played by a new actor”.

    She also said, “Jeff Branson will be taping his last scenes this week. He was only hired for this story (short term contract)”. ” Ronan will be on the air until November”. “John and Jeff are very good friends in real life”. “They are both onto the next job”. I hope she meant another soap. I guess time will tell.

    This person would not print anything, unless it was 100% accurate. She is in fact a very good friend of John’s. I have seen them together at soap opera events.

    With all of this being said, why would the producers keep weirdo Danielle and goofy Kevin, who looks like he is 13 years old, and let go of Jeff and John, who are so handsome and muscular, which attract female viewers.

    It may just be the perfect time to stop watching Y&R.


  7. AMANDA says:

    Elizabeth Hendrickson is a wonderful actress. I love the Chloe character. Hope they do not pair Chloe with goofy Kevin. She can do much better. Keep them as good friends.

    With due respect, Eden (Heather) is probably the worse re-cast that Y&R has ever made. She does not know how to portray the character of an Assistant District Attorney. She acts so pathetic. I do not think she could get out of the rain without help.
    There is nothing appealing about this lady. If anybody should be on the re-cast list, she should be number one on that list!

    Those viewers that still do not like Chloe because of what she did to Lilly a few years ago, get over it already! Chloe is a much more interesting character then that most boring Lilly!

    Just my opinion!


  8. Alma says:

    @Y&R is no longer stellar: I feel the exact opposite! I really think a lot of these actors (especially EH and JB) are fantastic in their roles and add a lot to the entire Y&R canvas. I think that your comment is quite unfair to the phenomental acting that EH has done by suggesting that she is “over rated”. Sure, you may not like the Chloe character (she’s a polarizing one, for sure!) but please do not discredit an actor’s hard work. It comes across as impolite and spiteful.

    As for the future of Y&R, I’m sad that they let Chance go, and I am looking forward to his return! I found the fall-out to this entire cops storyline to be quite well done. Tricia Cast was phenomenal, as well as many of the other actors and actresses closely linked to Chance.


  9. Doe says:

    I was shocked at the return of Chance. I did not expect that. But I thought that those scenes were done very well. Tricia Cast was outstanding as the grieving mother only to see her son reappear and then leave and go into the Witness Protection program. I do agree with the fans who don’t like Eden Riegel. I think the producers made a very poor choice in casting her. She is too wimpy and shows little strength in the role of the DA. I also wish they would wind up the Adam story. It’s becoming over done already. And I’m sorry they had to victimize Nicky now with her alcohol problem. Sean Young is another has been who still can’t act. It’s a good thing they haven’t given her too many lines. This story is another one of Y&R s upsetting cruelties. Just venting here. I do like Chloe cause she is very real and a fine actress. Don’t want her with Kevin. She needs someone stronger….


  10. emem says:

    @Amanda ITA! Those who still gripe about Chloe are the Lane fans who can’t just get over it! *rolls eyes* I’m not saying all Lane fans because some of them could be very objective but there is just a few who just gives them a very bad impression to others. And for someone who claims to hate Chloe/EH so much, they go on every topic about her and spit their venom. It’s actually quite petty and pathetic IMO. It is what it is and I try to ignore them but to insinuate that EH has that much pull that TPTB will bring on her other castmates from AMC to prop her is ridiculous. It is an insult to those in-charge at Y&R and an insult to the actors by claiming that they got their part not by their own merits as actors but by simply being associated with EH! I wish EH had that kind of pull as I would love to see her everyday front and center with an amazing story and not backburned like she has been late last year and the first 6 months of the year. It’s only now that EH has gotten material to work with. And she’s doing a brilliant job and rocking the character of Chloe IMO.


  11. Sinny says:

    EH was brilliant as always but the writing for this show is the worst it has ever been. I cannot believe MAB still has a job. nepotism anyone? This show is failing at a very fast rate. If you go to the soap boards there is complaint after complaint. The writing is shabby and sub par. It used to be good. MAB has managed to destroy almost every single character on the show.

    The whole Chance story was so predictable and boring.. WHO CARES is all I can muster up to say.. it is very sad that this show stinks so bad,,but it does.. it is horrible. MAB and co are the worst thing ever to happen to Y&R.. someone in charge PLEASE rescue our show,,


  12. Toscanti says:

    I love the Y&R and think the actors that previously played on AMC have been an excellent addition to story and cast. For those who don’t like the show, that’s the beauty of having choices, tune out or stop complaining.


  13. AMANDA says:

    EMEN—I agree with you 100%. Chloe is an entertaiing character. She is fiesty, a bit devious,energetic and physically adorable. EH portrays Chloe so well.

    Personally, I an not a Cane and Lilly fan. I think they have run their course on the show and have become really boring. Obvisouly, the writers do not even know what to do with them, except this ridiculous story about Cane and his connections in Australia, which is really getting old already. Enough is enough!

    With this being said, I think it would be great if Cane and Lilly moved to Australia and brought Malcom and Sofia with them.

    The show needs some fresh blood like the Ronan character. A story of Chance and his brother Ronan would be much more interesting then this ridiculous Cane story. Malcom and Sofia are beyond boring. They are so miss-placed with no obvious direction. A total waste of air time

    Just my opinion!


  14. Stephanie says:

    Elizabeth Hendrickson is an amazing actress and she “brings it” to every scene she is in. She is about the only thing that keeps me watching these days. But hey, some Lane fans will never get over what heppened two years ago. But imo EH and Tricia Cast saved a storyline that was BORING to begin with. If not for them I wouldn’t have even cared that they “killed” Chance off.

    No offense to ER but her Heather just isn’t working for me. She is awkward with every character on canavas and her and Chance were just painful to watch.

    The writers would be fools to let Jeff Branson go. He plays the mysterious “tortured hero” character to perfection and he and Liz have AMAZING chemistry.


  15. GailM says:

    I really like John Driscoll and am extremely sad that he is no longer on the show. I’m hoping that, somehow, they can bring him back on. He is a very talented actor who worked with the material he was given as best he could.

    Hopefully, he will come back on Y&R ASAP! His “mom” misses him and so do I.


  16. GailM says:

    I would like to add that I do not care for Eden Riegel at all! She just is not the Heather that we grew to love, and never will be. Either Vail Bloom needs to come back or get Heather off the screen – Eden just is not Heather and is painful to watch and listen to.

    I do like Ronan and how Jeff Branson plays him. Hopefully, he will return and see what happens with he and Chloe, and Ronan and the rest of GC. Really like him a lot.

    It would have been great to see Chance (played by John Driscoll) and Ronan (Jeff Branson) on the same show, while watching the interplay between them – the old and the new son, and any chip on the shoulders that would play into that probable rivalry.


  17. Cassie says:

    Goodness I love Chloe and Ronan. They are the main reason I watch anymore. If Ronan leaves, I won’t be nearly as excited to watch the show. I feel pathetic in my need to see them together! I’ve never been so desperate to see a couple together in my life…but I just love watching them together. Both are such great actors – I hope Jeff Branson does not leave the show.


  18. Sheni says:

    I agree with Cassie 100%.


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