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22 July 6th, 2017 Y&R’s Jason Thompson Mourns The Loss Of His Beloved Vedder & Shares Heartfelt, Emotional Words On His Passing

Photo: JThompsonInstagram

Our condolences and thoughts go out to The Young and the Restless star, Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) who revealed that he lost his longtime companion, buddy, and beloved dog, Vedder.

As all of Jason’s followers on social media know, he had one of the most spectacular relationships with man’s best friend ever documented. Thompson often shared photos of Vedder throughout their time together with his fans, which showed the love they shared.

In a touching and emotional Instagram post, Thompson noted that he and Vedder were together for 10 and half years before his passing, as Jason beautifully wrote down his thoughts as he mourns the loss of his dog.

Here is what he shared on Vedder’s passing: ”Sleep sweetly my boy. 4/3/07-6/5/17 Vedder.  It’s hard to say he was mine. Although for almost 10.5 years I did what I needed to do to take care of him, truthfully it was Vedder that took care of me. He was the greatest of Danes, the sweetest ever. Right now, my heart is broken, the heaviest chest I’ve ever felt. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was say good-bye to my Vedder. For anyone that has met him, had the honor of him leaning on you almost knocking you over, sitting on your lap like a human, you know his love. For the countless strangers that stoped in the street, in their cars to take a picture of him, to pet him, to simply say “wow”. He was a beautiful, beautifully creature. The memories I have of him are endless. 10.5 years, every morning, except some of the hard ones recently, he would walk down the hall, nails clicking on the hardwood, push open the door and came and lay his head down on my side of the bed. Just to say good morning. 2 years ago, when we found out he had cancer, we didn’t know we were pregnant at the time with Bowie. It was devastating news. Then came the best news I’d ever received. Paloma and I were gonna have a baby. With that joy, my first thought was..I hope he can meet Vedder. Ah did he. Vedder was his dragon to climb. The ever patient and always loving. To everyone that has ever commented or posted loving words about him, thank you. It always meant the world to me. He may have mine, in a way, but he was ours. All of ours. He breathed joy into the world. Nothing less. Thank you my boy. I will alway love you MyVedder. X”

Jason’s sentiments conveyed in his Instagram message moved us to tears.  What did you think of his emotional message? Send your thoughts, prayers and condolences to Jason in the comment section below.

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  1. Lin Herz says:

    Dear Jason, I am so sorry you lost your wonderful boy, Vedder. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you gave him a wonderful life. May his memory be a blessing in your life.


  2. James R. Poissant says:

    I am very sorry for Jason. I know what he’s going through as I lost my Paddy to cancer. and she was my best friend too. I had her cremated and I do talk to her all the time and place my hand on her urn. Just keep the memories alive, Jason. Vedder will live on in your heart.


    rebecca1 replied

    I’m sorry, James.


  3. Dawn Johnson says:

    So sorry for your loss Jason, he looked like such a sweet dog. I know how you feel I lost my yorkie at 13 years in 2015. All you can do is hold on to the happy & funny moments you had with him.


  4. Robin from East Tennessee says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your buddy! I got on twitter many times to see a new photo of him, and always smiled when there was a new post. I guess I have been a fan of Vedder’s for a while, without ever meeting him. I love animals, and great dane’s are a favorite of mine. I am happy for the years you all had with him, and my heart breaks for you as well. We lost our baby last year and he was nine years old. He was so much like a human too.


  5. Rolando Vera says:

    So sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  6. Susan Miller says:

    Hi Jason I’m so very sorry for the death of ur sweet beautiful Vedder! What a handsome boy he was ! I know u will miss him all the rest of ur lives ! Playing on the rainbow bridge with other fur babies is the best way to remember ur Vedder! We will always miss n love the sweet handsome boy! Much love n prayers to u the Thompson family ! RIP Vedder !


  7. Lisa Long Montgomery says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss of ur precious Vedder, Our pets ARE our family so its devastating when we lose them . May You find comfort in knowing u gave him the best life possible and look at all of the memories you have ,nothing will ever take away those …prayers of comfort sent your way Jason,


  8. Joe McGlinchey says:

    Dear Jason: I am so very sorry for your loss of Vedder. I know how we can get really attached with our four legged friends. To me they are family. They are always there forbus in good times and for the bad ones as well. My is 13 years old and slowing down. It tears at my heart to think of a time without him too. I wish you all the best! Joe


  9. rebecca1 says:

    I cried through Jason’s entire post. Looking at his sweet pup’s face…I could visualize all the things they did together and feel the love and bond between them. Being the proud mom of a beautiful little cat whom I adore more than I can ever put into words…the pain of what’s to come…she’s 19 and has some health issues…breaks my heart every day and I hold her as close to me as I possibly can without smothering her ! I could go on and on about my love for her and her complete adorability…so I know.

    I once knew a guy who used to walk his beautiful dog every night. He was totally in love with her. Out of the blue, it was discovered she had a tumor; she died the night his first child was born. He told me that he felt like he lost one child while another was born…and in the midst of his happiness for the birth of his daughter he was overcome with loss and devastation. The bond between our animals and us…the feelings.. the epitome of unconditional love.

    My sincerest condolences on your loss, Jason. Your tribute was beautiful.


  10. Mo says:

    My condolences. Ten years is a long time for a great dane. I know it’s sad when our beloved pets leave us. My Chihuahua just celebrated his 15th birthday and I am grateful for every day with him.


  11. Mary says:

    As I read your words, I felt your pain and loss. Those who are blessed with such a wonderful companion share in your grief. My furbaby will be 19 and I feel blessed each and every day he stays with me. Cherish your memories they will help see you through this hard time.


  12. Marko says:

    My heart goes out to you Jason. You gave Vedder over 10 years of life and love. God bless you


  13. Gloria says:

    Hard to find the words right now. This is just too sad, I am so sorry.


  14. Dana says:

    So very sorry for your loss Jason. They take a part of with them when they leave. One day you will be able to smile and the hurt won’t be so bad and rest assured you will see him again one day.


  15. Christine says:

    I understand the pain…I lost my Chihuahua Scooby when he was 15 years old and my Dino to cancer when he was 7….you are just never ready to say goodbye, but with time it does get less painful.
    P.S. Love you as both Billy and Patrick!!


  16. Debra m says:

    What a beautiful thing Jason wrote about his dog. It shows what a sweet caring man he is. A man and his dog. I saw the same relationship with my husband and his dog, a german shepard named Bishop. He would wait by the stairs every night for my husband to come home from work. I saw the love in his eyes. When he passed, it was the first time I saw my husband cry. Jason, be happy for all the wonderful memories you had with your buddy.


  17. Bella says:

    Dear Jason,

    Sending you my condolences. I was in tears reading the loss of Vedder. May God give you the strength to get through this. God bless you and your beautiful family. Rest in heaven Vedder.


  18. linda says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Mr. Jason. I’m also so glad that Mr. Vedder got to meet and be with your new addition to your family.


  19. Kevin C says:

    Jason, you keep on hanging in there and know that GOD is taking care of Vedder for you…I loved your character on GH and loving you on Y&R as Billy, you are a fantastic actor…I agree with what Bella said, you have such a beautiful family…GOD BLESS you and your family and stay safe and well…


  20. Patricio says:

    Dear Mr. Thompson -

    The connection we share with our dogs cannot be explained, it transcends words. Remember the million moments you shared , you know how lucky you both were!


  21. Susan says:

    Yeah I know how he feels I lost my black lab named champ in which I was lucky enough to have for 14 years so sorry for your loss Jason and your in my prayers


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